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Should you buy GTA V or Saints Row IV?

GTA 5 vs Saints Row 4

Los Santos or Steelport? It's been a while since their releases, but you still haven't made the plunge. In the wake of both Saints Row IV and Grand Theft Auto V, comparisons are bound to be drawn between the two. Which one is better? Are you going to explore both? The clear-cut answer to this question might be yes, if your pockets happen to overflow. For the rest of us, questions must be asked -- which one are you going to enjoy more? Lucky for you, we've got a handy guide to figuring out which game you're going to want to pick up depending on what type of gamer you are. In the end, if you want to pick up both, you'll at least have left considerably more educated. And that's a public service that we, dear readers, do just for you.


Sandbox/Open World Gameplay

This may seem like a no-brainer -- both Grand Theft Auto V and Saints Row IV are considered sandbox games. Go anywhere and do anything and the like -- it's common knowledge. However, Steelport and Los Santos are two very different cities. The virtual Steelport of Saints Row IV is the same world you may already have explored in Saints Row: The Third, only blanketed in darkness. While you can explore the city to your leisure, it's a lot smaller than you may realize. Coupled with the fact that the only real landmarks are missions and clothing/item/automobile shops, there's not a whole lot to do, and most of the time you'll be taken to different locales to carry out missions.

Saints Row IV

Los Santos, on the other hand, is a multifaceted city with day and night cycles, and every mission you participate in is carried out in the game world. On paper, it's an easy decision, but for some players more choices spell out doom for a completed single-player campaign. Consider your play style. Do you have difficulty concentrating on story missions? The better choice would be Saints Row IV. You're not required to fulfill side missions across Steelport to stay on rack, and story missions are always at the forefront of mission selection. Are you more concerned with stealing a car, gallivanting around town, and casually causing chaos? GTA V will tickle your fancy. You'll find that while both offer options for open world play, each has different strengths.


How goofy do you want to be when you tackle sandbox games? Are you looking for a story you can relate to or are you ready for over-the-top action with ridiculous scenarios? Again, this is where the similar games diverge, taking completely different paths. Humor is integral to the Saints Row experience, from the tacky costumes to the raunchy jokes. It's a nonstop barrage of silliness, with massive sex toys as weapons, dubstep guns, and mascot outfits that can be worn in cutscenes.


On the flip side, GTA V is occasionally hilarious, but the focus is undoubtedly ob story over joke-a-minute humor. There's an inherent grittiness amongst every expletive and radio advertisement about hand sanitizer that strips off the top layer of your skin. Three intertwining narratives will eventually converge, and you'll be privy to the private moments and trials of the three male protagonists. For balls-out wackiness and full-throttle comedy, Saints Row IV has you covered. For narrative spliced with humor and drama, you'll want Grand Theft Auto V.

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