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Ryse: Son of Rome cheats: Scrolls locations guide

Ryse: Son of Rome

What game is complete without collectables? Ryse: Son of Rome has exactly this in various forms. In this article, we’re going to be looking at the locations where the game’s scrolls are hidden. There are a total of 27 scrolls hidden across the various levels. This guide will show you where each and every scroll is located.

With that said, let’s get started:

The Beginning:

Scroll #01: From the center of the bridge, jump to a tiny platform. Climb up, go left, search the dead body.


Scroll #02: You’ll reach a small courtyard. Connected to said courtyard, is an alley with a green glowing corpse in it.

Scroll #03: Meet with some soldiers that swear to protect your father. When close to your father, look left and you’ll see a Lion Fountain with a dead body next to it with the scroll.

Trial by Fire

Scroll #04: At the start you’ll see a wrecked ship. Go to the back of the ship and you’ll find the scroll.

Scroll #05: Drop down from the ship where you got Scroll #4. Defeat all the enemies and collect the scroll in front of you.

Scroll #06: When you get to the part where you make a formation with troops against the archers, there will be a body in front of you with the scroll on it.

Scroll #07: Drop down from the bridge and head towards the stairs. Climb the stairs and watch the right side for a body with the scroll.

The King

Scroll #08: You’ll know you’re there when you see Roman soldiers hanging from trees. Defeat the foes the foes that attack you and head towards the waterfall. There you’ll see the corpse and scroll.

Scroll #09: When you see tons of dead bodies head towards the structure nearby. Climb the structure and there will be a scroll to the right.

Scroll #10: After killing the archers on the bride, go to where they were and there will be a dead body with a scroll.

Scroll #11: Take the elevator twice to get to a platform. Along an incline you’ll find a corpse and scroll.

Edge of the World

Scroll #12: Beat the crap out of some Minotaurs, this will take you to some archers. You’ll find the scroll by a bunch of scrolls.

Scroll #13: After releasing the first group of prisoners, head down the hill to the left of a fire, there you will find the scroll.

Scroll #14: Battle through formation towards the ravine, go through the gate, and behind the tree you’ll find the scroll.

Scroll #15: Now that you’ve freed the third group of prisoners, you’ll see a gray shack. Outside this structure will be a scroll.

PAX Romana

Scroll #16: After the count house fight, look for two houses next to each other. There you’ll find a little fenced in area once you reach the ground. This is where the scroll will be.

Scroll #17: Don’t kill the barbarian archers yet,  look to the left and grab the scroll.

Scroll #18: Inside the burning building, look to the left, scroll.

Scroll #19: At the end of the docks, there will be a scroll by the edge of the water.

The Wrath of Nemesis

Scroll #20: When you come across people crying and praying, head left to a guy crying over a dead body with a scroll.

Scroll #21: Tons of dead bodies again, this time go right and you’ll find the scroll.

Scroll #22: Near the palace entry, look left and by the wheels you’ll find a scroll.

Scroll #23: After leaving the ship heading towards the arena, head towards the front of the ship, near some rocks you’ll find a corpse with a scroll.

Son of Rome

Scroll #24: Climb the stairs and kill some barbarians. Go right towards a closed door. Inside you’ll find the scroll.

Scroll #25: From the room in scroll #24, leave the room and move down the incline made by a collapsed pillar. Down the pillar you’ll find another ramp with the scroll.

Scroll #26: When you’re in a room with red draperies, look to the left – scroll.

Scroll #27: Right after the elephant stampede, you will head down a stairway. There you’ll find the scroll near a ruined stairway.

Good hunting!

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