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The Banner Saga cheats: Health and Armor guide


So you’re playing The Banner Saga, you have your troops, you’re ready to dispense some Viking justice on your foes… but you don’t really know what’s going on. What is this red bar above my troops? What is this blue bar? Don’t worry, I got you.

The blue bar is armor. The more blue a unit has the less damage they will take from attacks that target the health (red) bar. Choosing to attack armor is all part of The Banner Saga’s strategy. If you’re tough enough to ignore armor and go straight for health, by all means. If you want to weaken harder opponents, target the armor bar first.

Think of the red bar as representing both health and strength. When the red runs out, the unit is defeated – regardless of armor. The red also represents strength though. As the red bar lessens, that specific unit’s attacks become weaker. So there is strategy and choice in attacking all units a bit to weaken them or to go for kill shots and completely remove units from the battle. Each scenario will require a different decision for you to make.

Best of luck out there, kill a giant or two.

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