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Ten Things You Shouldn’t Miss Doing In Batman: Arkham City


Well, it’s here, and after about the first 24 hours of owning the game, we can easily say that Batman: Arkham City rocks our socks.  While you won’t have to wait long for the game’s final review (we’re working on it to post sometime Thursday – patience!), we did decide to put together a helpful little guide of some fun things you can do while you’re running around through the game.

Oh, sure, there’s follow the story, but you knew that already, and probably want to get a good idea of what Hugo Strange is up to with his “Protocol 10” or whatever.  And is _____ really dead?!  But that’s story.  Right now, we’ve got a list of fun things that you can do if you feel like just goofing off in some Bat tights.  So, without further ado, here’s the breakdown…

Batman Arkham City PC 360 PS3 screenshot

Bust some heads.  If there’s one thing Batman: Arkham City doesn’t have a shortage of, it’s criminals.  You can’t really go 90 feet within the city without overhearing some thugs that are up to no good.  So, in typical Dark Knight fashion, you can easily go in and knock them sideways, and then earn some credit toward some cool upgrades.  You can also learn to master some techniques in the process, or use some gadgets for fun.  Ever lob a Batarang at a guy’s head?  Hey-o!

Fly, fly, fly.  One of Batman’s neatest abilities in Arkham City is being able to swoop around through the power of gliding.  If you think you might be losing momentum, there are easy ways to get it back.  You can either perform a quick “dive bomb” technique and then swoop back into the air, or grapple onto a high building and perch off of it to achieve greater heights.  Either way, you’ve got no excuse when it comes to flying the unfriendly skies.  Besides, what can criminals do on the ground, besides yell at you?

Riddler trophies everywhere.  The Riddler’s diabolical schemes in Batman: Arkham City are at no end, and while his new challenge rooms will have you going crazy trying to save innocent civilians, they’re just a part of his overall scheme.  He’s scattered dozens upon dozens of Riddler trophies throughout the world, and you’ll want to explore every nook, cranny, and locked room to uncover them all.  It could take hours, but you’ll reap plenty of rewards in the process.

Try it out in 3D.  Like Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition, Batman: Arkham City supports both routine and stereoscopic 3D, so whether you’ve got the funky looking glasses from the first game or a pair of awesome ones that came with your Samsung, you should give the game a look in 3D.  It’s quite a sight, especially when you’re flying around outside and see the true depth of the dark, decadent locale.

Batman Arkham City PC 360 PS3 screenshot

Hunt down Deadshot.  Along with the other bevy of criminals you’ll run across in Batman: Arkham City, one of the main ones that was just announced is Deadshot, a freelance sniper who’s got the skills to hunt down his prey with ease.  As Batman, you can pick up on his scent and try to capture him, though he won’t be so easy to snare.  Not with a sniper rifle for distant attacks and pistols for close range.  Happy hunting.

Go for the Challenge Room leaderboards.  Like Arkham Asylum, Arkham City has its fair share of challenge rooms to take on.  Batman’s got his fair share, including a nasty one where Mr. Freeze has plenty of traps waiting.  Furthermore, Catwoman gets in on the action with her own set, and once they’re available for download, Robin and Nightwing will join in on the fun with their own specialized play areas.  Also, they’re all supported by online leaderboards.  Let the fight commence!

Go icicle surfing.  Once you manage to pick up Dr. Freeze’s tech, which you can then use as your own, you can use it to your advantage in a number of ways.  Along with freezing up foes, you can actually form your own temporary ice glacier to float around on.  While boating isn’t Batman’s greatest technique, it’s fun to do, especially when you start grappling objects to move yourself around.  If the “boating” term doesn’t work for you, try “slow surfing”.  Just try it, anyway.

Take a look around.  The sheer scope of Batman: Arkham City in itself is amazing.  It’s practically five times the size of the original Arkham Asylum, if not more so.  Just flying around and taking a look at the surroundings is quite a sight.  Plus, you get an idea where things are at for later on down the road when you’re bound to run into a number of villains that want nothing more than to lay your carcass in their stronghold.

Batman Arkham City PC 360 PS3 screenshot

Mess around with the Cat.  Once you enter your Online Pass code that came with Batman: Arkham City (or buy the game used from Gamestop, in which they’ll provide you a code), you’ll gain access to Catwoman and find she’s just as versatile – and strong – as Batman, to a degree.  She can use her whip and claws to get around with ease, and though she can’t fly, she’s quite speedy.  Getting to certain objectives is a snap.  Plus, she can handle herself in a fight.

Enjoy the story.  Last but definitely not least, take the time to actually get into the story.  A lot of work went into fleshing it out like a real Batman tale, so why skip through it?  Besides, it was written by Paul Dini, who’s done quite a bit of work on Batman: The Animated Series.  Furthermore, it also includes some voice veterans from the show – Kevin Conroy as Bats and Mark Hamill as The Joker.  If you don’t think they’re worth listening to, you need help.  Immediate, at that.

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