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Soulcalibur V Character Breakdown: Part One


Set seventeen years after the events of Soulcalibur IV, the sixth entry in the Soul fighting series (by developer Project Soul and publisher Namco Bandai) continues the battle for the legendary Soul Swords across 17th-century Europe. You're viewing Part One of our feature; both parts together detail the histories of twenty-four confirmed playable characters in Soulcalibur V. The final roster consists of 20-30 characters total, half of them new.

Each character's appearances correspond to these games:

SB = Soul Blade
SC = Soulcalibur
SC2 = Soulcalibur II
SC3 = Soulcalibur III
SL= Soulcalibur Legends
SC4 = Soulcalibur IV
BD = Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny
SC5 = Soulcalibur V

Aeon Calcos

Spartan swordsman turned holy warrior, Aeon (who replaces Lizardman) was tasked with destroying the evil Soul Edge. His mission came to an abrupt end when he was captured by the cult of Fygul Cestemus and transformed into a monster. His new form grants him the power to absorb the nature of his victims, especially when feeding on the flesh of holy warriors. The winged character wields dual axes and fights in the Rapid Ares style.

Appearance: SC, SC3, SC4, BD (as Lizardman), SC5 (as Aeon)

SC5 - Aeon


The Hero of Ancient Times first created Soul Calibur from a fragment of Soul Edge after he destroyed his son, who was possessed by the evil blade. He can wield both Soul Swords and was revived as a result of the battle between Siegfried and Nightmare, occuring during the events of Soulcalibur IV (as seen in a prologue video for the new game). With ten different weapons built into his body, he's described as the strongest character in the series.

Appearances: SC4, BD, SC5

SC5 - Algol


Astaroth was created by the Fygul Cestemus at the Grand Shrine of Palgaea. Ultimately the giant rebelled against the order, destroying himself and the cult in his rampage. In time, Mars and Venus devised a plan to retrieve his core essence for the reforming cult. The High Priest Kunpaetku, recovering from near-death, used the artifact to revive Astaroth and create monsters of his own. Astaroth's weapon of choice is a Giant Axe called Kulutues. He fights in the style of Gyulkus. His Critical Edge, one of the new mechanics in SCV (along with Brave Edge attacks), is a grapple.

Appearances: SC, SC2, SC3, SL, SC4, BD, SC5

SC5 - Astaroth

Cervantes de Leon

Hailing from Valencia in the Spanish Empire, Cervantes traveled to Ostrheinsburg to reclaim the Soul Edge and devour the soul of his daughter, Ivy. Instead, she triumphed, banishing him to a dimensional rift opened by the sword. Now, legends tell of a giant ship pirated by the great captain Cervantes—the Lord of the Seven Seas has broken free of his dimensional chains and set sail once more. He wields a Longsword called Acheron and a Pistol sword called Nirvana, fighting according to the memories of Soul Edge.

Appearances: SB, SC, SC2, SC3, SC4, BD, SC5

SC5 - Cervantes

Lord Geo Dampierre

A pre-order exclusive, the thieving Dampierre has conned and looted his way through Italy's financial world, enjoying particular success around the city of Venice. He's now en route for Hungary, sailing to meet Graf Dumas as he prepares for war. He hopes to bear gifts to the ruler and gain a stake in the post-war fortune. The mustachioed character fights with hidden weapons, Miraggio and Nebula, in the Le Bello style.

Appearances: BD, SC5

SC5 - Dampierre

Edge Master

Kilik's former instructor hasn't been seen since the first Soulcalibur, but he's no less a formidable opponent—capable of using all styles of combat. He served as a teacher at the Ling-Sheng Su Temple and trained Maxi after the events of Soulcalibur IV.

Appearances: SC, SC5

SC5 - Edge Master

Ezio Auditore da Firenze

The middle-aged Ezio's timeline takes a mysterious turn between the 15th and 16th centuries. The time jump might be related to an unknown artifact he finds while setting fire to a Templar ship in 1506. At the close of the century he's fighting strange and powerful foes, but next he's back in 1507, sailing once more for Navarre. Ezio fights with wrist blades, a sword, a dagger, and more in the style of the Assasin Brotherhood.

