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The Darkness II Walkthrough




Powers, Shrine


Dinner Out
The Family
Q and A
More Questions Than Answers
Strong Silent Type
Deal With The Devil
Home Invasion
The Awakening
End of an Era
Saying Goodbyes
On the Hunt
Fun and Games
Strange People
Rat in a Maze
Last Stand
Heart of Darkness


Here are the basic controls which will get you through the game...
LMB - Shoot with the gun in right hand
RMB - Shoot with the gun in left hand (only while dual weilding)
MMB - Right Demon hand slash / Melee if Darkness is dormant (move mouse in any direction to give the direction of the slash)
Q - Left Demon hand Grab / throw
W/A/S/D - Move Forward/Left/Backwards/right
E - Interact / Pick up Weapon or Relic
Spacebar - Jump
L.Shift - Sprint
L.Ctrl - Crouch
Obviously the most important aspect of the game (and you will see why), also the most interesting aspect of the game. Contrary to other FPS where you can only use guns, Darkness II is uniques in the fact that you have two Demon hands springing from your back which just need to be used as well as you use the guns. The Demon hands are the essence of the game and you will have hell getting thru the game if you cannot use them properly.
The game is enjoyed to it's optimum if you have perfect harmony in the usage of the Demon hands along with guns. The guns you have are Pistols, SMGs, Shotguns, Assault Rifles. You can Dual weild Pistols and SMG's which often double the impact (my favourite is dual weilding Desert Eagles or Cobras).
You can dual-weild either Pistols or SMGs or a mix of a Pistol and an SMG. By doing this, you will be giving away the advange of looking thru the sights/scope of the guns and insted, it also offers a couple of really good advantages. First is that, if you want to dual-weild and use one gun at a time, then you can do that and while one of your guns is being reloaded, you can use the other. The LMB is for the gun in your right hand and the RMB is for the one in your left. You can also click both button at the same time to shoot both guns at the same time, this effectively doubles the damage and doing this with either Cobras or Eagles is very lethal.
Right Demon Hand
The right demon hand can only be used to slash at things and people and you can do this by pressing the MMB. You can also give directions to your slashes by pulling the mouse in that direction. If you move the mouse vertically while holding MMB then you'll get the hand to slash vertically - which is use to cut certain wires in a power box. It can go all directions like diagonal and you can throw an enemy into the air if you move the mouse from bottom to upwards and then slam him into the ground if you move it from up to down which will also create a small explosion which stuns nearby enemies (you need to buy GROUND POUND from the shrine). You need to slash twice for an enemy in the most basic armor to die and a bit more for guys in heavier armor. But, if you purchase the DEMON BLADES upgrade from the shrine then your demon hand temporarily (for a few seconds) gets razor blades whenever you eat a heart, this can be very useful in crowded scenarios.
Left Demon Hand
This is the most useful thing in the game. YOu should use your left hand to grab stuff and throw at enemies or use cardoors and other stuff as shields. You can break door or boards while grabbing them with your left hand and repeatedly hitting E to tear them down. You can also purchase the AIR DARKLING ability to grab and throw your Darkling at enemies which is a sure kill.
The best part is that you can spend the essence you earn from killing people to buy abilities, I will list most of the abilities which I have found to be very useful in order of their usefulness...
DARK ARMOR - you need this if you are playing on DON difficulty to eve things out.
GUN CHANNELING (and all it's upgrades)



All the relic locations and their meanings are listed here... 


NOTE: This Walkthrough was written on DON difficulty, so if you think I emphasised too much on certain things or areas and stuff or if you are scared of the dark........ then turn on the lights and decrease your difficulty.

