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Sony is in danger of becoming arrogant

Sony is in danger of becoming arrogant

Without a shadow of a doubt, Sony had the strongest presence at E3 2013. They were confident, proud, and ready for the competition. That confidence has only grown through successful PS4 sales figures and worldwide acclaim from critics and fans alike.

One could say that it’s grown too much.

For the second year in a row, Sony took a direct shot at their competition during E3. They commented on how they gave consumers a choice when it came to the PlayStation Eye, reminding gamers “Hey, we’re the good guys that give you a choice. They’re the bad folks who ram their ideas down your throat.”

Oh, how quickly we forget the launch of the PlayStation 3.

The difference here, though, is the fact that Sony has done a good job of backing up most of their talk. This time around, they have the lower priced system that’s also consumer friendly. They never tacked on any peripherals, nor did they ever publically mention the idea of adding in any type of digital marketplace that would have brought DRM to the console. Considering how poorly their recent hardware launches have gone (599 US dollars, being resigned to selling the Vita as an off-TV screen for the PS4), they deserve to enjoy their success.

There’s something else that needs to be considered here: the fact that Sony’s fans are, without a doubt, the most enthusiastic in the industry. They filled theaters during E3, cheered for developer names before trailers began, and thunderously applauded throughout Sony’s entire E3 press conference.  While Nintendo fans are hoping the Wii U can turn things around, and Microsoft fans are happy that Phil Spencer is fixing the mistakes of his predecessor, Sony's audience continues to enjoy a prime position in the industry: out in front with the crowd eating from their hands. 

They can’t, however, let it go to their heads. We get it: you made the right moves and Microsoft didn’t. Sony has positioned themselves back to their PS2-era industry dominance. Remember what they were saying before, and during, the PS3’s release and post-launch failure? NeoGAF remembers.

Let’s just hope that it doesn’t get to their head too much, because their software line-up is looking bleak.

Hell, everyone’s software line-up is looking bleak.

Except Nintendo’s.

For the love of all things holy, buy a Wii U. You’ll thank me later, I promise.  

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