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Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough




Target: Maj.Gen Hans Van Eisenberg
Objective: Assassinate target before he makes the deal
Location: Brandenburg Gate
Difficulty: 2/10

This mission is just show and tell - minimal exposure involved. We go thru the mechanics and working of the game in this mission. This is how our quest to take down the German V2 program starts.

Tutorial 1 - Using Binoculars

Press B to use your binoculars - it has an extremely large range of zoom which can be adjusted with the mouse wheel. After looking into the building ahead, proceed to the building and climb it.

Tutorial 2 - Setting up Trip Mines, Distracting & Sneaking

You can view and change the items in your inventory by pressing Z or X, bring it to show trip mines. You can equip the mines by holding F. Deploy them on the ground by releasing F and move to the next location extending the trip wire and place the next mine there. To distract enemies, just throw a rock and they will proceed to inspect the location of sound. So, throw the rock away from where you want to sneak. After the guards are distracted, sneak ahead by crouching. Hitting C will make you enter or exit the Sneak mode.

Tutorial 3 - Going Prone, Taking Cover and Shooting from Cover

Go prone by holding the C button. You can take cover behind walls or certain objects and debris by hitting the Q button. To come out of cover and shoot just hit right click to aim. Use your Silenced Pistol to avoid detection by sound.

Tutorial 4 - Landmines, Holding Breath and Shooting - Maintaining Heartbeat rate, Aiming with Wind and Gravity considerations

You can select landmines from your inventory and set them by pressing the F button. Heartbeat rate plays a very important factor, if you heartbeat is low enough you can hold E to empty your lungs and slow time for a bit (at very low beat rates) or aim properly adjusting for gravity and wind. Hold E to aim and the red rhombus reticle that shows is the place where the bullet has the most chance of hitting.

After you kill the General, enemies start coming out of cover. Kill them one at a time and keep an eye on your heartbeat. Turn back and go out the same way you came in. When you come to the balcony, kill the enemy below and fall down the stairs to the left and walk down to the right. Go back to the wall you crawled below earlier - you hear something. Quickly run backwards and look to the left to see another wall you can go below from. Take cover and throw a rock near the door ahead to lure enemies inside and kill them. Then cross the street gu up the stairs and move till you come to a blasted section of wall with enemies on the ground ahead. Take cover by the low wall and kill the enemies ahead and after they are dead, vault over the wall and move out.

Target: Dr Gunther Kreidl
Objective: Employ lethal tactics to recover documents holding indormation about the location of V2 facility
Location: Schoneberg
Difficulty: 5/10

We start off our campaign now, kill the soldier to the left and move onto the streets. Take cover behind a vehicle and kill the enemies to the left and move there. Go right and you come to a door to the right. Go in and up the stairs and kill the enemy ahead. Fall down from the area to the right.

Now, go right as far as you can and look out the window ahead thru your binoculars. You can tag the targets  you see by left clicking - this will make the targets much easier to spot. There's a machine gunner in the building to the left just across the street - kill him first and clear the streets and move ahead.

The yellow icon leads to a broken section of wall in a building, climb the wall and kill the enemy ahead. Go further in and when you are near a window, use your binoculars and tag and shoot again. Move onto the street after that picking up the ammo that comes at the edge of the wall to the right and as you come onto the street there are a few enemies to the right.

The next marker takes you to a crate with two explosives and some other useful stuff. There's a sniper up on top floor of the the building to the right ahead.

Go to the next location to the left to plant the first explosive. Then move onto the street to the left and you see a truck which is where you need to place the next bomb. There are soldiers in the room to the right of the truck and another one comes from the left. Place the charge on the truck an run back.
At the end of the road, go into the building to the left and walk up all the way - you come across two soldiers so try to stay crouched and kill them. At the top you come to a book shelf and a wall which you need to climb.
The truck holding the target comes by. Shoot the explosive when the car is just beside the explosiive truck. Kill the target and a tank comes from the left. There's a fuel tank on it at the back, if you shoot the red lid on the fuel then the tank explodes. Kill everyone on the street and in the building to the left and go forward and onto the street.
Search the target you killed for the intel and  move ahead to exit this area.

