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Super Meat Boy Cheats: Steam Achievements

  • &*>?1$: Complete Level -2.
  • (=+66&1$: Complete Level -3.
  • ^**5%_=+12: Complete Level -4.
  • *|-0&&{}~5&: Complete Level -5.
  • Accidental Arsonist: Unlock Mr. Minecraft (100 bandages).
  • Blood Clot Boy: Complete the Hospital Dark World without dying.
  • Brimstone Boy: Complete World 4 without dying.
  • Congratulations you have OCD: A+ every single level.
  • Dead Boy: Complete The End without dying.
  • Demon Boy: Complete the Hell Dark World without dying.
  • Dr. Fetus Boy: Complete the End Dark World without dying.
  • Girl Boy: Complete Cotton Alley without dying.
  • Golden God: 100% the game.
  • I Have Crabs!: Unlock Head Crab (10 bandages).
  • I Smell something Fishy...: Unlock Naija (50 bandages).
  • Impossible Boy: Complete the Cotton Alley Dark World without dying.
  • Living in the past: Complete 5 retro Warp Zones.
  • Maggot Boy: Complete World 5 without dying.
  • Metal Head: Unlock Josef (30 bandages).
  • Missile Boy: Complete the Salt Factory Dark World without dying.
  • MS PAINT RULZ!: Unlock RunMan (70 bandages).
  • N#7*<1!23: Complete Level -1.
  • N&8^2^%$1``: Complete Level -6.
  • Needle Boy: Complete World 2 without dying.
  • Nostalgia: Complete 1 retro Warp Zone.
  • Old School: Complete 10 retro Warp Zones.
  • Retro Rampage: Complete all 20 retro Warp Zones.
  • Salt Boy: Complete World 3 without dying.
  • Seneca Falls: Beat the dark world Cotton Alley.
  • Squirrel Boy: Complete the Forest Dark World without dying.
  • Suffragette: Beat the light world Cotton Alley.
  • The Bootlicker: Unlock Jill.
  • The Commander: Unlock Commander Video.
  • The End: Beat the light world.
  • The Fly Guy: Unlock Flywrench.
  • The Jump Man: Unlock Ogmo.
  • The Kid: Unlock The Kid.
  • The Real End: Beat the dark world.
  • Vx6: Unlock Captain Viridian (90 bandages).
  • Well look at you: Unlock Tofu Boy (via a cheat code).
  • Wood Boy: Complete World 1 without dying.
  • Zombie Boy: Complete the Rapture Dark World without dying.

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