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The best games of December 2015

A couple of gems just managed to squeeze in at the end of the year.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X - Wii U - December 4th
Xenoblade Chronicles X is one of the most anticipated Wii U games over the last couple of years and as our own Mike Splechta put it, the game is simply “breathtaking”. Xenoblade Chronicles X is easily the largest game on the Wii U, and may very well be the system’s best RPG to date. You can get lost in the game’s world for hundreds of hours at a time and always find something new to learn or do. Not many games can say that. 
The best games of December 2015
Nuclear Throne - PC, PS4, Vita - December 5th
Nuclear Throne is another Early Access success story that has grown a community of passionate followers from the ground up. The game is a top-down roguelike shooter that tasks players with shooting everything in sight while evolving their characters to have bigger and better abilities. The great thing about the game is that each run you make is different, as sometimes you will find yourself outrageously OP, mowing down everything in sight, while other times you may be hopelessly outclassed by your enemies. Developer Vlambeer is also known for Twitch streaming their development process, so if you have a question or find a bug, fans can easily get in touch with them and they are very good at being responsive. 
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