Target: Three Scientists of the V2 program
Objective: Kill the remaining three scientists of the V2 program to put an end to the prodution of further V2 rockets
Location: Kohnstein Mountain Range
Difficulty: 7/10

Go up the watch tower to the left and kill the soldier. You should be hearing someone on a loudspeaker. When you shoot while this guy is speaking, your shot will not be heard. From the top, kill the guard in the watch tower to the far right ahead.

Then kill the three on the ground behind the gate and go back down.

You can enter the compound from the right side. You may come across more soldiers as you enter. You need to go to the left. At the end there's two guards - one manning a mounted gun to the right of the entrance into the facility. Kill and move in. You should see three targets now. Look at your map - M. You will see where the three targets are. Follow your map so that you can reach the targets faster and easier. Note that there are dozens of enemies in the area so be very careful and try not to draw much attention. Distract them with the rocks you have and kill them one by one with your silenced pistol if possible. After you place the three explosives, proceed to the next marked area - you will encounter more enemies while going there.

A cutscene shows after you reach the office and you are in a world of trouble. There are atleast fifteen enemies in the area ahead. Kill the guy who spotted you first - to the left. Take cover from here itself and clear the area. After the place is empty, move out and again, with the help of your map get out of the facility.

When you get out and run to the gates which are now open, a jeep carrying more enemies comes by. Cover behind the wall to the left or right and take your time in killing them. Run out of the area to end this.

Target: Bridge leading to Kaiser-Friedrich Museum
Objective: Stop Russian Tanks from getting to the Museum
Location: Museum island, Berlin
Difficulty: 7/10
You fall into a narrow path between walls when you move ahead. There's an enemy right around the corner, throw a rock infront of you to get him to come and be ready to shoot. As you move ahead you come to a gate. The road is filled with enemies ahead, take cover behind the gate. There's a sniper on top of the building to the right and in the building straight ahead. Take them out first and then clear the road. Move ahead after that and go into the building to the left at the end of the road.
Go down the stairs and you soon come to a room with two enemies inside, you can use a grenade to flush them. Go out the broken wall and you come to another narrow path and the moment you turn the corner you can see an enemy going into the building, you can kill him if you aim quickly. Move ahead and go where he was going go up the stairs since the yellow marker is pointing to a room which is above us. You come across a guard in consequtive rooms and the last room has two guards. Go to the left and pick up the MOSIN-NAGANT.
Go back down the same way you came - down one flight of steps and exit the building. Take cover to the left or right and if you look ahead, you will see about five enemies. Start shooting and kill everyone who comes infornt of you. There's a sniper on a buulding to the left a few buildings ahead and if you look carefully, the building past the river far ahead has another sniper on top. After killing them, walk ahead and go into the building to the left and come out below the bridge. Jump onto the pipes and plant the two explosives. Cross the pipes and jump up. Jump up into the building to the right and you are inside the Kaiser-Friedrich Museum.
The museum is absolutely filled with enemies. The one ahead is sleeping and one is resting on the door. Kill the one near the door first with the pistol and then the one to the left. Before you go from one room to another, take cover beside the door and throw a rock to see if there's a guard ahead. If there is a guard then he will come to the place where you threw the rock and you can take him out. If you look into your map you will see that the stairs are to the far left of this area so you need to cover the whole museum before you can get to the stairs.
After you climb the stairs you come to a room with three enemies. Now, how you  handle things is your wish but I just planted two mines near the door and threw a rock to catch their attention and they practically blow themselves up. Go into the next area and climb the wooden structure at the end - also, before you climb the wood just plant a trip wire a few paces back. Get up onto the roof now and as soon as you do so, you will see tanks ahead. Shoot the explosives when the soldiers are passing on the bridge to kill them - this will lessen the number of soldiers we need to take out later and also there is no need to destroy the tanks as they can't go anywhere. But, another tank comes in from the left on the fields. Aim at it's fuel cap and shoot. Kill everyone on the road and walk back to the wood structure you used to climb up here. If you place the trip wire properly then you should see some fun. Go down and move ahead. You will see an opening in the wall to the right. First look at the building to the left and kill the guy in it. Then clear the road below and jump down onto the road.
Move ahead and at the end, go into the debris to the right and come out the other way and take cover immediately. Kill the rest of the enemies from here. There are two enemies one mounted turrets far ahead - to the left and right. Kill them and move ahead. The building to the right after the debris building has two snipers and the building to the left of that one has another inside. Kill them all and run to the yellow marker to get to the next place.

