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The Fast Food Connoisseur : Every 2 Minutes with Mountain Dew and Doritos

The Fast Food Connoisseur : Every 2 Minutes with Mountain Dew and Doritos

In 2005, Microsoft teamed up with Mountain Dew to award an Xbox 360 to a lucky winner every thirty minutes. They’re doing it again: Mountain Dew and Doritos are giving away codes that can be redeemed to win an Xbox One every two minutes during select dates and times leading up to the console’s launch on November 22nd. If you’re not a fan of Taco Bell or a PS4, this is your chance to eat some food, drink some soda, and possibly win a console.

In terms of eating, the Every 2 Minutes promotion is a bit of a disappointment. While Doritos offers fantastic flavors such as Sweet and Spicy Chili, Taco, and Enchilada, they’re not participating. If you’re looking for a code, you’ll have to stick with Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch. Solid standards, sure, but it’s still disappointing. There is, however, one newcomer out there: Ranched Dipped Hot Wing. It sounds fantastic in theory, but be warned: this is not for those with a sensitive palette. The ranch flavor cools your taste buds, inviting you in before the hot wing comes in and attacks. It’s nothing overbearing, but I’d rather see the flavors be introduced in reverse order; hot wing to spice up your mouth and then ranch to cool it off.

Mountain Dew really stepped up their game with the promotion, bringing back two flavors of Game Fuel and decking out the cans and their boxing with Xbox One artwork. It’s the exact opposite of Doritos; where one company has it tacked on, the other embraces it.

Any Mountain Dew fan already knows what to expect with Game Fuel: greatness. The purple colored berry flavor takes the cake over the orange colored cherry, featuring a sweet, yet smooth flavor that gets better as you drink more. With the introduction of Mountain Dew Kickstart, the cherry flavor can feel like a weaker version of Mountain Dew’s morning beverage, sadly diminishing its appeal.

For those of you that wish to just have their normal variety of Mountain Dew, or Diet Dew, 2 Liter bottles are still participating in the promotion. Keep in mind, though, that they’re the only variety of normal Dew that were. Cans, 1.5 liters, and bottled six-packs were not.

It highlights a theme with the Every 2 Minutes campaign: both products are taking part, but the efforts feel a bit half-hearted.

At least we have the short return of Game Fuel to enjoy. 

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