Seeing the sights of Dragon*Con 2012

We had the opportunity to attend Atlanta's ultimate fantasy convention, Dragon*Con. The halls were sprawling with tons of people, many of which were dressed up in awesome costumes, tons of booths were set up with a myriad of items to buy, and even celebrities showed up to meet and greet with fans.

The convention is absolutely huge, taking place across five different hotels, and offered just about anything for everyone. Wanted to LARP? You had that opportunity! Maybe you wanted to sit down to play a game of D&D or any of the other epic board games. You could do that too. The fact is, whatever your geeky heart desired, you could bet you'd find exactly what you're looking for at Dragon*Con.

In our video, we were able to walk through the many convention rooms, checking out all the amazing cosplay and merchandise, and even got a special guest clip from Chris Sabbat, who can be known as the Nolan North of Anime. Although he has voiced a ton of various Anime and Video Game characters, he's most known for his voice of Vegeta and Piccolo among many others from Dragon Ball Z.

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