Quote: "You can't own The Darkness, The Darkness owns you"
After you go thru the door, your underling asks you to look to the left (no not right), this is just the basic controls test (nice rack...)
Look around as you go thru the room and get to the twins, and then... KABOOM...
There's going to be plumbers coming from your front and the left. So, you constantly need to look ahead and to your left, since we are helpless and are being dragged, this is all you can do right now (you did hear a voice in the beginning right? or was that just me?). After Vinnie puts you down for a break, plumbers start coming from your right (these guys are like rats). Then we get two pieces - twice the destruction, keep shooting those guys till you get into the kitchen.
Keep moving ahead after the explosion and release the Darkness when yo see it on the screen(now that's cool). You can talk to Vinnie here and as you move ahead (and turn on the objective) two punk show up ahead of you, Hit Q near the garbage to pick some of the stuff up and then hit Q again to impale those ducks. Moving ahead, some guys try to club us, hold the MMB and move the mouse in a direction to make the Demon Arms slash in that direction. You will come to an electric box, hit Q to grab it and then keep hitting E till you break it. You can see the wires are going horizantally, so you need to make a vertical slash so just hold the MMB and move the mouse in vertical direction (up or down). Keep going and hit Q to silent grab the guy (you can grab people if they are not looking at you or if you hit them and they fall down). Also, there's a pistol ahead, use Q to grab it and a punk shows from the door, kill him an you ca Dual Weild pistols (Advantage - more power, Disadvantage - no aim thru sights). While Dual Weilding, you can also grab anything with your left Demon Arm and take it along with you. It just means that you can use both arms along with your Demon arms to do stuff. Keep going and you do have a lot of people to kill and a lot more options on how to kill them (nice). You can also throw car doors at them. There are a lot of guys nearby so dong slow down.
Another explosion and then our old friend shows up. Move ahead with him (oh and take the Uzi), and tear down the door and you will get to your first Relic - ROANOKE'S BANE. Here's a pic - just looks like the ground is glowing eh...
NOTE: There are areas where light is shining down on, if you go there the screen will turn black and white, get out of there immediately or you'll burst into flames.
Next, you can use the Shrine to purchase talents and moves. After using the shrine, move ahead, and more enemies, you can use anythign at your disposal to dispose them. Make sure you are grabbing a lot of stuff and using your arms effectively, use pistols less and arms more - that is the essence of the game. You'll meet your guys near the subway and the thugs run inside, so go in.

Quote: "No one can hold back the night..."
You'll come to a steel grate door but there a tubelight on the ceiling here, blow it with your guns so that you can pass. Turn right and keep shooting all the lights above you, there are two guys at the end of the hall, so be read for them, and do not forget the lights and their hearts. After you get down the stairs, move behind the stairs where you can get another Relic - YHWH'S LAMENT
There are a lot of enemies down here, so just take cover behind onee of the pillars and start taking them down, one by one. Keep going straight and past the blocked stairs to the left is a Shrine for your needs. All of the next area is open so be ready for Trouble. Kill the guys ahead of you and keep looking at the parked train to your right. When it ends (after the last compartment) more bad guys to the right. Move in close to them so that you can eat their hearts for health and if you purchased the executions, then you can get that extra health or ammo. Follow your friend and a train tries to maw you down but you miss it. 
Objective: Pursue Enemies thru tunnel.
Move ahead and two more come at you. Keep going ahead and ahead and more and more keep coming, remember to eat their hearts out...also, watch your back for more guys. Keep going straight till you see Jenny.
You'll be in a corridor with Johnny Powell and Fat Tony (an asylum?) speak to them to get more confused on what's going on...
Objective: Meet up with Tony.
Tony is straight ahead of you, go and meet up.

Quote: "So uh, I guess settin' you up with the twins didn't go so good, eh..."
You can look around your house a bit, if you go up the stairs ahead of you and turn left at the top of the stairs, you'll come to a room to the right, go into this room and look left and you'll see The True Revelation relic -
if you go out and down a set of stairs, you'll come to Dolfo, you can shoot some drinks with him.....
After you're done looking around, light a candle for Jenny, opposite to your bed. Then go speak to Aunt Sarah. Go out of your bedroom and meet up with Vinnie and then with Jimmy the Grape. After that, you can go talk to Vinnie to get out. 

