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Starbound Cheats: farming guide

farming starbound

Farming in Starbound​ is actually really easy. 

To start farming you need two things: (1) seeds (2) a Stone Hoe.

You get seeds from plants that you use the manipulator on or harvesting crops. To make the Stone Hoe, simply go to your Crafting Table and click on Stone Hoe. You'll need 10 Cobblestone and 25 Wood Planks to craft the Stone Hoe. 

After you've crafted the Stone Hoe, equip it and till the land (left click) so it looks like dirt. Then, simply plant the seeds you have into the fertile dirt. It'll take time, but the seeds will grow and eventually you'll be able to harvest the crops by pressing 'E' when hovering over the crops, which will give you the crop and the seeds. It helps to place a torch near the crops so that they'll get heat and grow faster. 

starbound stone hoe

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