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Starbound Cheats: How to capture monsters guide

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In Starbound, players can capture enemies and use them in the game as a combat companion. While only able to be captured in their first stage of evolution, they can later become fully grown and evolve. Think of it the same way as in Pokemon

The first requirement to capture monsters is that you will have needed to defeat the Bone Dragon. You'll also need a Creature Capture Station, which you craft at a Robotic Crafting Table. To get to this point, here's the progression in crafting tables that you'll need:

  • Craft a Metalwork Station at the Wooden Crafting Table
  • Craft a Robotic Crafting Table at the Metalwork Station
    • Requires 20 Steel Bars, 600 Pixel, 1 Processor (drops off of Robot Boss), and 1 Wooden Crafting Table
  • Craft a Creature Capture Station at the Robotic Crafting Table
    • Requires 20 Durasteel Bars, 2,500 Pixel

The Creature Capture Station will allow you to craft Capture Pods, which act just like Pokeballs. Capture Pods require 400 Pixel and 8 Steel Bars to craft. 

Once you have a Capture Pod, weaken a monster below 50% health and then throw the Capture Pod at the monster for a chance to capture it. If successful, a Filled Pod will drop. Simply pick it up and you'll have the ability to summon that monster in combat. Captured monsters will only attack enemies that have attacked you and dealt damage, or monsters that you have attacked.

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