Objective: Find and interrogate Swifty.
Head in with Jimmy and go to action. There's a shrine just outside before you enter, use it if you want to and then Bust the door (Q and E's). There are guys inside, behind the bar and to the right, so watch out, there are about ten guys who come at you here. There's a relic in the room to the right after you enter the pool parlour - "Sister of Light"
After you're done down here, head up the stairs for more action (shoot the light infront of the stairs first). There are some guy ahead and behind you here, go outside after taking care of them. Just pick up the car door to the left near the junk before you get in the open coz' there are many infornt of you - about five, if you're good at shooting then just stay here behind the junk and use a pistol on as many as you can and then move in and use your right arm to ship them to pieces and then don't forget to eat their hearts (give you essence). Then move past the car they were behind and you will come to another Shrine. Move to the left of the Shrine to get The Darkman relic -
Follow the Darkling to the right, and get the guys upfront. Go in and after you get past where they were (you pass them from the left), you'll find a gas cylinder nearby, use it on the guy who's up on the railing infront of you for some bonus. Head right, and you will come to a gate but there are two light on top to the right, get them and then rip the gate and go thru, and shoot the light to the right and go up.
That was a checkpoint, and there's a Shrine upfront to the left. Go past the shrine and down and take the ammo to the left.
Boss: Swifty in a Crane...
This can get hairy. Swifty can swing the wrecking ball pretty good and it can hurt us pretty bad. But, there are few things you can do to go past this without any trouble. First off, you should see two pillars of the wreck infront of you, to the left and the right. Go to the left pillar and crouch behind it for now and then the Darkling shows up to the left on the top of the wall ahead of you with a gas tank. Take it and move out of the pillar's cover and throw it at the psycho in the crane. After you hit him, his lackeys start dropping from the wall infront of you. Stay behind the pillar (if it's not destroyed yet) and shoot at them and let one of the melee guys get in close so that we can eat their hearts for health if you get low on health. The Darkling keeps bringing the Gas Tanks occasionally but he will call out for you (here you go monkey...) so concentrate on the guys ahead of you and also, look to the right (or the left if you are behind the right pillar) because some whack jobs get here too. Anyway, the Darkling will shift sides (from left to right) and so should you so that you keep getting those tanks. Remember to stay close and crouched behind the pillars (very close to the pillar, hug it) or the ball will get you and destroy the pillar too. If Swifty's health drops into the last line then he will switch on a search light on top of his truck so you need to run around to avoid getting hit by the light and this is when you need to be extra careful to eat hearts and kill the guys. Keep moving and do not get caught in the light. But also, keep your ear open for the Darkling, take those tanks and finish this off fast.
After that, get past the truck by going on the crane's hand that fell down and go behind the crane. Shoot the light infront of the grill and go to the right to pick up another Relic - The Trinity
Go into the door ahead and you meet Jenny again. Sit with her and listen to the conversation. Kiss Jenny when you see it on the screen and go back with her...
Rip the dorr infront of you and you come into the alley. Go to the right of the guys in fron of you and climb the stairs on the far left. There's a light infront of you but you can't shoot it. Move ahead a bit and shoot the generatoe here and rip the door and go thru. Shoot the generator to the right of the light ahead and you'll face two guys as you move ahead and keep going till you get to the shaft. Fall down and you'll come to warehouse full of bad guys. Don't forget to shoot the lights. Move in and if you have enough ammo, stay here and shoot everyone. If you don't then use the gas cylinders which are up in the racks. There's a lot of guys below you so keep your eyes open. After you kill everyone here, visit their corpses and take their ammo and hearts. Go up behind your Darkling and shoot the light to the right of the door and catch the panel to the left of the door and break it and use your right demon arm to shred the wires and go thru. You should have enough ammo now, so don't go in the next area, stay behind the door here and kill as many as you can. If you need to go down then make sure you killed everyone across you on top of the catwalk. Stay behind the crates and do your job. After clearing the room, go to the middle of the place and look right and you will see a room with The Graven Image relic -
Go behind your Darkling (into the control room to the far left on the top) and you will come to a shrine. Also, there's a button glowing in red, use it to open the door. There are enemies infront of you and more keep coming from the catwalks on the top. Be sure to shoot out the light before running around the room and if you don't know where you are being shot at, look up on the catwalks cos' they come from eyery possible hole you can think of. Get on top of the catwalk and into the next control room. Open the door ahead and also rip the security panel on the one nearby and go thru. This place is racked up with enemies, but in the beginning of this place itself, there is a light to the left (walk a few paces into the room to see the left area), which has a generator conntected to it. Kill the power and go in this room and there's the Chime of Deliverance relic to the right here -
The enemies are all over the place. Take cover and start shooting, move in closer if you need ammo or something or else, stay back and clear out the place. There are lots of stuff to be picked up like gas cylinders and rods so look around too. After clearing the place, move to the other end ahead of you and there's a light here that is blocking you all the way to where Swifty is. Just run past the light to the left, yes just run past it and you will come to the room with the generator which is connected to the light, kill it and go back and rip the panel next to the door and go meet Swifty.
Go meet Johnny Powell in the secret room and go sit down with Jimmy. Head back to Vinnie and thru the elevator to the club (I'm really looking forward to this... ;p ). 

