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Sniper Elite 3 Walkthrough: Siege of Tobruk

We're sniping and being elite. THIS IS SNIPER ELITE 3!

This is the first walkthrough for the Mission Siege of Tobruk. In this level you are basically just doing a tutorial, but it get's challenging in a hurry. 

First we learn to snipe by shooting two soldiers at the bottom of the hill. Run to the right and take out a AA gun by shooting it's gas tank. After that make your way up the hill and stealth kill two guards.

Move further up and take out 2 patrolling guards and then the 2 crewmen firing the mortars. Kill them simultaneously by shooting the ammo box at thier feet at the same time as they fire the mortars. the sound will mask your shot and you will kill them undetected. 

next make your way through at tunnel to the right killing the patrol that walks past and then the guy in the camo tent. Make a right and kill the men in this area by using the mortar shots to mask your rifle shots. 

Head back through the tent area and kill the other patrols and 2 more mortar stations.

The last one will trigger a cutscene and an exit will be opened to leave the level. Head out and continue your liberation of Afrika, you just got trained! 

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