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The best games of December 2015

A couple of gems just managed to squeeze in at the end of the year.

December is normally a pretty bare month for game releases since the awards for the best games of the year have generally been decided at this point. But every now and then we get a small surprise that hits us out of nowhere (like last year’s The Talos Principle) or a big delayed AAA title on its absolute final deadline of the year (Rainbow Six Siege). This year was a mix of both, with the expected titles coming within the first four days of the month, and a couple of surprises following over the next couple of weeks. Here are the best games from the month of December.

Just Cause 3 - PC, Xbox One, PS4 - December 1st 
Just Cause 3’s success is dependent upon whether or not you can put up with frequent performance issues. As noted in our review, the the game suffers from frequent frame rate drops and crashes, but it should be understood that these are things that can be ironed out with updates over time. Sure, it’s frustrating that many games nowadays have so many glitches and bugs at launch, but that’s simply a reflection of the times we live in. 
Fortunately, all is not lost and the game succeeds in accomplishing what it sets out to do, with a massive world to liberate and even more insane stunts to pull off as you traverse from one area to another. Oh yeah, and you can blow up A LOT of stuff. 

The best games of December 2015
Rainbow Six: Siege - PC, Xbox One, PS4 - December 1st
Rainbow Six: Siege was one of Ubisoft’s annual surprise announcements a few years ago and after several delays, it finally made its way to the general public and its reception has been largely a warm one. The game is inspired by real world counter-terrorist operations and revolves around carefully planned tactics in close quarters combats. You won’t be pulling off kill streak after kill streak, but the will to hold onto your only life in each round creates a sense of tension that you just can’t find in most modern online shooters. 
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