Objective: Infiltrate the Brothel (who "infiltrates" a brothel?)
After you get down the car, go to the far corner right and jump up on the curb and pick up "The Brothers of Men" relic -
After the frisking go in and speak to Venus and follow her all the way (sights and sounds baby....sights and sounds)...
Objective: Find a way to the third floor
So, after we get our hands back, you can go on a rampage. These guys will start coming at you the moment they hear a shot fired so be ready. Most of them don't have a piece so they're all melee. Go all the way around and you will come to a locked door with a light above it and you can't even shut down the light, so go near your darkling and speak to it (hit 1) and ask it to go up thru the vent on top and you now have control of your Darkling. Go all the way thru the vent and after you fall down, move in behind the guy ahead and hit Q to execute him and move on. You'll come to a place with lights on and a guard is patrolling here. Stay out of sight till he gets close and when he does, get near him and hit Q. Do not go right (the path that guy was patrolling) since the area is flodded with light. Go straight and you will see a pipe glowing green, go near it to climb it and then go on top of the boards all the way till you get to another vent (don't fall down). After the vent, go down and execute the guy and break the fuse.
Back to ourselves then, the next guys you face will have armor on them and are a handful, so start shooting at their heads to deal more damage. There is a riot shield here and there scattered, so pick one up whenever you them. As you enter the room where these enemies came from, you will see a relic in front of you to the left, The Key of Mictlan -
Move in thru the room to the left and hit the guys ahead, but know that there's light in the hallway, so look at the yellow power line at your feet which leads to the room to the right ahead of you. Run in and shoot the generator and go thru this place. Keep going ahead while shooting all the lights here and when you get on top of the stairs, grab the shield and butcher every guy you see. Next, you'll be in an area which is a wooden labrynth of sorts. Go thru the cabins and take cover at every possible turn. Keep killing and blowing up the generators and move ahead. There's a ton of guys in this area you can try anything you want to with them - new powers and stuff like that if you bought anything from the shrine earlier. Anyway, after a long long walk, you will come to a light for which the generator's wire leads into another room. Run past the light and into the room and KABOOM...
Objective: Escape
Oh boy, they're doing a Roman thing to us man...listen to Nosferatu(i liked that movie)...
You have to make a choice now, who lives, who dies? Left click to choose Frank and Right click for Eddie (your choice will die).
When you are inside yourself, keep going in and you'll see Jenny. After you come back to reality, you'll need to hit E continuously to break free and the moment you get the pistol, be ready to shoot the guy who is going to jump at you from ahead.
It's time to escape the Brothel but look behind you and you will find a Relic, Thumb Screws...
Move out the door and keep going the only way you can go till you see the elevator fall down. Then climb up the ladder to the left of the fallen elevator and after you get into the next room, armored thugs come in from the left. Use the whip (MMB) and grab them and do what you want. Two more guys in the next room, keep going and you will go out the catwalk and you will come out on the rooftops. Move right and when you are going down a set of stairs, you should see The Fool's Phylactery relic, you should grab it with Q -
Ahead, two more guys come at you but these guys are easy. Sonn, you will see two more guys on a roof but they have guns so stay back and take cover behind the exhaust grills. Two melee guys come at you so after ripping them apart, look at the grills -
You should rip down the grills and grab the fans inside, stay behind these grills and then throw the fans (aim properly, the distance does not matter) at the guys who are shoothing at you. There are three guys and you should pick up three fans too. Go ahead and go to the right, when the lights come on you, run like hell and you will fall down into the dark again. Upfront, a few guys wil guns come at you but you hsould just strike them with your Demon Arms (strike with right arm twice and eat heart, keep repeating this) and not waste time picking up a gun. After you kill them all, take the guns and move on and jump from the wood ramps. Take cover behind the umm...(things which you can take cover) and shoot the guys ahead, also, there are a lot of fans lying around, you should use them too. Do not forget to replenish your health by eating those hearts...important. Keep doing the same and you will fall into a warehouse eventually and your crew gets here.
Objective: Resuce Aunt Sarah
After getting down, go right and when the shutter opens, you'll see the enemy. Some of these guys are carrying lights with them so be careful and kill them fast. Use the car doors to slice them and rip the red door to the right ahead (the cars block the path). You will go thru the parking lot now and as soon as you turn here a car with it's lights on, will come full speed at you, shoot the lights before it gets an closer. The best weapon you have in the garage are the doors of the cars here. They can slice people up pretty good. Also, your best protection is cover behind the cars. There are going to be a ton of enemies, so make sure you are behind the cars at all times. Take their hearts as you move ahead and after psending a long time in the parking lot, you will come to a door to the right and you will enter the house when you go thru here (as you enter, you will see an enemy and one of your guys, shoot each other to the right). Go left and tear the door here and pick up the relic Winged Demon. Go back on the path and you will see Dolfo.
After getting out of the elevator, it's wartime baby. You will come to the armory and there are tons of weapons to choose from (the M4 Crabine makes it's entrance). Speak to Johnny and then start the war...
Then as you meet Tony, enemies come from the right side, far ahead. There are guys wearing white robes sho hold lights on their shoulders so whenever you see a white robed guy, get him first. Take cover here since there are tons of enemies coming at you. After they stop, move ahead and there'll be more coming down the stairs (along with one or two white guys). Kill them all and eat their hearts out and go up the stairs. Here, you will come to a new sort of enemy, these guys hold up riot shields but they are enhanced by some power so they have a yellow pattern on them. Shoot them like crazy to make the shield look normal again, then use your left Demon arm to grab the shields before they can come at you and kill them. Go up to the house after this and you will see more lights ahead of you (boy these guys are persistant). You should dual weild weapons and hold both the left and right mouse buttons at the same to make faster kills. Keep going ahead and soon a door will open in the end and out come armored thugs and one of them even has a Riot Shield so be ready for them. Go into the house and kill the guys here. The next area is a corridor with lights and three thugs. You can't shoot the lights since they are the ones connected to a generator. The generator is in the place straight across you (look at the yellow wire on the ground). Shoot it first and then get rid of the guys. As you move along here, you will come to a room to the right which has The Blinding Sun relic.
You will meet Johnny and some others ahead. Restock on your ammo. The next area is the hall and you will need to pass thru a narrow corridor to get there. Stay in this corridor and kill everyone from here and eat the hearts of those who are close by, also look up and you will see more guys behind the railings, get rid of all of them and go up the stairs, and keep killing and going till you get to your bedroom.


