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The Crew Closed Beta gameplay: Dodging traffic in Detroit

We took to the streets of New York, and zoomed by Miami's palm trees, and now we're headed into Detroit in Ubisoft's upcoming giant-sized open world racing game, The Crew. While the Closed Beta doesn't feature all of the missions, it does give full access to the entirety of the United States, letting players explore each of the six main cities of New York, Miami, Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Out of the three cities I drove through so far, Detroit to me is by far the least interesting. That's not to say it's small by any means. Comparably, it's just slightly smaller than New York but bigger than Miami. Since Detroit is the Closed Beta's story hub, you'll notice that I get a call from the story NPC, telling me which event I should be hitting up next, but I was having way too much fun simply driving around. Secondly, you'll also notice the mini-challenges that can be accessed while driving. Two of the ones I encountered in Detroit tasked me with driving through gates successively and as fast as I can, and the other required me to slalom, though that one I chose to ignore.

So what's all included in the Closed Beta of The Crew? Here are the details:


  • Midwest: All missions and skill challenges 
  • East Coast: All skill challenges 
  • West Coast, Mountain States, South: Open for free- roaming! 


  • The Street Spec: You’ll get this one in Detroit! 
  • The Dirt Spec: This spec will be available in New York! 

And of course, you'll be able to form crews and play with your friends during the Closed Beta as well.

The Crew Closed Beta is currently live until this Friday, July 25th.

*Note: There are a few framerate hiccups due to FRAPS slowing down my computer a bit.

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