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Skylanders SuperChargers Guide: Portal Master Rank Powers detailed

You'll want the benefits from upgrading your rank

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Skylanders SuperChargers Guide: Portal Master Rank Powers detailed

Rank 51

Fiery Fuel, Freezing Backlash

Rank 52

Land Armor, Sea Armor, Sky Armor

Rank 53

Land Speed, Sea Speed, Sky Speed

Rank 54

Radiant Recovery, Curse of Darkness

Rank 55

Tailwind, Earthen Guard

Rank 56

Land Acceleration, Sea Acceleration, Sky Acceleration

Rank 57

Land Handling, Sea Handling, Sky Handling

Rank 58

Land Weight, Sea Weight, Sky Weight

Rank 59

Technical Analysis, Mystical Barrier

Rank 60

Overgrowth, Curse of Undeath, Fiery Fuel, Freezing Backlash, Radiant Recovery, Curse of Darkness, Tailwind, Earthen Guard, Technical Analysis, Mystical Barrier

Rank 61

Nightmare Power, Nightmare Armor

Rank 62

Nightmare Critical, Nightmare Speed

Rank 63

XP Gain, Gold Gain

Rank 64

Nightmare Armor, Nightmare Steed

Rank 65

Nightmare Power, Nightmare Critical

Rank 66

Fiery Desperation, Freezing Desperation

Rank 67

Stormy Desperation, Rocky Desperation

Rank 68

Bane of the Open Road, Bane of the High Seas, Bane of the Blue Skies

Rank 69

Skylander Healer, Mechanical Genius, Overdriver, Skylander Commander

Rank 70

Metallic Desperation, Mystical Desperation

Rank 71

Vigorous Desperation, Necromantic Desperation

Rank 72

Nightmarish Offense, Nightmarish Defense, Elite Training, Crisis Training

Rank 73

Luminous Desperation, Shadowy Desperation

Rank 74

Skylander Tutor, Prodigous Pilot, Peak Training, Improved Shields

Rank 75

Fiery Desperation, Freezing Desperation, Stormy Desperation, Rocky Desparation, Metallic Desperation, Mystical Desperation, Vigorous Desperation, Necromantic Desperation, Luminous Desperation, Shadowy Desperation

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