Quote: What I really want to do is paint...
Go by the dispensary but you can speak to all your buddies multiple times till they are out of new dialogue (they have a lot of dialogue especially Adolf - unt..too sexy fo my shirt!)...after a long time (if you really went thru all the dialogues), sit with Dr.James (the grape?) and then sit with Jenny.
When it's time to escape, run ahead and move to the left when you see the orderlies ahead of you (near Tom). As you go thru the door, move left to get out of the hospital.
Just speak to everyone and learn what happened...after you rae done, go to Vinnie and get out...

Go to Jimmy to say your last rites... WTF?
After you get to your Aunt's Casket while facing Jimmy, look left and go all the way to the wall and look left for the CAIN relic -
How did he do that? You probably should find two guns and dual wield them and shoot Bragg with both at the same time, this will help a lot, so make sure you pick up enough ammo too. So, keep shooting Bragg till he jump away and the small fries come at you. You should take cover behind something near your aunt's grave coz' there are going to be guys with lights coming at you. Shoot or tear everyone here and head up the stairs to the far right and you'll come to a Riot Shield and more armored guys, be ready for them and there is ammo on the ground to the left here. You'll meet Bragg again so keep shooting and fix your eyes on the dark aura that you see after you shoot him and he dissappears, it will lead you to where he next appears. After he escapes again, go thru the gates he smashed thru and from on top of the bridge.
As you go, you'll come across all kinds of goons, be especially carefull while turning corners because there usually are some armored guys with a Riot shield and sometimes even a light guy. As soon as you see them, backtrack and take cover. Use the shields which you can see on the sides of the graves here and throw them at the enemy to slice them. Always have shoot with dual guns and pick up ammo and hearts where ever you see them. There are a lot of lights around too so be careful, the moment you see the screen turn black and white, run back. Keep going and you will go thru another gate and here's a guy with a whip made of dark essence, he can take away any gun you're holding so be careful and shoot him as soon as possible and also, immediately comes a guy holding a riot shield - this is a deadly combo, if you cannot use your guns, use your right Demon hand to whip them, eat their hearts, look around for any guns which have been taken away from you and continue on. Now, as you come to the place where the path continues to the right (an you'll see two guys running to the right) go left behind one of the grave houses and you'll come to some ammo and the Engraved Skull relic -
So, take cover here and shoot everyone ahead, kee going through the graveyard and more guys with lights, whips (two at a time) and heavy armor and riot shields show up. Keep looking for cover and soon Bragg comes at us (does he eat hearts too to regenerate health all the time?). Stall Bragg for long enough and he'll go away again. Follow him and you will come to another shrine. Do your purchases here and move ahead, you'll come to an open part of the graveyard.
Boss: BRAGG (always keep an eye on the dark essence when he disappears coz it will lead you to where he re-appears)
Just as you come in here, a few guys come at you from ahead. You should see a body and ammo beside it to the right. The body has a heart you can take and there are two more bodies like that in the middle left and the mid-right of this area. But, it's not good if you eat them now because you have a hell of a fight ahead. Just eat the hearts (do a health execution every time you get a chance) of the guys who come in and you could save even their hearts for when Bragg comes in. Bragg is a tough sonuvabicth. He's got tons of health and you will need all the hearts and ammo around here to take him down. Whenever you see Bragg, start shooting immediately, do not let him take a breather, this way, he dispells quickly and has less time shooting us. Keep shooting and if you are ot of ammo, go to one of the bodies and take some. Bragg has a special attack, ocassionally he floats in the air (this is your que) and when he does, you should sprint sideways (horizontal to him) otherwise, he's gonna slam into you and this can hurt pretty bad. So, again, as soon as you see him float in th air, run like hell, then stop and shoot when he's normal. Use any and all of your special powers. If you happen to get low on health then run around and pick up the hearts, but I would save them for later as the real fight didn't start yet.
After you bring him down to half his health, he'll disappear and a car will come thru the far ahead gates with lights on, shoot the lights as soon as possible and there's a guy with a whip coming at you, he should be your next priority. Try to health execute the guys here so you can get more health and save their hearts for later (boy, you're gonna need them) After you kill these guys, run near the cars ahead and get as close as possible, Bragg shows up on the truck in the middle, again, shoot him as soon as you see him and he keeps jumping from the left most car to the right most car and so on till his health comes down to the last bar. But, he has another special attack now. He can conjure three dark skulls and throw them at you. If you are close to the cars, then you should miss them, otherwise, I would start running as soon as I see those skulls. As soon as he hits the last bar, he comes into the yard again and this time, he's more ferocious. He floats and slams a lot more than he used to. If your health is too low, keep running around eating all the hearts and you should definitely dual weild and shoot at the same time as he keeps turning into essence and moving around. Keep careful watch over the dark essence as he keeps appearing and disappearing. You should be especially careful as he stars to float and conjure skulls on top of him, shoot like crazy and don't worry about the ammo. He will come down sooner or later. After he goes down, go to him and start the interrogation.
Quote: Yup, mmhmm, ya, mmhmm, yup, yup...
Go to Vinnie and then to Johnny who has a lot of things to say. Jimmy and Vinnie are waiting in the atrium, get to the elevator after that...
FUN AND GAMES (this is one long mission)

