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The Darkness II Relics Locations Guide


This is a seperate section of the Darkness II walkthrough where we have shown you'll how to find all 29 relics in the game. If you need videos for each relic then they are present in the main walkthrough section itself at this page - here

Note: It's probably best if you buy the RELIC HUNTER ability as early as possible in the game, after which you should see a white cross on your screen when you get within a few meters of the relic.

There are a total of 29 relics in the game and the following are all the locations and the meanings of all the relics in the order they appear in the game.


Chapter - Dinner Out

Location - You will meet your Darkling in a cafe of sorts after an explosion. Just outside the cafe (you need to tear down the door to go out) you will see the relic infront out you on the ground.

Meaning - The Angelus had once tracked the Darkness to the little village of Roanoke. In order to destroy it, the Angelus possesed a maid in the nearby village and sent her to massacre everyone in Roanoke. The weapon the maid used was called Roanoke's Bane. But needless to say, the darkness survived since it's host was not in the village at that time and when he returned, he took revenge of his oen on the maid's village.


Chapter - Payback

Location - You will come down some stairs during the beginning of this place, go behind the stairs to find this. 

Meaning - A long time ago, when the Darkness was gettin increasingly powerful, God decided to destroy it, but he could not do so directly. So, he decided to destroy the food of Darkness - Humanity. God flodded the earth and that was how Noah's Ark became popular. After that, God breathed his remorse into the first seashell he saw, that shell is YHWH'S LAMENT. It is said that only a truly insane person can hear what God said thru the shell. (YaHWeH is God's herbrew name and is written as YHWH in roman).


Chapter - The Family

Location - Straight across the elevator is a stair well. Go up and turn left at the top and you will come to a room to the right. As you enter this room, look to the left and you will find this on top of a table.

Meaning - One of a kind revelation of John (Bible's finale). The True Revelation is said to be written in code and whoever can decipher it will be able to read the actual Revelations. This is a copy which the Brotherhood deciphered and reveals their descent into craziness. This dictated the Brotherhood's actions since over a century, this is like their Bible.


Chapter - Q and A

Location - In the beginning you will enter the pool parlour by tearing down the back door and you will come into a room full of pool tables. Just as you enter this room, look to the right and you will see a videogaming room. The relic is in here to the right of the room.

Meaning - Metatron's Stele was a stone slab carried down from heaven by Enoch and was made from the Seat of Creation. On it was inscribed every revelation that Enoch witnessed in heaven, but the actual slab was lost and this is a piece of the copied slab. Here we see the will of the Angelus to destroy the Darkness.


Chapter - Q and A

Location - You will come out ot the Junkyars and fight with enemies who are behind a car across you. Get near there and you will see a shrine, go left (to the left of the mentioned car) and you will come to this relic.

Meaning - This is a figurine of one of the first and most significant hosts of the Darkness. The significance lies in the fact that, this host actually killed and ate Moses's heart (which is why he never got to see the Promised Land) after a 40-year war. 


Chapter - Q and A

Location - After destroying the crane in the boos fight, go up the crane and you will come to a door which leads to the next area, look to the right here and you will find a trailer. Go in and grab this.

Meaning - The Trinity was made of three nails which was use to pin Christ to the cross. It's a type knife called Phurba which pins a Demon to the spot where it cuts them. A normal Phurba whold not have been powerful enough to harm the Darkness but this one is not normal. 


Chapter - Q and A

Location - You will fight the enemy is a room with conveyor belts and stuff (there's the control room to the left far corner of this room which will open the gates to the next area), In the middle of the room to the right is another small room, you'll find this in there.

Meaning - After Moses came down from the holy mountain carrying the Ten Commandments, he saw that some of his people had started worshipping a golden cow. The real name was not known since God struck that name from man's tongue. We just call it The Graven Image and this is the head.


Chapter - Q and A

Location - At the end of this mission, you will come to a large store room of sorts. The relic is in the first room to the left (nearby is a light generator and you will need to climb a few steps to get here).

Meaning - The Chime of Deliverance was carried by Moses's army in it's fight against the Darkness. It is said that when the Chime is struck (every 153 steps), it literally pushes back the night and in out case, if it was struck now, it would disintegrate the Host.


Chapter - Strong Silent Type

Location - At the start of the mission you come out of a car to a parking area. Go to the right far corner of the parking area and jump up to take this.

Meaning - This was a once magical mask which belonged to a group called The Brothers of Men who were from China (back when the Darkness manifested itself in China). It was said that the Angelus had appeared before the brothers and forged 15 masks for them. Also, these masks would reflect whatever light fell on them by a hundred fold.


Chapter - Strong Silent Type

Location - After you control the Darkling (who helps cut the power to a light) you will fight with enemies who come from a room across a narrow hall way. Go there and you will see this to the left.

