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Season's greetings from your favorite Publishers and Developers

The month of December is fantastic for many reasons. Sure it's no November as far as game releases go, and Black Friday is long gone but it's time to get into the Holiday Spirit, make a cup of hot cocoa, turn on those Christmas songs, and get some sweet Holiday cards.

It's no different when it comes to the gaming world. During this time of year, we also get a bunch of Holiday cards from our favorite developers and publishers, and we're going to share them with you. 

NIS America

NIS America

Something tells me she was a bit unprepared for the coldness of winter. Nevertheless, great card from NIS America with signatures from all of its members.



Sometimes simple is better. You might not be getting the full effect since the music isn't playing, but at least we get most of our favorite Atlus characters/franchises displayed here. Now just give me Persona 5 Atlus!

D3 Publisher


Opting for a less character, more Holiday themed card, D3 is the publisher behind games like Adventure Time, Regular Show and Earth Defense Force series.



A pretty much perfect Holiday card from the studio that brought you Guacamelee! and the amazing Tales of Space: About a Blob.

Atelier Team


Expect Newton in 2014!

Neocore Games

Neocore Games

Here, accept this puny present from this nightmarish creature.

Paradox Interactive


Sealed, delivered. Now off to play some War of the Vikings, because nothing says Christmas like bashing another dude's skull in with an axe.



Ah the personal touch. We see enough games all year, it's nice to see the faces behind the all of the emails we get.

Image & Form

Steamworld Dig

From the studio that brought you SteamWorld Dig, a Steamworld Dig Holiday card! 

Stolen Couch

So festive and blocky. If the Holidays were like this on a deserted island, I wouldn't mind being a castaway. Wilson!!!!



Zombies like the Holidays too you guys. Just pop a Santa hat on their head and boom, festive!

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

To be fair, this was an animated e-card with music, so a picture won't do it full justice. No WB characters adorned this e-card, but they got the message across. Thanks WB!



Aw, look at 'em. Humans, Dwarves, Goblins, they're all friends during the Holidays.

Mike Splechta GameZone's Editor-in-Chief, retro game enthusiast, savior of kittens. Follow me @Michael_GZ
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