Appearance: SC5 (guest character)

SC5 - Ezio

Hildegard "Hilde" von Krone

Princess Hilde of the Kingdom of Wolfkrone led her army victoriously against the Soul Edge's forces in the neighboring Ostrheinsburg, but the battle ruined the land. Departing her homeland with her people in tow, she's moved from land to land, scouting for a new place to resettle and a means to heal the Wolfkrone countryside. When a message from Siegfried warns that an army of the malfested, the evil minions of the Soul Edge, intends to seize her kingdom, she prepares to fight alongside Siegfried and her own soldiers. She wields a short sword and a polearm, Glänzende Nova & Frischer Himmel, and fights in the Große Erbschaft style.

Appearances: SC4, BD, SC5

SC5 - Hilde

Isabella "Ivy" Valentine

Born in London, Ivy faced her father, Cervantes, in Ostrheinsburg and emerged triumphant. However, her greatest prize, the Soul Edge, vanished into the void the sword created. She knew that it would someday return, but she tried instead to destroy the world beyond the rift to reclaim it. For over a decade, she studied the place she calls "Astral Chaos," having forgone aging thanks to the blood of the cursed sword flowing through her veins. She won't be satisfied until the sword has been eliminated from all dimensions. However, according to producer Hisaharu Tago, Ivy assumes a more motherly role in this game—setting aside her relentless search for Soul Edge to lead a new generation of fighters. She fights with a Snake Sword called Valentine (Ivy Blade) in the style of Unrelated Link. Her Critical Edge is also a grapple.

Appearances: SC, SC2, SC3, SL, SC4, BD, SC5

SC5 - Ivy

Yan Leixia

The daughter of former Soul Calibur wielder Chai Xianghua, Leixia spent her youth in Louyang in the Ming Empire. Her father acted as an army general, but it was her mother who instilled in her an appetite for adventure. She fascinated her daughter with stories of her quest to obtain the Hero's Sword, and Leixia honed her sword-fighting skills so that she and her mother could one day travel the world together. Upon her fifteenth birthday, one of her younger twin brothers gave her a pendant set with a blue stone. Stunned by the gift's appearance (the necklace belonged to Kilik), Xianghua begged her husband not to allow Leixia to leave their home, but to instead hide her away as one of the emperor's wives. Determined to discover the pendant's secret, Leixia embarked on her own adventure. She bears a Chinese sword called Yi Zhan Qin and follows the Ling-Sheng Su Secret Arts of the Sword.

Appearance: SC5

SC5 - Leixia


Emerging from Shuri in the Ryukyu Kingdom, Maxi was a wandering pirate who lost his crew to Astaroth. Even after avenging their lives, Maxi lusted for revenge, abandoning his companions Kilik and Xianghua to venture on by himself. He draws power from the Soul Edge fragment lodged deep in his body, which prevents him from aging, but the teachings of Edge Master have taught him how to suppress the dark influence of the shard. He later learns that to save his old friend, he must advise Kilik to bequeath his weapon, the Kali-Yuga, to a boy by the name of Xiba. Maxi vows to mentor Xiba and journey with him west in time to spare Kilik. Maxi fights with a Nunchaku called Soryuju in the style of Shissen Karihadi. By reputation, he's a good starter character for novice players.

Appearances: SC, SC2, SC3, SC4, BD, SC5

SC5 - Maxi

Heishiro Mitsurugi

From Bizen, Japan, Mitsurugi is a long-time veteran of the Soul series. A samurai constantly on the lookout for worthy adversaries, he set out for Ostrheinsburg, where he entered an alternate dimension and faced Algol. Their match was interrupted when a dimensional convergence transported Mitsurugi back to reality, leaving the winner undecided. The years that followed reduced the warrior to a humble life as a farmer, penniless and unable to continue his travels. But when he heard mention of the Hero King's sword, Soul Calibur, his passion for battle rekindled and he swore to finish the duel that had begun seventeen years prior. Mitsurugi uses a Katana called Shishi-Oh and Tenpu-Kosai-Ryu Kai style combat.

Appearances: SB, SC, SC2, SC3, SL, SC4, BD, SC5

SC5 - Mitsurugi

Stay tuned for more Soulcalibur V characters.

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