Target: Extract Schwaiger to safety
Objective: Save Schwaiger from being executed and learn about the V2 program
Location: Mitte, Berlin
Difficulty: 8/10
Move to the street ahead and look to the left. Take cover behind a vehicle and look thru your binoculars.
You should see three Germans patrolling the place far ahead. Tag them and shoot them. Move to the place they were patrolling and just before that area look to the right and go into the lane. There's a open door to the left far ahead. Go in and the next room has two more enemies. You will get a message on the screen saying that you need to clear out the whole plaza.
Now, if we were to make our way thru the area slowly then I would have advised caution but if we do not, not all enemies come out as a result of which - we may not be able to spot all of them adn kill them. So just move to the right most side of this building and place mines to the left near the door you took and behind on the stairs case so that no one sneaks up behind you. Start making a rukus and kill the ones ahead and make sure everyone heard it. Another horde comes at you. Kill them quick and when they stop coming move out slowly. There is a sniper on the building to the left ahead, two in the building straight ahead and one more on the first floor of the building we need to go into. Kill them and make your way into the building.
The yellow marker is at the end of the second floor. Go there and you see that Schwaiger is about to lose his brains - literally! Kill the office first and then the two soldiers. Move to the left here to another window so that you can look at the left side of the road. Make sure you kill all of them before they get to the doctor. You always need to keep an eye ahead of where Schwaiger is going. this way you can take out enemies as soon sa they appear. Schwaiger move into the building to the left and more enemies come at him as soon as he goes inside. On the first floor there's an enemy who comes from a door to the right - kill him and the rest come from the left and then more in the upper floor. Move left again and as Schwaiger is coming on the street the door of the building ahead at the lower part opens revealing more enemies. Just keep killing them and make sure Schwaiger makes his way into the building you are in, then go down and meet him.
Come back to the first floor and go prone, be ready for a truck which comes from the right. It has russians in them and there are a lot of them too. Kill them as soon as they begin to come out and there's another truck that comes after this. Make sure none of them come near the building you are in or you may face some difficulties. After all the russians are killed we can talk to Schwaiger properly.

Target: Obtain the dropped munitions
Objective: Head into the church, locate and acquire the munitions which were sent
Location: Mitte, Berlin
Difficulty: 7/10
Move ahead and kill the enemies infornt of you. Then go to the wall of the building to the left and take cover. Peek to the right and see where the enemies are. There are two snipers here, one is on the building to the right and one on the building to the left which is on fire and has smoke coming.
Pick them out one by one and kill them. Move ahead and better take cover quickly because a tank is on the road ahead. If you cannot get a view of it's fuel cap then you better move ahead near the tank and take it out. If you move near it you will see another tank to the right and a lot of enemies. This tank may move so just wait till it stops to shoot it. You will spend a while here owing to the number of enemies in this area. There's a sniper in the building to the left and you can see him only if you move ahead a few steps from where the first tank is. Then move ahead and into the building, go right and come out the other way.
Once you are out again more enemies are just ahead. Kill them and beware of the sniper to the right on top. Move into the building to the right and then go into the church. Again, the church is literred with enemies so keep throwing stones and take them out. Move to the left part and go up the stairs and climb all the debris till you get to the marked place where you get a new rifle.
The Germans are attacking from three fronts. Go prone and kill the ones ahead, move back and go down the debris and you come to the next place. There's a truck here which you need to destroy in addition to the soldiers. Move to the right and beware here because one or two enemies may creep up from behind you. Destroy the tank that comes below and after all three fronts are destroyed, our only goal is to make it out of the church alive. There are a lot of enemies below and before you go down start plucking them out one by one from this floor. Even when you are down, make sure you move slowly and also use the rocks as a distraction. You can go to the exit by going prone and crawling below the debris to the left and the exit is guarded by two enemies. Kill them and get out of the church to the next mission.

