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Rumor: Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia HD Remake Trilogies Coming to PS3


Big news PS3 fans, big news. Well, okay, it's a rumor. And it comes from France. But it's still big. And could be real. It's a rumor. But it could be real, because most rumors turn out to be real, right? And when they're based on an Amazon listing - that's like, instant street cred. Right?

Here's the rumor, folks: the PS3 is getting both a Prince of Persia Trilogy and Splinter Cell Trilogy HD makeover sometime this year.

Wait, what??? Splinter Cell on the PlayStation 3? It's true.

Amazon France has listings on its site for a Splinter Cell Trilogy and a Prince of Persia Trilogy, and both are listed for the PlayStation 3 with a November arrival date. Furthermore, according to the listing they will be fully remade in HD much like God of War was redone recently.

Awesome? Yes.

The news comes via TheSixthAxis, who first spotted the Splinter Cell listing. Soon enough their forums also revealed a Prince of Persia listing. Finally, and this is a real kicker, a commenter added that he had access to a "pre-order book" that included the Splinter Cell Trilogy.

Splinter Cell has been exclusive Xbox property from the beginning, which is unfortunate for PlayStation 3 gamers. After all, the game series has been highly praised for its stealth gameplay, action, and beautiful graphs. An HD remake of the Xbox originals for the PlayStation 3 would mark an amazing opportunity for PlayStation faithful to finally get their hands on the game on their favorite consoles.

The reason behind the HD remakes, if they are real, could be the increasing popularity of the PlayStation 3. Since the price of the PS3 was cut after the Slim line was introduced, sales have soared and the platform has seriously cut into the Xbox 360's dominance of the HD console market.

The rumor also doesn't seem totally out of whack since both Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell are Ubisoft properties.

Frankly, Prince of Persia would look fantastic with an HD remake as well, since, along with Splinter Cell, it was a standout series on the last-generation of consoles. Seeing it in HD glory would be a sight to behold.

We'll keep our eyes on this rumor and let you know if there any updates, denials, or mixed messages. Also, keep in mind that Ubisoft is headquartered in France, and this rumor comes from Amazon's French website….all signs seem to point to it being legitimate. Mmmmmm….Splinter Cell on PS3….

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