The Banner Saga cheats: Break, exertion, movement, and will power guide

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So you got strength and armor down in The Banner Saga, that’s a powerful start. You still have questions about break, exertion, movement, and will power mechanics though. I get that. Well look no further, all is revealed below:

Break: used to cripple armor specifically. What’s handy about break is that is doesn’t function like strength as the unit who is performing the break gets damaged. This means the lower your health becomes won’t affect the amount of break damage the unit deals.

Exertion: Think of this stat as a will power holster. The more exertion you have, the more willpower a unit can use. Thus, if you want a strong willed character, you’re going to have to boost exertion as well.

Movement: This is literally the amount of squares a unit can move in a round. When moving a unit, the blue squares represent how far it can naturally move while the yellow squares show how far the troop could go if willpower is used. Types of units have the same movement before will is factored in:

  • Archers = 3
  • Axemen = 4
  • Shieldbangers = 3
  • Warriors = 4

Will Power: determines how powerful a special attack will be. Exertion determines how much will a unit can have. Besides special attacks, willpower can also be used to increase movement range.

There it is, hope it helps. Best of luck to you out there on the battlefield. 

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