Target: Col.Muller
Objective: Make it through the Russian front line and get to the Vantage Point to assassinate Muller
Location: Mitte, Berlin
Difficulty: 9/10
Distract the two soldiers in the room infornt of you by throwing a stone and then use your pistol. Move ahead and go up the metal stairs all the way. You will come to the upper section of the building. There are enemies on the path behind the door. Also, you will see more enemies in the lower floors. Take them out and move to the other side. Also look for the enemies on the lower level. Move to the other side and you will see another set of metal stairs going downwards. Go on them and if you did not kill anyone on this floor, check this floor and continue down the stairs. There's an enemy patrolling the room you come to in the lowest floor. Also, more enemies on the other side of the door. It's best to use rocks to distract them.
Go further and exit this area and you come to soldiers fighting. You ought to shoot the Germans who are on the other side first and then take out the Russians who are going towards the Russians. Take your time here since there are more enemies than you might think. Look carefully before you move ahead and then go up the metal stairs which come to the left. Go up the pile of debris to the left and jump into the building ahead. Now as you go, you will come to some stairs to the left but you ought to move ahead to the open window and use your binoculars to tag all the enemies ahead.
There are quite a few, look carefully and there are more to the right side. After you tag them, wait for the explosion sounds to occur and shoot them when you see the sound indicator so they don't find your position. After you take care of them go down the stairs and into the opposite building which all of them were guarding. 
Go up the stairs and note that there are a ton of enemies in the rom ahead. Throw a rock near the bottom of the stairs leading into the room and take cover near the wall which is near the first set of stairs and kill anyone who comes at the rock - you will have to kill a lot and even then some may still be inside. You can use a trip wire here. Go in and up the stairs on the other side. Again, enemies in the rooms and around the corridor, use the rocks to catch their attention. Move to the other side and you find stairs in a room leading up. Go up all the way and take cover near the low wall beside the stairs facing the door ahead. Start throwing rocks and killing - they just make it too easy for us. Go there and up the stairs to the left and up all the way. Go up again and this is the area you need to be very very careful about. There are a ton of enemies patrolling and you also have the sound cover for your sniper shots. You ought to keep the killing to the bare minimum here - only kill those who come across your path. You can get away from this place with just four kills and that is being tactical. Move to the other side - you may lose your way but look into your map. Go down the stairs on the other side and you will come to the kill room.
The target is straight ahead in the tower across you. You need only kill him, so use your binoculars to tag him only and take him out. The entire tower goes on full alert and you are going to have a long and hard time going down since our cover - the very essence of a Sniper is breached and the enemies are expecting us. You have to trace your path back the same way you came to outside the building. You won't have too hard a time inside the building - use your explosives to get them but the real battle starts when you reach the exit door. Some trucks brought in more soldiers and they cover the entire ground ahead. Try to get their attention with rocks - this place is going to take a while for us to cross but stick to it. Go prone on top of the stairs and try to stay in prone position as much as possible thru this entire area. You need to go to the left of the road ahead to exit this mission.

Target: Obtain intel
Objective: Infiltrate the Spec Ops Command Post and Obtain documents containing intel and exfiltrate
Location: Lichtenberg, Berlin
Difficulty: 8/10
Go to the other end of the road here and you come across two soldiers, kill them and go left and you come to the body of an airplane. Go straight from the plane and down the down - you come to a levelled road with a tank patrolling. If you see a tank then go back and wait for it to go around. Move in slowly and you ought to go into the house to the left of the level road. If you look into your map you will be here -
You ought to take cover near the wall facing the road which the tank is patrolling. Also, trap the two doors behind you. Stay heere itself and wait for the enemies to appear ahead. Be quick and you can kill them while they are running. After they stop coming. Walk slowly towards the command post and stay prone as you get close. There are two enemeis on mounted guns to the left and right of the door into the command post, kill them and continnue in.
You will face more enemies asa you enter the command post. Still, go in and take cover behing the pillar in the center and kill the enemes who are on the lanes to the left and right ahead. After they are killed, move in and you have one last target to kill who's holding the documents. Kill him and take them.
The Russian bring in a team of elite snipers. You will face two as you go along the long corridor to the exit of the command post. At the door you will face two more who come in and one is in the building far ahead. Now, you are on your own in killing the sniper - just be very slow to move from cover, make sure you check out everything with your binoculars before moving and also, look for the reflection from the scope of their guns. You have to eradicate the entire unit before you can move out of tis area. There are snipers who are all around the place so you will need to go back the path you took here - past the airplane too (to the right of the plane). After you kill everyone the mission comes to an end.

