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The Fast Food Connoisseur: Taco Bell Steak Stack

The Fast Food Connoisseur - Taco Bell Steak Stack

Sad news, PS4 fans: Taco Bell has ended their PS4 Box promotion. If you’re looking to pick up the console while eating fast food, you’ll have to fork over your hard-earned money the old fashioned way.

With the end of one promotion brings the start of another. In this case, it’s the Steak Stack, a footlong-ish wrap filled with steak and cheese. That’s all you need in life, right? If only it were true…

Enough about our steak fantasies, though. Let’s talk fast food. The Steak Stack (also available in chicken) offers the chance to satisfy your hunger, yet its flavor is lacking. This isn’t helped by the fact that the wrap tends to dominate the flavor profile around the edges. The most effective manner of eating is to work your way from both ends and meet in the middle, ensuring the lasting flavor in your mouth is steak and cheese over bread and bread. While eating this way is entirely possible, it’s not the most logical way in the world to eat a sandwich.

As for the steak’s quality, it’s on par with what you’d expect from Taco Bell. The steak quesadilla is a personal favorite of mine from the menu and the Steak Stack is able to not only replicate the taste, but expand on the amount of food going into my stomach. Does the food’s expansion go along with the increased price? Well…that all depends on you. The tortilla to meat ratio in the quesadilla is much more satisfying than the bread to meat ratio in the stack.

While far from the best thing I’ve ever eaten at Taco Bell, the Steak Stack is also far from the worst. It falls in the middle of the menu, waiting to become lost and forgotten when the next promotion comes along.

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