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The best games of December 2015

A couple of gems just managed to squeeze in at the end of the year.

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The best games of December 2015
DiRT Rally - PC - December 7th
The DiRT series had fallen on hard times after breaking away from the Colin McRae brand, adding little more than superfluous details to the games that released afterwards. It became clear that the series was losing touch with what made it so popular in the first place. But then Developer Codemasters decided to try something different; releasing their next game, DiRT Rally into Early Access so that fans of the series could give instant feedback. The result is a game that feels faithful to its roots and is one of, if not the best racing sim of 2015.
The best games of December 2015
BADLAND 2 - iOS - December 17th
If there was a game that you could label as a must have that just snuck in the back door of 2015, BADLAND 2 would be it. No, it isn’t a console or PC epic, but rather a masterfully crafted mobile experience that successfully builds on the foundations laid down by its 2013 Game of the Year award-winning predecessor. The game has instantly been labeled an “Editor’s Choice” in the App Store, a title reserved only for the most deserving games and is currently sporting a metacritic score of 97. 
The game gives players control of a blob that you move through a series of mazes, each with their own unique dangers and sports an art style that is an obvious homage to LIMBO. BADLAND 2 is the ideal sequel; one that retains what made the original work so well and makes additions that naturally weave themselves into the core gameplay. At $4.99, BADLAND 2 is very much worth your time.
These are the games that stood the tallest in the final month of 2015. Are there any we missed? Do you think we’re overrating any of these? Sound off in the comments below.
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