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The best games of January 2016

A sneaky good start to the new year.

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Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen - PC - January 15
No Dragon’s Dogma is not a new release, but it is the best version of an already underrated game. Despite carrying that ugly label “port” with it, the PC version of Dragon’s Dogma successfully cleans up a lot of the performance issues that plagued the original console versions. Before the game struggled to maintain 30 FPS, but now runs smoothly at 60 FPS, provided your rig is strong enough to handle it. Dragon’s Dogma may not have had the most original fantasy world, but it was the combat mechanics, open world and enemy encounters that always made the game stand out. Ogres and griffins tower over you with their massive size and scaling them to deliver critical damage at big moments is insanely rewarding. For more on Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, check out our review and find it on Steam.
Oxenfree - PC, Xbox One - January 15
The best games of January 2016
Oxenfree is a 2-D supernatural thriller by independent developer Night School Studio that tells the story of a group of high school friends that unintentionally open a ghostly rift. The game relies heavily on point and click mechanics with player choice that results in a multitude of different endings, encouraging players to go back and replay it. Players are given dialogue options that range from sympathy to sarcasm, and you won’t always know that you’ve made an important decision at the moment you make them, leading to an unpredictable plot line. Oxenfree has garnered attention for its narrative and art style at IndieCade and the Independent Games Festival and has been received well by the Steam community to the tune of a 95% positive rating. You can check out Oxenfree on Steam and Xbox Live.
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