Super Mario 3D World Cheats: How to Warp from World 1-2 to World 2

Super Mario 3D World Screenshot - Super Mario 3D World 1-2 Warp

As was the case in previous Mario games, Super Mario 3D World for Wii U has a few sections that let you warp past some worlds -- essentially skipping some levels.

As of this writing, there are currently two warping places: from World 1-2 to World 2, and from World 4-2 to World 5. Both require you to have the Cat Suit. Now follow these directions:

How to warp from World 1-2 to World 2

  1. The Cat Suit can be found in World 1-1. Once you have the Cat Suit, wear it throughout the entire World 1-2.
  2. Near hte end of the unground portion of the world, you will see a pipe that splits into two paths; one path with coins lined in it.
  3. Once you exit the pipe you will come across three invisible "?" blocks along the wall. Use the blocks to reach the upper area (there are a few hidden blocks that you must hit to reveal).
  4. Once you reach the upper area, you will find a Koopa Trooper. Take out the Koopa Trooper and immediately climb the wall right above his platform.
  5. Once you climb to the top you will find a red warp pipe. This will take you to World 2.

World 1-2 is also the place where you can get Infinite Lives. Find out how.

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