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Starbound Cheats: List of Techs and what they do


Starbound includes a number of useful Techs, which enhance your character in numerous ways. You are able to equip up to four Techs at a time. These Techs cannot be crafted, and instead have to be found, usually in chests.

Once you have a Tech, teleport to your ship and walk over to the Tech Station. There you'll be able to lock in up to four Techs at a time. Even though you have four locked in, you can only utilize one at a time.

Below is the list of in-game Techs that you're able to utilize once you find them.

Bubble Boost Icon.png Bubble Boost - Get a speed boost with a bubble when jumping.

Butterfly Boost Icon.png Butterfly Boost - Much like bubble boost, you get a speed boost and glide in the air using butterflies.

Energy Dash Icon.png Energy Dash - Double tap either left or right to give yourself a burst of speed.

Gravity Neutraliser Icon.png Gravity Neutralizer - Double jump to active the ability to float into the sky.

Human Mech Icon.png Human Mech - By pressing F, you can deploy a mech to unleash chaos on your enemies.

Morphball Icon.png Morphball - Become like Samus and turn into a small ball and roll places, using the F key.

Pulse Jump Icon.png Pulse Jump - Perform a double jump by double jumping.

Random Blink Icon.png Random Blink - By pressing F, you teleport to a random location.

Rocket Jump Icon.png Rocket Jump - By pressing Up and Jump, you launch yourself high into the air.

Skyrail Rider Icon.png Skyrail Rider - Gives players the ability to ride on skyrails by jumping on them.

Icon.png Gravity Bubble - Much like Gravity Neutralizer, players can ride a bubble into the sky until energy is depleted.

Targeted Blink Icon.png Targeted Blink - Teleport to a location marked by your mouse and then pressing F.

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