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Splinter Cell Blacklist Spies vs Mercs Multiplayer Tips for Fun & Winning

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So you’re done with Splinter Cell Blacklist’s campaign, you’ve tackled co-op with your buddy, and that Spies vs. Mercs multiplayer is taunting you. It’s intimidating, right? The small teams, the expectation to win, and the intricate cat-and-mouse concept can make Spies vs. Mercs a scary prospect. Even as a veteran of Splinter Cell multiplayer, I get a little nervous before every match, so I’m here to help you get the ball rolling. This isn’t necessarily in-depth strategy, but more of a guide to getting you in the game, having fun and understanding some of the basics.

1) Jump headfirst into SvM Classic

Blacklist Tips

You know how the best way to get into a cold pool is to just jump in and get it over with? Well Spies vs. Mercs is pretty much the same. Start with SvM Classic. It’s arguably the more hardcore mode, but it’s also more streamlined, with less gadgets, no custom loadouts, and only two opponents to keep track of. You’ll get to play the purest version of what makes SvM so special, and you’ll even earn points towards unlocking things for SvM Blacklist.

2) Adjust the controls

Blacklist Tips

Sometimes I feel like Ubisoft changes their control schemes just to be different. There are a few legitimate reasons the default controls are the way they are, but you should look at the other options available. Most obvious is the Merc’s second control scheme, which changes the buttons to a more traditional shooter layout.

3) Play with friends

Spies vs Mercs Tips

Ideally, the best way to introduce yourself to this game is with friends. The better players are beastly, terrifying things, and matchmaking isn’t the greatest as of this writing. Diving into SvM Classic with three other friends is definitely the most fun and inviting way to start this game. Even if you only have one friend, losing together is a great, if not frustrating, way to learn.

4) Kit out your spies and mercs for SvM Blacklist

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Once you get your bearings in SvM Classic, give Blacklist a try. It’s the more modern mode, designed to pull the shooter crowd into Splinter Cell’s more methodical gameplay. These four-on-four matches follow the same basic rules -- spies attempt to sneak around and hack terminals while mercs set traps and try to stop them -- the difference is that spies are more aggressive, everyone has more tools, and the maps are more brightly lit, forcing spies to play more aggressively.

This mode is fun in its own ways, but it relies heavily on all the tools you can buy. That’s why I recommend playing SvM Classic first, so you have some money you can put toward kitting out your spy and merc. Keep in mind that because of the expanded depth of this mode, a lot of the spy tools have merc counters and vice versa. Pay attention to what your enemies are doing and buy the things that will make their lives more difficult.

SvM Blacklist is a great mode when the number of friends you have to play with simply doesn’t fit 2v2 SvM Classic, but in my opinion the real heart of the game is SvM Classic.

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