We are going right into the bowels of the Devil so you know what to expect...
You're on this abandoned street, go towards the objective and you see Jenny (It deceives you... you spoke to Johnny and asked him about the Angelic last time right?) go after Jenny and you'll come to your Darkling. After you are inside the carnival, head left and then right and you will come to some light on the street, to the right here is some candy shop.Go past the candy shop (to the right of the candy shop) in area between all the stores and you will come to The Lantern of St.Anthony relic -
Go right of where you came in from and you'll get to Jenny. Start shooting the ducks (the yellow ones on top are worth a lot obviously, aim alternatively the yellow ones on top and the red ones in the middle (no matter how much you try, you'll get the same small rat).
So, were going to be back in action now. As soon as you get your guns, two armored guys will come and try to melee you. Get rid of the as soon as possible. You should have a shotgun, use it on them and more guys are there at the far right. This area can get very bad because of all the lights. But remember that you can shoot down all the lights you see (even though theey may seem far). So, as soon as you get rid of everyone in an area, shoot out all the lights and also, as you keep making turns, the lights will come on. Sometimes on the street, other times from one of the stalls. If you are surprised or taken aback by the enemy then feel free to sprint back. You should also, kill some guys and let their hearts be, because you may need to come back and eat them later on when you don't have health. You will face a ton of armored guys, but there is plenty of cover to be found and you also have the means to kill them so there is nothing to worry about here. After some time, a car comes in with it's lights on, take it out and also the guys who come with it. Keep going and soon, you will be trapped again with lights infront of you (you'l be trapped in this tunnerl of sorts). When that happes, run towards the lights and turn right in the end and go into the side room. Break the boards and shoot the generator (there is an ammp stash here) and go back out into the tunnel and kill the power switch here and move on.
As soon as you are out, move ahead and turn right and walk on top of the pavement (you'll be walking back to where you were but on top of the pavement) and grab the AF and Hemah relic -
Kill the lights here and move ahead, you should be hearing some guys by now. Two should be running infornt of you just as you get here. There's going to be more guys coming at you, and some of them are already hiding in the boarded up stalls here. Take cover and shoot your way out all the way, it's the routine stuff. After some time, you'll come to a staircase, climb it and go into the next room and you see a shrine. After using it, go thru the window in this room (look at where your Darkling is) and follow your darkling on top of the roofs and jump down when you reach the end. Go around here and there and you will meet Jenny again, it's time to get that big bear baby, if you shoot properly (I got 1200) you can get the bear here, do not shoot the sherrifs coz' that's minus 100 right there. Anyway, after the game, more guys in a truck come up from the front, you should go left and stay in the corner beside this store (how did the bear get here?), this place is narrow and you an take out any enemies who come at you. there is also, a ton of ammo around. You will also find that the room to the left (if you stand looking towards the stall which you just played shooting at) is open, you can find a relic here, The Abysmal Maw -
So, we got more shooting to do, keep going ahead and shoot, it's the sam thing all over again and again. Just remember to shoot the lights out. After a long time, the path ahead is closed by a gate (the joker's moutn). Your Darkling will get you a gas cylinder to throw at the agte but it won't open, instead, enemies with lights and armor come at you from the left, run back a bit. After taking care of them, go to where they came from and go into the room, if you see thru the grill here you will see the Crescent of the Sun relic, grab it from here itself.
There are going to be a few lights ahead so be ready. You will come to a narrow corridor with a light ahead. The generator is straight across from the middle of the room. But, there are going to be a ton of enemies here so you are better off, shooting them from here itself. After you clear them out, keep going and you will see more of the brotherhood ahead, You will get out of this room and come to another room. Keep going and shoot the guys who are below you later. As you turn around the corner, a Riot Shield and an armored guys are waiting for you so take them out fast. After you go thru here, you'll come on the rooftops lit brightly with lights. Go across the roof to the left and there will be a room full of arseholes for us to kill. Keep going thru here and you will come to the generator, shoot it and go abck outside.
Now, as you come out, you'll see the doors of the building in front of you bust open. You are best off sprinting and jump down as fast as possible and head to the alley to the left of that building. Stay here and take out everyone who comes at you (I hope you have some nice guns with ammo). After killing everone, go in and  thru this place and you will come out on the roof again and you will be able to see a truck below you in the building ahead with a shrine on top of it.
Objective: Secure Truck
Do not fall down below just yet. You can see that to your left are two guys, one with a shield and the other a gunner. To your right below are teo gunners also. So, Stay on top and kill the three gunners and shoot ant the riot shield till it loses the yellow color. jump down, take out the shield and kill the guy andd stay here. More guys come out from the warehouse so be ready for them - one of them even has a light. Shoot the light infront of the warhouse and go in and kill the rest of them and go to the right of the warehouse and grab the relic Siddhartha's Tears -
The Darkling sits inside the Truck and you can open the gates here by going in the room to the left of the warehouse and rip the door and interact with the red button and watch the show, after that, go thru here and into the horror house.
Objective: Find Victor

