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The first thing people always mention with GTA 5 is killing prostitutes -- why?

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The first place that people -- and by people I mean media, comedians or anyone on TV -- always go to when they talk about GTA is killing prostitutes. It's like that's all they associate with the game. Of course they mention that it's super violent, but the example they always use is killing prostitutes after you have sex with them. I can think of 20 more violent things you can do in GTA 5

During Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update over the weekend, Kate McKinnon played Pat Lynhart, a mother from Connecticut that that was going to share her thoughts on Grand Theft Auto 5. Pat admits that she loves the game and that it's effin' amazing. Of course the first place she went was "having sex with over 3,000 prostitutes." 

It's not a bad little skit that aired during a pretty good Miley Cyrus-hosted episode. And it definitely does poke fun at how violent GTA 5 can make people. She also "shot a stripper in the boob." She returns to the prostitution bit though, telling that leader of the Triads that "if you don't deliver 20 dead prostitutes to my doorstep by dawn tomorrow, so help me god, I will feed your Chinese bones to a Rotweiler." 

Why is killing prostitutes the example that people always use? Killing anyone is a horrible thing, but when they mention the act of killing a prostitute that you just paid to give you a mouth hug in the front seat of your car, they make it sound like you're killing a college sorority girl that works for Habitat for Humanity and builds homes for needy families. 

Let's not act like people like prostitutes. People look down on prostitutes. Having sex with people for money isn't socially acceptable unless you're Julia Roberts. I bet if you ask people if they had to kill one of two people, a prostitute or a barista at Starbucks, people would probably say a prostitute. It's not because the barista is necessarily a better person; it's because you don't associate prostitution with good people. So, again, why are people on TV constantly mentioning the killing of prostitutes as a negative? Have they seen how Breaking Bad portrays prostitutes? It's gross... and Jesse should definitely have his junk checked out by a doctor, b*tch. 

Instead, people on TV that bring up the killing of prostitutes should be applauding Rockstar Games, because they're providing a cautionary tale about the harsh dangers that come with being a prostitute. Danger constantly lurks around the corner, and every customer is a potential threat. If anything, GTA 5 is helping inform young women -- and men -- about the dangers of selling your body. 

Take that, TV!

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