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Six months later, is PS4 worth buying?

Six months into the PlayStation 4’s life

It’s been six months since Sony launched the PlayStation 4. How’s it been doing?

Pretty darn good, if I do say so myself; highlighted by a spectacular press conference at E3, the PS4 has enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive public opinion. Sony’s commitment to delivering games, games, and more games from the get-go has paid off in dividends, giving their system a healthy lead early on in the “console race.” But favorable opinion can only go so far; is the thing even worth buying?

Well … about that …

If you’re looking for the next-generation of experiences from Sony, then you’ll be pleased with the PlayStation 4. That’s all it’s pretty much been so far; enjoyable but safe games, lots of sequels, and experiences you can find elsewhere. In terms of games that are 100% exclusive/cannot find anywhere else period, you have Knack and Infamous: Second Son. Again, enjoyable but safe games; they’re not going to move systems on their own.

This is far from concern, though. Heck, this is actually par for the course after a console launch. You’ll get your launch games, your launch window blockbuster, and then before you know it, E3 has begun and you’re dreaming of new goodies for your neglected toy. Sony is doing their best to avoid that situation though, thanks in part to the combination of continued independent developer support and seamless transition of the Instant Game Collection to their new console.

Personally, I’ve always turned my PS4 on since I picked one up on a whim. Then again, I’m a huge baseball addict and need to get my fix. Since things aren’t going so smoothly for my Red Sox, I’ve been trying to make a name for myself in MLB 14: The Show. Before you ask why I’m not doing that on my Xbox One or Wii U, it’s because I can’t. The PS4 is the only place you can pick up a baseball simulator. Well, that and the PS3/PS Vita. Sufficed to say, The Show isn’t reason enough to run out and pick up a console.

Is there any reason to run out and pick up a PS4? Not just yet, but the PlayStation 4 is a still a solid investment for any Sony fan. Is there enough to warrant a purchase? Definitely not, but that day is drawing closer and closer. 

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