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Seven fighters we'd like to see in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale


Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale has finally been announced, and we're pretty eager to see whether Sony can put together a brawl fest that rivals the original: Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series. The big problem though is that Sony's roster just isn't shaping up so well, and though fan-favorites like Kratos are there, we've also got a bad guy from Killzone 2 and Fat Princess? Yuck.

Point is, there are plenty of awesome franchises which though not owned by Sony, owe their success to the PlayStation. That's why we're hoping Sony reaches out to some studios for the rights to use at least some of these classic gaming icons:

#7 - The Prince

Katamari Damacy made its mark on the PlayStation 2, and it's time for the little prince that could to do some serious damage. The focal point of this fighter will be his ever-growing ball of destruction. The Prince starts off each battle quite vulnerable, but letting him run around the stage and sweep up items and characters into his Katamari ball will turn him into a definite threat. Of course, he'll have the help of his special attack: summoning the King of the Cosmos himself to unleash the Royal Rainbow!

#6 - Alucard

Though the Castlevania series has been around for awhile, the PlayStation title Symphony of the Night is still remembered as perhaps the best Castlevania game of them all (okay, it was also on the Sega Saturn, but nobody cares about the Saturn anyhow). That's why we want to see Drac's son make his appearance in All-Stars. Obviously it'll be a bit weird if both Alucard and Dante make it in, but hopefully the two pretty boys can share hair-bleaching tips before squaring off.  

#5 - Jill Valentine

As much as we love Leon Kennedy, that jerk snubbed the PlayStation 2 when Resident Evil 4 first debuted on the Gamecube. Not to mention that the male-heavy roster could definitely use a few female faces. Claire starred in both Resident Evil and Resident Evil 3, both debuting on the original PlayStation. Not to mention that she's shown off her fighting abilities in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and it's time for her to take the stage once more. Though some might think it's unfair for her to be packing heat, if we have our way, she won't be the only one carrying a firearm...

#4 - Dante

Though Devil May Cry has gone multiplatform, the original DMC was a Playstation 2 exclusive, and one of the most awesome original franchises from that generation. Though the white-haired demon we've grown to love is being retired, no reason we can't give this classic brawler one more shot at glory. With his dual-pistols and devastating sword, Dante is clearly capable of some serious ground game, and it'd be awesome to see him pitted against this next swordsman...

#3 - Cloud Strife

Perhaps the most important RPG of all time, Final Fantasy VII helped introduce the genre to millions of fans, and the game's spikey-haired protagonist remains one of gaming's most beloved characters. We've already seen Cloud's fighting abilities in both Ehrgeiz and the Dissidia series of fighting games, so it's clear that he knows how to brawl. Assuming Square agrees, it would also be awesome to see summon materia as an in-game item. Wouldn't you love to toss out Shiva like one of Smash Bros' pokeballs?

#2 - Solid Snake

This one seems a bit unlikely, seeing as how Nintendo already introduced this legendary soldier into the competing Smash Bros. series. Still, everybody knows that Metal Gear Solid has always been a PlayStation franchise at heart, with Twin Snakes being the only game exclusive to a non-Sony system. Hell, if Solid Snake is busy fighting Mario, we'd be happy with Naked Snake, aka Big Boss. Or how about Raiden, who's slated to star in Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance? Seems like an awesome promotional opportunity!

#1 - Grand Theft Auto III Thug

If any game truly defined the Playstation 2, it was Grand Theft Auto III, the game which turned a generation of children into sadistic sociopaths who murder hookers. Oh wait, that didn't actually happen. Hmm...

Point is, even without a name, the protagonist of GTA III won a place in our hearts, and it's time for him to take his thugging skills to a bigger stage. You might think the average criminal would have trouble facing off against a legion of super-powered foes, though with the help of his impressive arsenal (sniper rifle, rocket launcher, baseball bat) he shouldn't have much trouble. Then there's his special attack, jacking one of the cars from Gran Turismo and slamming it into the competition. Better stay out of his way!

In summary...

So, those are our picks for seven fighters who deserve a slot in Playstation All-Stars' roster. Do you agree with them, or have you got some favorites of your own who you'd like to see slug it out? Let us know!

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