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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 exclusive video interview


The original Sniper was a big success for Polish developers City Interactive, though many fans complained that the exciting sniper gameplay was sullied by poorly implemented run-and-gun style segments, as well as the game's notoriously lacking A.I.. Thankfully though, Michael Srockzynski, producer of the upcoming sequel Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, says that fan concerns will be addressed.

"We got loads of feedback on the first Sniper: Ghost Warrior" Srockzynki confirmed. "(We) filtered what we thought made sense (...) and we took out the things that we thought was important to improve, or simply to take out."

Listening to what the fans want is usually a formula for success, especially when you have as cool a franchise as Sniper. We got to view an early build of the game that was just stunning, featuring a gritty urban trek through the war-torn districts of Sarajevo. The stealth sequences thrilling to watch, with Srockzynski narrowly edging past enemy soldiers and knifing the few that he could catch unawares. Though obviously it's the sniping which had our full attention, Srockzynski adjusting his scope for wind and gravity before letting loose a bullet, the graceful killcam showing our target's exploding head.

The game has also makes excellent use of CryEngine 3, Sniper 2 being the team's first time working with the powerful engine. The power of the engine is obvious, with one jungle level looking so beautiful and dense with foliage, that we remarked on how much we wouldn't mind moving there... That was of course before Sroczinski covered this beautiful paradise in the blood of our enemies, working in tandem with an A.I. teammate to coordinate shots.

In addition to the new effects and refocused gameplay, players will find plenty of new details to enjoy. A slide tackle maneuver lets players move around in style, and a helpful pair of binoculars lets you place a reticule over an enemy, to track them even as they move around behind cover. The game is definitely shaping up to be a summer hit, and we'll be keeping our eye on it.

Check out our full interview with Michael Sroczinsky, featuring some exclusive screenshots and video footage, below:

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