Target: Obtain two different pieces of intel
Objective: Infiltrate Wolff's Office and the Government Ministry building in central Berlin and obtain info on whereabouts of Wolff and the V2 launch site
Location: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin
Difficulty: 7/10
Move thru the broke down building and down onto the street. There's a tank ahead - destroy it first and first kill the enemies to the right side. You need to go around this road to the other side. Make your way slowly and when you reach the other side, more enemies appear ahead and to your right on the road you just took. Kill them and move ahead and you will come to a left lane. Take cover and kill the three enemies and go down into the subway tunnels.
After you come out, take cover ahead and shoot the enemies behind the cover of all the explosions. The Office is on the other side and you have to go there from the right. Kill quickly and slowly and take your time getting across. Go into the building and you will know where Wolff is. Now go back out and make your way to the other side where the Ministry office is located. You encounter fewer enemies but still - be careful, a truck comes up to you as soon as you get to the door of Wolff's office, then make your way across. There's a sniper in the building to the left -
In the Ministry building you get info on the V2 launch site, now to stop two mishaps from happening - first is to stop the missile from being launched and the second is to stop Wolff from breathing too long in this world.
But before all that, we need to escape another team of Snipers on the rooftops. This area is very interesting. You will encounter snipers at each step so be sure you killed everyone and only then move ahead. The snipers can be very tricky. If you want to learn their location properly then stick your head out for a second to see where the shots are being fired from then take them on. You can use your binoculars to look for and tag them making it easier to spot them. The video above should help you a lot in looking for the snipers.


Target: V2 Missile
Objective: Infiltrate the launch site of the V2 missile and destroy it
Location: Kopenik
Difficulty: 8/10
There are two guys ahead, one you can see right in front and the other is far ahead. Use your silenced pistol for now and move to the rigth side. Look to the right on the higher ground far away. You'll see cement bags and enemies behind mounted guns.
Take them out while maing sure you shoot only when the sound indicator is being shown. Move to the right but there are a lot of enemies to your left and also two more enemies show up on the mounted guns to the right. Kill them - take your time and go to where the marker is (TAB), you'll come to the trenches. At every turn of the trenches use your rocks to catch the enemy's attention and shoot them. Look at your map and you will see the path which you need to take.
Go in the path and you will come to a guard house to the left and more guards eventually to the right, after you go to the end of the lane turn left and kill the enemy far ahead and move in. There's a crawl space in the wall to the right, take it and move out.
You will be near the mouted guns and also a Sniper is aimng at you from the tall building far away.
Go further up the path and you will go thru a rail and to a small command center. You can throw a rock and kill the two guys who come out. Now, go in and you will need to defend this area. There's landmines in the ammo crate to the left. If you go downstairs you will come across an ammo crate with trip bombs. Booby trap the entire stairs case with all the trip wires and land mines. The enemies come out of the open section of the wall. You need to go up and wait below a window which is looking straight at the rocket. The rocket is slowly fuelling up adn it is being erected as it is being fuelled. The moment it is upright, the countdown begins. Till then, enemies keep coming from below and they may even die of all the traps you set but still more come in so be on the watch for them.
As soon as the rocked is fuelled, the countdown starts, look at the rocked thru the scope and shoot the fuel cap to destroy the V2 missile.


Target: Wolff
Objective: Kill the V2 scientist Wolff
Location: Brandenburg, Berlin
Difficulty: 8/10
Time to kill the big dog. As you move ahead you will come to a tent to the left. There is an enemy on the top floor of the building to the rigth which is directly opposite to the tent here. There's another one patrolling the road beyon the tent and a sniper on the wall directly behind the tent. Kill them and the two soldiers infront of the tent and take cover behind the tent. Kill everyone to the left side far across the road. Move ahead and go thru the building. There's an enemy near the door to the left and another one on top where you need to climb. Go thru and you come to the street again, now go in the building to the left and fall down the hole to come to the square.
After you are in the square, not that there are two enemies to the left, one tank straigth ahead. A sniper in the building ahead, another sniper in the building to the right behind you who shows up as you pass it and a whole unit of enemies far right ahead patrolling the building we need to go in to. Shoot only behind the cover of the sound made by the explosions. Make your way to the right ever so slowly and alway keep an eye open. Go into the building shown by the marker (TAB) and climb all the debris to the top of it.
You see that Wolff is escaping in a jeep. Crouch and wait for your heart beat to come down, then aim and shoot the guy.

And the war ends...


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