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Ryse: Son of Rome cheats: Infinite XP


Have you been enjoying Ryse: Son of Rome? Do you want to exploit the hell out of it? If you answered yes, boy do I have the glitch for you. How about infinite XP/ Valor Points? You’ll have to put a little work into it like anything good in this world – even for you cheater types. This trick will only require time though, nothing difficult.

Choose the ‘Trial by Fire’ map and be sure to set your XP bonus using the right button the D-Pad. When you reach the check point where ships are crashing on shore and there are just waves of dudes trying to kill you, you’re reached your destination. Now just slaughter all the enemies around you while keeping your chain as high as possible. To maximize XP even further, turn the difficulty up and you’ll get more per kill. Now that the carnage is over, walk towards the fort and have arrows murder you. When you respawn, you’ll be at the killing field again with all the XP you already reaped. Rinse and repeat until your thirst for blood has been quenched.   

Use this XP to get a powerful early start, learn all the finishes, and unlock everything and whatever you want. Enjoy!

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