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Skylanders SuperChargers Guide: How to acquire all Portal Master Emblems

You're only as good as your bling, as they say

Skylanders SuperChargers Guide: How to acquire all Portal Master Emblems

If you're the type who enjoys a visual representation of your progress and various milestones, then Skylanders SuperChargers has you covered with Portal Master Emblems. These will continually update as you make various progress through the game, and some (that pulsate gold) will earn you Stardust as a reward. Stardust is an important material which will upgrade your Portal Rank.

Let's take a look at all the Portal Master Emblems, and how to acquire them:


Complete each level on any difficulty mode (13)

Treasure Hunter

Collect Epic Treasure Chests (3/6/10/14/19/24/31/40/50/66)

Sky Pilot

Earn Stars in Sky Races (1/5/10/25/43)


Earn Stars in Sea Races (1/5/10/25/43)


Earn Stars in Land Races (1/5/10/25/43)

Shooting Star

Earn Stars in Missions (1/3/5/8/11/14/18/22/27/33)


Collect Soul Gems (1/3/5/8/11/14/18)

Card Battler

Win Skystones Overdrive games (1/3/5/8/11/15)


Defeat Enemies (50/150/300/525/825/1200/1650/2200/2900/3750)

Tag Team

Complete Missions with other players (1/3/5/8/11/15)

Gate Smasher

Complete Elemental Gate zones in the Academy (1)

Speed Racer

Participate in Online Races (1/3/5/8/11/15)


Collect all 3 Sparks in each Live Wire Lock (1/3/5/8/11/15)

Relic Seeker

Collect Skystones, Kaos Diaries, and Legendary Treasures (4/10/20/32/44/58/74/92/116/150)


Collect Vehicle Mods (4/10/20/30/42/56/72/88/106/126)

Mad Hatter

Collect Hats (4/10/24/40/60/86/118/158/206/266)

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