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Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough

GameZone presents the complete guide and walkthrough for Spec Ops: The Line. Included are pics to get you thru the game and also all images and locations of INTEL in the game.


The Line...

Chapter 1: The Evacuation
Chapter 2: The Dune
Chapter 3: Underneath
Chapter 4: The Refugees

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Chapter 5: The Edge
Chapter 6: The Pit
Chapter 7: The Battle
Chapter 8: The Gate

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Chapter 9: The Road
Chapter 10: Riggs
Chapter 10 (Part 2):  Stealing Water
Chapter 11: Alone
The Rooftops

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Chapter 13: Adams
Chapter 14: The Bridge
Chapter 15: Welcome

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Objective: Take out those choppers

Well, it is as simple as it sounds so just shoot the helicopters which pass you. Shoot them till they drop because they keep going even if they are up in smoke. Just shoot and don't worry about any structural damage to the buildings or civilians. You'll be done here after a bit...

Chapter 1: The Evacuation

Objective: Proceed towards Dubai
Move along with your team and just vault over stuff. Go right in the end and when you reach the blockade on the road, look to the left and you will find some rope you can use to grapple to the ground.
Objective: Locate Distress Beacon
You'll come to the beacon soon and the fun starts right away. Shoot the glass of the bus above them to drop the sand and then shoot them too. Move ahead where you find more enemies and some are in the bus to the left. Stay in cover and take them out and move thru the bus to reach a checkpoint. You'll find a grenade tossed close to you and the enemy is up in the billboard straight ahead. You need to hit the middle mouse button to give orders to your team to kill that guy. Then move ahead to the next location. Kill the guys on the top of the buses because they have height as an advantage. Take them out and then the rest. Go thru and in the next place you will find a guy on a shielded turret. You need to move quick - just hold the forward button and space at the edge of cover to run ahead and hopefully to the next cover. Move to the left and take him out and more come in from the left. Kill them and you will get to a checkpoint.
Objective: Save alpha squad
You come to a large crashed airplane and your team suggests putting silencers. Hit C to put on silencers and move ahead. Start by killing the enemies closes and move ahead targeting the ones on top of the wing ahead. Keep an eye on the wing because more come out along with an RPG so kill him as soon as you see someone walk heavy to the middle of the wing. Then you see more coming from behind the plane, kill them and move closer (you can pick up an INTEL here just before you enter the plane) - stay sharp because more come from inside the plane as you move closer. Head inside and stay in cover all the time. Kill the guys ahead and always keep your head low. In the last area you'll see a hostage at gunpoint. There are more here but kill the guy holding the gun first and then the rest of them.

Chapter 2: The Dune

Objective: Get to the Nest
Move ahead and you will come to two guys below you. Kill them and jump down and go right. Here, you'll see grenade boxes. You can pick up the grenades here and use them on the enemy - just hold Q to aim and toss one away. You'll come across many many grenades so there is not need to be sparing about using them. Save ammo and use the grenades instead as much as you can. Clear the area ahead and move thru this place (you can pick up an INTEL as you go down the steps here - it is behind the steps a bit to the left) and continue outside.
You'll come to an opening to the right which leads you below and to the nest then. Stay here and take out the enemies ahead, if you have a grenade then use it to kill the guy on the turret. Waste the rest of them and move below.
Objective: Hold Out
Yep, this is going to be hairy. Enemies just keep coming all over you - especially the ones on top of the Nest ahead. Concentrate only on the enemies who are on the upper floors and leave the rest to your squad. Some time later you will find more come to your right from above the sand dune so look out for them too. Keep holding up and eventually, it will stop.

Chapter 3: Underneath

Objective: Defend your position
After you fall in, move down the stairs from the left or the right - your choice. After you go down, move ahead and Lugo tells you that the door is blocked and then enemies drop in from above. Stand near your team and start killing enemies. They also come down from the stairs to the left and right - the same ones you took; so look out because they can get really close if you let them slip. After some killing, they drop " " from the roof and you can run out the door here to the next area.
Objective: Keep Moving
Move thru and you will come to a place where you can drop down to the left side where you find some INTEL -
You can also pick up some grenades from the right of the room but save them for later. You also learn of a somewhat disturbing development about whom the locals are taking orders from. When the fight starts again, kill the guys in the next room and slip out from one cover to the next and don't forget to shoot the guys who are on the roof. Kill them and when there aren't any more, move ahead. In the end of this area you will also come across a turret. Use grenades to take out the men behind the turret and move to the next cover and so on. You will then see the glass break nearby and will need to go out into the storm.
There are many many enemies in the storm who can easily kill you so don't move ahead unless you are sure the path is clear - you will find cover here and there so take it and use it for a while. After you come out of the storm, you will get near an elevator and there's rope here you can use to rappel down -

Chapter 4: The Refugees

Objective: Locate the Hostage
Move thru this area - it's the financial center of Dubai. You will come across INTEL to the right as you move thru this area -
Just keep going and you will eventually reach some stairs leading down. Go there and in the end, jump thru the hole in the ground to get to another section of the building. You will now pass thru an eerie area with candles and dead bodies and stuff like that. In the end you will come to find the location of the hostage.
Jump over to the other side and grab the stun grenades here and move down using the rappel beside the dead body of the CIA officer.
Objective: Find the 33rd
After you come down, look around and on the table nearby, you find the second piece of intel.
You also come out and enemies (actually the 33rd themselves) are waiting to kill you. So, do them and move out into cover. In the next area, the enemies come in from the far side ahead - slowly make your way to the other side while staying in cover and killing everyone you see. Move there and go around till you get to a door thru which you reach the central section of the building.
Objective: Get to the Lower Floors
So, look down ahead and kill anyone below and make your way thru the left here - you will go down a very high spiraling stairwell and enemies make their way up or shoot from below. They are all over the place and so you need to move in cover at all times. Just keep moving and take your time here because you can get killed easily. Remember that there are always more enemies than you think there are. Go all the way below where there's a turret and keep going.
Objective: Capture the Turret, Shoot the Window
Move to the marker locations in front of you shooting everybody and you will come back out with the turret in front of you. Kill all three guys here and immediately take the turret and start shooting the large window behind the enemies ahead to the right -
You will be prompted to shoot the window after a while but you can start doing it right away since it take a very very long time to get it down. To shoot the window, you cannot just aim the turret in one place - you will need to shoot all over the window making sure you are getting every inch of it - just keep moving the turret all over it. Occasionally, also shoot anyone ahead. After a long while of shooting, the window finally breaks and you make it thru to the next place.

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