Meaning - This is an Aztec totem called the Key of Mictlan, Mictlan being the underworld of the Aztecs - also another form of the Darkness. Men and women wold go to war knowing the Mictlan awaited for them. (Hence a natural fear of the dark...)


Chapter - Deal with the Devil

Location - After you unbind your hands from the cross in the beginning of the level, look behind you and you will see this. 

Meaning - This particular set of Thumb Screws gives out Dark Energy and is thought to have been used by the Brotherhood on one of the hosts of Darkness about 400 years ago and the vibes it gives out may be the taint left behind by the Darkness.


Chapter - Deal with the Devil

Location - You will come to the roof tops and just as you climb down your first set of stairs, look to the right and you will see this across you. You cannot go there by you can grab them by using your left Demon hand.

Meaning - A Phylactery is a box which can hold evil but in reality one does not exist. This particular one was made by a monk (get rich quick...) in the 1600 and he sold it to the first fool he saw. That guy actually went on and tried to capture the Darkness but instead, got eaten and so have hundreds of others after him. Which is why it's called the Fool's Phylactery.


Chapter - Home Invasion

Location - After you fight thru the parking lot, you will enter your home, when you do, you will see two guys shoot each other to the right (one of the mis Dolfo). Go to the left here and you can tear down a door, do so and you will find this inside.

Meaning - The WIned Demon is the first interpretation of the Darkness. 12 of these statues were made by Cain (son of Adam who first walked the Earth) and given to 12 monks who were to carry around the statue warning people of "He who comes with the night". But the Darkness did not like publicity so it hunted and killed all of these monks.


Chapter - Home Invasion

Location - You will initially fight outside the home, moving on, you will go inside the house and come to a hall way which is lit with a generator light. As you move on this hall, there's a room to the right which has the relic (after you move ahead you will meet Jimmy)

Meaning - The Brotherhood had been after the Darkness for a very long time. Each time, they did their research to capture the Darkness and a long time ago, they correctly predicted the host in who the Drakness would manifest itself and swapped the child with one of their own. After the child had come of age, the Brother hood chaines him and started to torture him. The Blinding Sun was pushed into the eye socked of the host and was slowly expanded till it cracked the skull and the cheek bones of the host.

15) CAIN

Chapter - Saying Goodbyes

Location - Standing infront of your aunt's grave, look left and go to the wall. Look left again near the wall and you will see this behind a grave.

Meaning - This is a box which contains the ashes of the first son of Adam - Cain. One of the theories on how Cain died was that he wandered the world for a hundred years in search for the Darkness but heard of a "Sister of the Light". So he seeked out the sister (Angelus) to seek aid in fighting against the Darkness. But, Cain was ofcourse the first murder who also commited Fratricide. So, even after a hundred years, the stench of Abel's blood (he was Cain's younger brother) was not washed from him, so the moment Angelus smelled this, she burned him to crust and that is where the ashes are from. 


Chapter - Saying Goodbyes

Location - In the middle of this mission in the graveyard, you will need to travel into the graveyard to kill the generator to a light which is shining on the gate that leads ahead. As you get to the door, this is a checkpoint. Past the door you will come to a path on which you will see a guy who has a Dark Essence whip and another with a  riot shield. Go on and this path continues to the right, go left instea and you will find this behind a grave house.

Meaning - This is the Skull of Enoch - the only human who had visited Heaven and walked with God himself. Upon his death, Angels came down and inscribed something in their laguage on his skull and these are the markings. It is said that when kept in absolute darkness, the skull with the markings emits a faint singing sound.


Chapter - Fun and Games

Location - In the beginning of this level after you come into the carnival area, go to the left and as you keep going you will come to an area lit with sunlight, to the right here is a candy shop. Go to the right of the candy shop in the miiddle of all the shops and you will see it to the left.

Meaning - The outer casing of this lantern is only 80 years old, but what's inside is over 1000 years old. The Angelus had seeked a never ending light in her fight against the Darkness and it entrapped a hundred souls of childern who were devoured by the darkness in a glass sphere - which is inside the lantern. But, the lantern was abandoned by the Angelus since it was known to be fickle like the mind of a child. After a long time, St.Anthony - the patron of all lost things found this and thought it was a light that led people into safety and gave it to travellers. But overtime, this light actually led hundreds of travellers to their death from over a cliff or into a Bog.


Chapter - Fun and Games

Location - In the middle of the mission, you will walk thru a tunner (with a pic of clown on the door ahead) and after that you will come to a checkpoint. A few paces ahead, you will see two guys running from your right to the left ahead. Go a few paces ahead looking to your right and you will see that you can walk onto a higher section of the ground. Go there and move towards the entrance you came in from and you will see the relic. 

