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The Backlog: Beat Hazard

I, like many of you, abused slow songs on my Xbox 360's harddrive to do better in Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved. I am not ashamed to admit this; I was simply taking advantage of one of the game's features.

Beat Hazard's premise is entirely based around the music that's playing. It's not afraid to admit this, so I decided that it was worth a purchase during a Steam Sale. My Steam Backlog is pretty big, hence why I've started this video series.

This week on the backlog, we realize that games which use your harddrive for music are outdated in 2014 thanks to Spotify. Still, Beat Hazard supplies us with its own soundtrack. Will I be able to use its music selection for good or does unfamilarity mark my downfall? A better question might be will my vision ever recover from all of those strobe lights.

Man, I really wish I could listen to Infected Mushroom while playing this game. Vicious Delicious would be absolutely perfect. That entire album is just amazing. 

Jake Valentine
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