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The Fast Food Connoisseur – PS4 5 Buck Box from Taco Bell

The Fast Food Connoisseur – PS4 5 Buck Box from Taco Bell

Gamers have been stereotyped as people who eat unhealthy fast food while they marathon Halo in the basement. To further this stereotype, Taco Bell has introduced a new 5 Buck Box deal that focuses around the upcoming PS4 console. Included with every meal is a chance to win a PS4 before launch this November. Financially, this is a no-brainer: Why spend $399.99 plus tax on a system that’s going to be hard to find, when you can win it instead? But does your stomach agree? Let’s find out in this fast food review.

Say what you want about Taco Bell, but I happen to enjoy it. Sure, their tacos are pretty bad, but the chain has had a remarkable turnaround recently. The Cheesey Gordita Crunch is (rightfully) a permanent fixture on the menu, the Doritos Taco is absolutely divine, and the Smothered Burrito is a gift from the fast food gods. Seriously, I cannot stress it enough; the Smothered Burrito is absolutely delicious and plenty of bang for your buck at the price.

My love for Taco Bell eliminates questions like “Why on Earth would you suffer through Taco Bell to win a PS4?” Sadly, there is still plenty of suffering; the PS4 box contains some of their worst items on the menu.

Inside the box: a Crunchwrap Supreme, a Burrito Supreme, a Crunchy Taco, and a drink.

The taco is far from good; the food ratio goes: 94% shell, 4% beef, 2% cheese (I get mine with no lettuce), proving that Taco Bell is bad at food portioning. The Crunchwrap Supreme also fails. Mine had a healthy combination of beef and cheese sauce, but they were confined to their separate quarters. I never got a mixture of the two foods in one bite, making the item a colossal waste of taste buds. Add in the soft taco shell in the middle, and the disappointment continues. This is supposed to be the “showcase” item of the box. Instead, it’s a showcase in disappointment. Thankfully, the Burrito Supreme is at least serviceable.

The true star of the combo is the Mountain Dew Baja Blast. Yes, it’s a sad day when a drink is better than the food you’re eating, but come on, people. Baja Blast is delicious.

There are so many tasty items on Taco Bell’s menu. None of them found their way into the PS4 5 Buck Box. But hey, at least my stomach didn’t hate me the next day? 

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