Meaning - Af and Hemah were two of the six angles of death. God bound them in the flames of creation after the Angelus asked him for a weapon to fight the Darkness. These baldes which were bound by the chains of fire and shadow can't be seperated no matter what.


Chapter - Fun and Games

Location - After your secong shooting game with Jenny (when she wins the bear) you will be ambushed by a lot of enemies. After the ambush, stand looking towards the shooting stall and look to the left. You will see a room you can go into (it was closed before the assault. Go in to find it.

Meaning - The Abysmal Maw was carved out of the Gates of Hell and when held in one's hand and magic words are uttered, it unleashes pure hellfire which burns everything down and what ever it burns will go straight to Hell.


Chapter - Fun and Games

Location - At the end of the carnival area, you will come to a door which is the mount of a big Joker head. The darkling will give you an explosive tank to throw at the door but the door does not open enough. After this, to the left from the door you will be attacked upon by the enemy. Go in there and you will come to a room with the relic inside.

Meaning - This is said to be a tall story devised by the Angelus who calimed that this sword was made for a single drop of fire from the sun and would brng about the final end of Darkness. But it never actually worked - on anything., it usually passed thru all targets.


Chapter - Fun and Games

Location - In the garage with the large gasoline truck (which the Darkling eventually sits in and uses to explode the door), go to the right of the truck and you will see it.

Meaning - This is a very powerfully magical flask which was given to Gautama Siddhartha (founder of Buddism) by a blacksmith as a part of a meal after Siddhartha announced his imminent death. This flask has the power to suck in one's sould when he stops drinking from it - pretty heavy stuff.


Chapter - Fun and Games

Location - You will enter the horror house in the end of the level. Just as you enter it, there's a room ahead of you, the relic is inside it, you should grab it with your left demon arm.

Meaning - This mask was worn by Vlad the Impailer (Dracula) to show people that he was going to tear them into pieces, it also tells them that like Cain - he was also unkillable. 


Chapter - Rat in a Maze

Location - While you are a darkling, you will need to go into several tunnels to get to the next area, the relic is to the right of one of the tunnel's entrances inside a room - you cannot miss it.

Meaning - This is the shrunken head of the worst pope in the history of mankind. He was also, the only host of Darkness who ever became a pope.


Chapter - Rat in a Maze

Location - Inside your father's old office.

Meaning - This was said to be a container which held the foreskin of the Messiah himself. But, actaully it was not his foreskin but some other guy's. But, the important thing is taht this was used by the Brotherhood to take control over the Angelus and they obviously failed.


Chapter - Homecoming

Location - You will fight thru the first area and then climb a set of stairs. You need to grab and collapse a section of the wall to the right at the top of the stair to move ahead. After collapsing the wall, go inside thru the hole and move to the right to get this.

Meaning - This is the fourth torture device which was use by the Brotherhood to kill the host of Darkness whom they had long ago, raised themselves. This is call so, because it;s use to cut the tongue and shatter the jaw. After the use of this device, the darkness finally manifested itself and killed everyone within a league of the monastery.


Chapter - Homecoming

Location - After you survive the ambush in the large hall. You will come to a set of stairs, at the top of the stairs, move to the left and beyonf a secion of the collapsed wall, you will find it (you need to get to the next area thru a hole in the ground here).

Meaning - This glove was created by the Brotherhood and allows the user to shield himself from the side-eddfect of the Abysmal Maw. When someone is stricken by this glove and it has their blood on him, then when the Maw is used, it will burn away the sould of the person whose blood is on it rather tahn the user of the Maw,


Chapter - Last Stand

Location - In the final room where you fight Victor, just as you enter it, look to the right and you will find this.

Meaning - This was the very first murder weapon in the history of mankind. This was used by Cain to kill Abel.


Chapter - Heart of Darkness

Location - After you see Jenny for the first time, you will need to fight some enemies, keep going and you will come to your first wall which you need to tear down with youe left demon hand. Before you tear down the wall, look to the right nd there it is.

Meaning - These are the ashes of one of the earlier brothers from the Brotherhood whose faith was so great that the Darkness could not touch him. So, when he learned the plans of his other brothers to control the Darkness, he released it into this world (yes they had managed to capture it successfully once long ago). The Angelus not liking this, burnt him and his soul and these are all that remain. 


Chapter - Heart of Darkness

Location - After the first time you see Jenny, look to the right and move there to get this.

Meaning - The Prism was created (apart from the Siphon for Darkness) to hold the Angelus and in here is where the Angelus is said to have been trapped for the last seventy years when se was not seen on this world, but it doesn't seem that the Angelus was trapped in here ever......where is she?

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