Inside, you should see The Mark Of Cain relic infront of your room -

grab it and move ahead. You are going to go for a really fun ride right now. Just shoot the bad guys whenever they come before you and the ride will be over soon.


Anyway, keep moving and you'll come to Jenny who des not want to talk to you, blah, blah, blah... Now then, time to find a knife. Keep talking to your friends and when you get to Dolfo (who is beside your room) he will tell you to go to the Janitor's closet. Go back and you will get to the Janitor's place (it has "JANITOR" written on the door). Go in and yes....
So, this is going to be pretty easy. All you have to do is keep going along the path of darkness, avoiding the light. You will come to several enemies, but do not be hasty and also remember that the Darkling cannot die, so if you kill some guy and die, the game will not reload, the Darkling just spawns at a previous location. So, keep going and you will go thru several tunnels and poop. You will come out of a tunnel and see two guys patrolling infront of you. When you get out of the tunnel, you will see a room with light to the right (this is the room where one of the patrollers may stand in) and to your left are two paths, the left one is lighted, the right one is not... there's a room here to the right where you will get the Pope John XII relic and also you will find a tunnel nearby -
Go thru this tunnel and keep going thru several more tunnels along the way, if you cannot see a way forward, look for a pipe glowing green nearby and climb it. You will come to the Iron Maiden room soon and go out of there again. More tunnels to go thru and more throats to rip and eye balls to puncture. Anyway, after a long time of going around, those Brotherhood nuts will take away the Siphon and you have to save well, yourself from the maiden. Keep going and you will come back to the place where you are being held, execute the guy who is dropping the wheel and we are back beeyatch. Go ahead wit hyour Darkling and keep going till you get to a place where you see gunmen ahead, move left here and go thru and you will have come tp the office of your late father, after a little conversation with the Darkling and picking up your father's gun, also pick up the Reliquary of the Blessed Blood relic and move out.
You will come to some goons just as you come out, kill them and move thru the tunnels and rooms. You are now backtracking the way the Darkling took to get to you (you have noticed it by now, that I am sure of). Be behind cover at all times. Move slowly, don't run past corners like a bull dog, just mve slowly and carefully. Shortly, you will come to Victor and his right hand man.
Boss? Darkness Harvested Peevish
This is the most easiest boss fight in the game. Just go around the barrels shooting the darkling and the idiot who can't have the Demon Arms that we have (thank God for that huh!). Anyway, this is very easy even on Don difficulty, I really wonder why it's even here, the father's shotgun works wonders here and on top of that, there's tons of ammo too. After the fight, go out of here.
Use the Shrine infront of you if you need to and move on...
There are enemies coming at you from the ground and also, more on the level above straight ahead. Move slowly thru here because you can get dead in an instant. Stay crouched behind the tables and various other junk that serves as cover and clear the area and move on. You'll come to some stairs where enemies are opposite to you, use your left Demon hand to grab the rods on the wall to the right (at the top of the stairs) and pull it down to make the wall collapse. Go into the collapsed section and look right for the relic The Silent Night -
Move aheadas the collpased section acts like a bridge to the other side and kill the guys here. Keep going and you'll come to a large hall with ammo scattered here and there throughout this place.
Objective: Survive the Ambush
Things are going to get really really sticky from now on. First of all, there's a piano caover with white sheets in the center of the room with a pic of Jackie's father. Before going there, look around this place and look where all the ammo pack are scattered and also where you can get some items to throw at the enemies and also place where you can get cover. Also, look at the top level and think if there were enemies, how would you hide to avoid their shots. You see the windows to the right of the room, opposite to the windows is a door which is blocked. You need to get near this door and stand at the corner of this area to avoid being shot from the top level. After the long talk, you'll be ambushed by all kinds of enemies. This area will really test if you mastered using your Demon arms, try to make health executions instead of simply eating hearts, this way you can save hearts. Just shoot to kill and take cover behind the pillars here and also use your right Demon arm to whip them. It's all in you and it's all in your skill, run around and get ammo if you are out of it or just keep switching guns with one ones on the floor. After you survive the ambush, go to the left corner of the room and go thru the door and you will come to a shrine. Go up the stairs here and after you are on top of the stairs, move left and look past the broken wall to see the relic The Deceiver's Grasp -
