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That awkward moment when you know the Akinator knows: League of Legends champions


For those of you who don’t know who the Akinator is… he’s a web genie.  He is a ’20 questions’ sort of game that will eerily figure out what ever character you’re thinking of - from ANYTHING.  I’ve stumped him a few times most time the AI is freakish.  The genie doesn’t seem to know sports figures all that well though.  You can try it out on the web for free but you can also download the app on iOS, Google Play, and WP Marketplace. 

This time around I was typing in some League of Legends champions and some of the questions the Akinator was asking were so damn specific that I could just tell that the AI knew exactly what character I was thinking of.  When the program has the question, “Does your character belong to the ‘League of Legends’ game?” you learn you have no chance of sneaking one past it.

Due to how specific these questions were I screenshoted a bunch of them on my phone after it asked me if the character was from LoL and decided to make a post out of them.  So here are '15 examples of awkward moments when you know the Akinator knows League of Legends champions:'

Riven / VolibearAhri / AnnieSona / Jarven IVZyra / HecarimLee Sin / Cho'GathTwisted Fate / ShivanaCassiopeia / Singed

The last character gets two screenshots because I feel they are both completely necessary, due to how iconic he is.  I was shocked when the Akinator knew “Demacia."  Even the Akinator is down on memes.  

Garen - spin to win

Here are the answers (like you really need them):

  • Riven / Volibear
  • Ahri / Annie
  • Sona / Jarven IV
  • Zyra / Hecarim
  • Lee Sin / Cho'Gath
  • Twisted Fate / Shivana
  • Cassiopeia / Singed
  • Garen

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