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Spoiler heavy screenshot tour of BioShock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite Screenshot - bioshock infinite elizabeth Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_1 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_2 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_3 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_4 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_5
Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_6 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_7 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_8 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_9 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_10
Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_11 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_12 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_13 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_14 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_15
Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_16 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_17 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_18 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_19 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_20
Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_21 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_22 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_23 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_24 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_25
Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_26 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_27 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_28 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_29 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_30
Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_31 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_32 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_33 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_34 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_35
Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_36 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_37 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_38 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_39 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_40
Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_41 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_42 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_43 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_44 Gallery_small_bioshock_infinite_45

Alright, seriously folks. This “Spoiler Heavy Screenshot tour of BioShock Infinite” is going to be a bunch of screenshots from throughout the game that are heavy in spoilers. For this reason, if you’ve not completed BioShock Infinite or at any point plan on playing BioShock Infinite, you don’t want to look at these screenshots. If you HAVE completed BioShock Infinite or just want to look at some pretty pictures, by all means, click away you rapscallions.

After making the screenshot tour of the first hour, I decided to do the whole game. Looking at my screenshot folder, I took about 300 screenshots of this game. Sure I could put them all up, or I could just pick some of my favorite from the collection; I chose the latter. Here are 45 screenshots from start to finish that I particularly enjoyed. Some are plot heavy, some are environmental, and some are designed to be backgrounds. You savages decide what you do with them.


Andrew Clouther Human, historian, teacher, writer, reviewer, gamer, League of Pralay, Persona fanboy, and GameZone paragon - no super powers as of yet. Message me on the Twitters: @AndrewC_GZ
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