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Sony's re-focusing on the PS Vita has convinced me to give it another chance

I bought a PS Vita at launch. A lot of my friends told me not to – including other video game journalists – saying it was a wasted piece of tech with no games that didn't have a place in the market. I persevered, but as time went on and the Nintendo 3DS got game after game, I sat there and watched my Vita collect dust. I decided I wanted a 3DS XL.

My wife understands that gaming is both my hobby and my job, but that doesn't mean I can just go out and buy whatever I want. After a few months of owning a Vita, she convinced me that it was stupid to keep it if I wasn't playing it and wanted a 3DS XL. So I traded it in. I didn't miss it, and I didn't regret it. There was no time for a Vita in my life.

Then the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One information started rolling out. I could only afford one console, and, like many other gamers, I chose Sony's. Now, games for the Vita that I'm interested in playing have trickled out, but it wasn't until I pre-ordered my PS4 that started getting that Vita itch. Sony has been playing all the right cards in the right order during the next-gen console war, but they've also shown unwavering support for the Vita, including an impressive list of indie titles.

It's my renewed faith in Sony, combined with some cool features for the Vita, that have convinced me to purchase their handheld again. First, the ability to play any PlayStation 4 game on the Vita is huge for me. I'm not sure of exactly what the limitations are as far as distance is concerned, but as a Wii U owner, off-screen play is a huge plus for me. My wife and kids dominate my television with RuPaul's Drag Race and Disney shows (for clarification, my wife is the one watching RuPaul's). Unless I want to wait until they're all in bed, streaming the PlayStation 4 to the Vita is going to be a gift from God (a.k.a. Jack Tretton).

ps vita tv

Now, PS Vita TV was announced. While we aren't getting it in the West (and probably never will), the device sounds amazing, having already sold out in Japan. Its announcement only partially affected my decision to re-purchase a Vita, but a new Vita model definitely did. I'm a big fan of the AMOLED screen, and while switching to LCD won't be a huge deterrent, if I was going to get a Vita again, I wanted the AMOLED. I figured I'd better get one before people rush for them – if they rush for them.

So to Craigslist I went and found a 3G/Wi-fi Vita for $120, including an 8 GB memory card, Unit 13 and Marvel vs. Capcom. Bought! And I survived the encounter! I may not get a ton of play out of it right now outside of Dragon's Crown, which I'm picking up this weekend, but I feel like I made a worthy investment. When streaming from the PS4 to the Vita is ready, I too shall be.

It's too early to say whether the PS Vita will be a vital part of the Sony – and gaming – ecosystem, but I'm willing to gamble on it after all Sony has shown.

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