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Starbound Cheats: How to defeat the Penguin UFO Boss

Starbound UFO Penguin Boss

The Penguin UFO Boss is part of the tutorial planet, but make no mistake, it will wreck you if you call on it too early. But before we get into strategies, let's first go over the tools and materials you'll need to call it over.

Once you get to the quest to build a beacon, you'll need the following materials to build it:

  • 350 Pixels
  • 2 Silver Bars
  • 30 Copper Bars
  • 30 Iron Bars
  • 100 Wood Planks

To get these, you'll need to most likely dig deep underground to find rich veins of copper and iron.

However, the most important thing to keep in mind, especially if you're building the beacon immediately after completing the quest before, is to not actually activate it. This is because the UFO it spawns is quite powerful, and you'll need some good Tier 1 gear in order to take it down and stay alive.

A good ranged weapon

You'll need a decent ranged weapon since you're going to have to shoot the UFO down. The starting bow won't cut it, so the better option would be to build the Iron Bow. Of course the best option is to buy a weapon from an Avian Pirate merchant. If you're lucky enough to come across an anchor, build your way up to the Pirate ship and find the merchant. Don't worry, the pirates themselves aren't hostile.

However, having a decent melee weapon will also help when the UFO spawns some penguin soldiers to the ground.

Hunt for copper and craft your armor

You won't be able to craft anything better than the Copper armor set until you beat the Penguin UFO, so that's going to be your best bet for survival. The entire set will cost you 67 bars in total, which means you'll need to mine up 134 pieces of Copper Ore.

Just keep kiting

When you're ready, and you have a decent ranged weapon as well as Copper armor, you can call upon the UFO using the Beacon. The trick here is to keep moving and dodging the various powerful attacks the UFO does. The two major attacks it does is shooting lasers at your location, so being on the move while this is happening is absolutely essential. It also turns invisible, reappears and then slams on the ground of your current location, so once again, keep moving to avoid this.

It will also periodically send down penguins on the ground or smaller UFO penguins to fly around and shoot. DIspose of the ground units using a melee weapon, and generally avoid the smaller UFOs, and instead keep shooting at the mothership.

Hopefully these tips will make it much easier to take down the UFO and get you on your way to the next Sector.

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