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The best games of January 2016

A sneaky good start to the new year.

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Darkest Dungeon - PC - January 19
The best games of January 2016
Darkest Dungeon has been available for gamers to get their hands on for about a year now via Early Access, but it wasn’t until this month that the game officially “released”. The game is a 2-D gothic rogue-like game with turn-based combat mechanics and a heavy emphasis on difficulty. As you traverse each dungeon players must contend with a multitude of hurdles like disease, stress and famine that can ultimately lead to your party’s undoing. Retreat and failure are commonplace in Darkest Dungeon, but the thrill of success amidst the chaos is what makes the game so good. Darkest Dungeon is set to get a PS4 port later in the year, but for now PC players can soak up one of the best rogue-like games available. You can check out Darkest Dungeon on Steam and GOG.com.
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam - 3DS - January 22
The best games of January 2016
The Mario and Luigi and Paper Mario franchises have always co-existed alongside each other, but Paper Jam is the first game to cross over the two universes, and the result is a success. While the story is nothing emotionally gripping, the game is so self-aware of that fact that it doesn’t even matter. Paper Jam’s combination of turn-based combat and skill-based inputs constantly keep you invested in every enemy encounter, and nothing (save for a few Toad mini games) ever wears out its welcome. For more on Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, check out our review and find it on the Nintendo eShop.
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