So, after taking the relic, look down thru the hole and kill the three guys here. It's very important that you hold back and take cover here because you will literally be up against dozens of enemies. So stay back, and move ahead only when you are sure you cleared this area out, even then there are going to be guys who will surprise you. After you clear this area, go up the stairs to the far right in front of you and even now, stay in the area beside the top of the stairs where you left side is blocked, this way, you'll not be assaulted from all four directions. Stay here and start taking them out one by one as they come. If they stop coming then mvoe ahead a bit and then they start again. Only move ahead if the area is fairly clearr (one or tow enemies teleporting around). Then after killing them all, go thru the door here and it's time to get Victor.
Objective: Defeat Victor, take the Siphon
You knew this was coming...
Go thru the narrow corridor and you'll come to another narrow corridor but here, you'll see a new move. Victor uses the Siphon to make blades in the air and they hurt pretty bad. Your best bet is to avoid the blades by taking cover behind the left projection from the wall and wait till the next blade gets close and hits the wall and then run to the next cover to the right ahead. You can use your right Demon arm to slash across the blades to destroy them. You need to do that a few times now to get close to Victor. Then go thru the next empty corridor, pick up the ammo and use the Shrine if you have to and go to the room to the right. There's a relic The First -
Boss: Victor (brother from the brotherhood) 
Now then, onto business, firstly ignore Victor and look around for ammo, keep their locations in mind, also move ahead to the left and you will see a shield to the left laying on the wall. So, after victor disappears, go to where he was standing (all the way to the end of this path) and stay here. Some enemies will show up right across the room, and also use the shield now and get ready for a Riot Shield along with many others, be prepared to eat their hearts and be especially careful since the Riot Shield can really mess things up for us. From this end of the corridor, look to the left wall, and you will see some boxes in the middle of the room, you should go to the space behind the boxes here after you kill the goons. Stay here and you will see Victor teleporting to your right, this way you need only deal with him on your right since your left side is shielded by the boxes. Stay here and whenever he appears in front of you or to the right, start using those dual weilding guns. He keeps teleporting and if you are low on ammo then you better pick up the ammo dumps around and then come back here itself. When his health reaches half he will bring in a lot more puppets of all kinds, so be careful in disposing them and also eat their heart or save them for the fight with Victor. Feel free to move around while killing these guys and stock up on ammo. Go back to the original place behind the crates to confront Victor for one last time. Keep going and you should just keep shooting him and if you are low on health, then there is lots of cover to be found here, there and everywhere. After killing Victor, go grab the Siphon.
Just go around trying to figure put whats happening and run up with your Darkling and when it's time to make a choice, make your choice...
If you decide to reject Jenny and jump off...
This is it, the final stand, keep going ahead then...
You'll see Jenny ahead and when she notices you, go right and grab the Prism of The Brothers relic -
Move ahead and three guys pop up from the ground, start whiplashing and tearing them and grab their guns after you are finished with them and move right. There's a shrine nearby, use it and move on. As you keep going, you will come across eggs ahead of you which hatch the enemies and also, some Darklings come at you. But nothing you cannot handle while Dual weilding - yup that's the most important thing - Dual weild the pistols. Keep going and you will come to a gate blocking the path ahead, look right here and pick up the Ashes of the Unnamed -
Rip the door ahead and move thru. Shoot the guys here and grab the SMG's and dual weild them and press forward. Keep going and you will come to Jenny again. So, I hope you are good at using the Demon hands because you might run ot of ammo and health, so keep using the Demon hands along with the guns, keep eating hearts and move consstantly. After killing everyone and when they stop coming, Grab the bind of Jenny's right hand and tear it apart. After she goes up, keep moving forward killing all the enemies and the Darklings too. So keep pushing forward all the way and you will come to Jenny again. This time, there are going to be more enemies around here so you better be good at using those Demon arms. Also, if you are out of ammo, pick up the guns the enemies throw. In the beginning of the fight itself an ememy with a Riot Shield appear, take care of him first and then concentrate on the other guys, keep watching you back as some melee guys creep up on you from behind. After you deal with all of them. go to Jenny and tear out the right bind and...
After everything is said and done, you get to watch a nice cutscene in the end...

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