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SDCC 2013: Evil Dead Trivia with Joe Moses


Sadly, the 2013 Comic-Con International: San Diego comes to a close today -- but not before we post about a giveaway we held while at the event. Over four days, Joe Moses helped us ask Comic-Con attendees trivia questions to win a free Blu-Ray of Evil Dead.

Even better, YOU have a chance to win a free copy of Evil Dead on DVD. By simply retweeting this article with the hashtag "#EvilDeadSDCC2013" you'll be entered to win. Remember to follow @GameZoneOnline so that we can direct message you if you won.

While you're at it, feel free to play along by answering the questions below.

Question 1: The director and producer of the Evil Dead series, Sam Raimi, is from which midwestern state?

Question 2: In the movie Evil Dead, what is the name of the book that brings the evil to life?

Question 3: Who was the director of the original Evil Dead who is also a producer on the new version?

Question 4:  In the remake of Evil Dead, how many gallons of fake blood were used?

So how'd you do? Let us know in the comments below.

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