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The Banner Saga cheats: Steam achievements list

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For all of you who downloaded the beautiful looking The Banner Saga today and want to hunt down those achievements right out the door, you’ll find the full list of non-secret Steam achievements below. From Raidmaster to Master Tactician, battle through the turbulence of challenges and 100% this tactics game already. Best of luck to you!    

Steam Achievements:

  • Raidmaster - Defeat an enemy with a Raidmaster.
  • Skystriker - Defeat an enemy with a Skystriker.
  • Strongarm - Defeat an enemy with a Strongarm.
  • Shieldmaster - Defeat an enemy with a Shieldmaster.
  • Warhawk - Defeat an enemy with a Warhawk.
  • Warmaster - Defeat an enemy with a Warmaster.
  • Hunter - Defeat an enemy with a Hunter.
  • Warden - Defeat an enemy with a Warden.
  • Eagleeye - Defeat an enemy with an Eagleeye.
  • Godstone Hridvaldyr - Visit the godstone Hridvaldyr.
  • Backbiter - Defeat an enemy with a Backbiter.
  • Thrasher - Defeat an enemy with a Thrasher.
  • Bowmaster - Defeat an enemy with a Bowmaster.
  • Siegearcher - Defeat an enemy with a Siege Archer.
  • Provoker - Defeat an enemy with a Provoker.
  • Warleader - Defeat an enemy with a Warleader.
  • Spearmaster - Defeat an enemy with a Spearmaster.
  • Mender - Defeat an enemy with a Mender.
  • Godstone Denglr - Visit the godstone Denglr.
  • Godstone Hadrborg - Visit the godstone Hadrborg.
  • Godstone Marek - Visit the godstone Marek.
  • Godstone Radormyr - Visit the godstone Radormyr
  • Godstone Bjorulf - Visit the godstone Bjorulf.
  • Godstone Dundr - Visit the godstone Dundr.
  • Godstone Ingrid - Visit the godstone Ingrid.
  • Godstone Stravhs - Visit the godstone Stravhs.
  • Normal Difficulty - Complete the game on Normal difficulty.
  • Hard Difficulty - Complete the game on Hard difficulty.
  • Challenge - Complete the game without losing a single battle.
  • Quartermaster - Complete the game without letting anyone in your caravan die to hunger.
  • High Spirits - Complete the game without ever getting low morale.
  • Innocent - Alette doesn't want to harm humans or varl...don't make her.
  • Forced March - Reach Boersgard in 120 days.
  • Treasure Hunter - Acquire 5 rank 5 items.
  • Diplomat - Get permission to destroy a varl landmark.
  • Warmonger - Fight 40 battles in a single playthrough.
  • Beat the Odds - Whew...Egil made it the whole way!
  • Grudgewielder - Defeat an enemy with a Grudgewielder.
  • Master Tactician - Win a battle on Hard difficulty in the camp Training Tent using 6 rank 5 units.
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