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Talking Fix-it Felix, Donkey Kong, breaking records and ongoing rivalries with Steve Wiebe

Steve Wiebe, the loveable underdog who came up on top in 2007's The King of Kong, was asked to attend a Wreck-it Ralph event going on at Gameworks during PAX Prime 2012. An arcade version of Fix-it Felix Jr. was set up, and Steve was asked to set a high score on it, which people could then hope to beat and win an advanced screening of the movie.

While we all might look at Steve as the King of Kong, he in fact is much less involved in the world of video games, and right now focuses his time on his family, teaching and making music. That's not to say that he doesn't get involved in the occasional Kong Off. On November 16th, the best Donkey Kong players will come together in Denver to see who will come up on top, meaning Billy Mitchell, Hank Chien and Steve will go head to head in what will sure be a very tense battle.

I also got to talk to him about the actual filming of The King of Kong, and found out that he didn't even realize he was going to be the main character, until he saw the finished product.

Despite having a heated competition with Billy and Hank, it's apparent Steve has a heart of gold, and we're all pulling for him!

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