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Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough


"And when the Seas ravaged them and the winds cursed them, he knew that nature itself was against The Pirates; which is why he smiled and roared for Rum as the Jolly Roger flew with gusto..."




Tacarigua Part 2
The Sword Coast Part 2
Caldera Part 2
The Island of the Dead


The walkthrough is continued in the next pages which can be accessed by the links at the end of the page...



You can view the in-game logbook but hitting L. It's the equivalent of a journal and lists all quests. If a certain quest has a map position attached to it then you can track the quest by pressing E and the position on the map is shown with a red X - this can be done for most quests and saves precious time.
The character menu consists of three main parts - Attributs, Talents and Skills.
Levelling up in this game is all about gaining Glory which you can do so by defeating enemies and completing quests. Afte you gain enough points you can level up an attribute and this in turn increases the talents related to the attribute.
The attributes of your charater are -
Blades - this directly increases the effectiveness of every other weapon than guns. So throwing knives, spears, epee's, swords and daggers are all related to this attribute. This is easily one of the most important attributes in the game.
Firearms - this increases the effectiveness of pistols, muskets and shotguns.
Toughness - This increases your proffing skills which result in lesser damage taken from blades and bullets. Also, this increases the intimudate skill.
Cunning - Probably the most important attribute. Cunning allows you to lockpick, pickpocket, persuade, sneak. And you will need to do all of that in good measure - probably as much as fighting if not more. You will encounter locked chests, doors and what not at every point in the game - there are probably a few hundred locked things having very useful stuff for us.
Voodoo - This is unlocked after a certain main mission (after you complete your missions in The Sword Coast).
Talents are related to attributes. For each level of attribute, the corresponding talent will have 5 points. Talents can also be increased by learning various skills from teachers around the world and by possessing legendary items and also some weapons / armor.
Slashing Weapons
Piercing Weapons
Throwing Weapons
Swords, Eppe's, Daggers, Spears, Sabers, etc and pretty much anything sharp and dangerous are related to these three talents.
Shotguns and Pistols are short range weapons and Muskets are long range.
The Bladeproof and Bulletproof skills are the ones which decrease the damage you take from enemies. Intimidate skill allows you to intimidate certain characters (in their dialogue options).
Dirty Tricks
Silver Tongue
You can employ certain tricks like throwing sand into the opponent's eyes and other such things by increasing your dirty skills. Thievery is directly related to pickpocketing and lockpicking. Silver Tongue is needed for persuasion and is important too.
Black Magic
Death Cult
All three are related to Voodoo and are useful during fights.
Skills can be unlocked only by learning them from teachers around the world by giving them gold. Even to upgrade a skill you need to have a certain level of the corresponding attribute.


--Until later in the game when we can unlock a talent which allows us to regenerate health automatically, we need to rely on provisions - which are food items to regenerate health. Each provision you eat gives a little health which regenerates health
--Always carry gorg or rum into tough fights and more importantly, place them in the quickslots.
--Skills like distilling gorg and rum ar also very useful.
--Whenever you are pursuing a quest, it is better to go into the logbook and track it. This way, you can view the places of interest on your map by an X mark.
--Always have a companion with you - Patty works great but Chani has the ability to heal you whenever our health is low.
--Provisions are very important although you need to wait for a certain time for them to heal you. Also, sleep whenever you can to regain health.
--You will not be able to open all chests or unlock all doors on your first walk by of a certain island so its better to come back after you have enough points in the thievery skill.
--Do not underestimate the usefulness of Voodoo and Dirty Tricks.
--You may not be able to level up all your attributes because you can gain only a limited amount of glory points so choose what the level up each time carefully.


Inquisition officer Juan comes over to our room and tells us that the Commandant wants to see us. Straighten up and look around in the room. You should be able to pick up 500 gold (very important) between the chest and the purse. Take all of the other food stuff here too which go into your provisions. Walk out of your room and you see Juan right in-front of you. Walk down the stairs to the left and you get to a prison cell with Largo inside.
If you speak to Largo (who is incidentally the first of the masters in the game), he mentions a little something about a warehouse nearby with stuff in it. He can teach you Sneaking for a mere 500 gold - give them to him and you get the ability to sneak. Go back to where Juan was standing and walk up the stairs to his left and you eventually come to the Commandant - Carlos. He lays out an elaborate plan and while you are at it you also see the main objective of the game - the Kraken. It seems that it attacked an unfortunate ship and Carlos asks you to go check out the beach for survivors. Go back down and the main gate is to the right of where Largo is being held. Speak to Juan here and head out.
Before you go to the right on the beach, you can go left and you come to a open warehouse guarded by a single guard straight ahead. Largo was speaking about this place earlier and you can sneak it to grab some stuff but then, go back and fall to the right of the beach and you meet Patty.
Go ahead and draw your sword. Kill the Devils here and speak to Patty who seems to have come on an important mission herself. You immediately see yourself back in your room.

Go back out side and walk down the stairs to the left. You see some troopers here training in the yard. The Commandant is in the room ahead - you should be able to see his fatness from outside. Just go ahead and walk into the Commandant's office. Speak to the two people here and it seems they have worked everything out between themselves. Carlos wants us to infiltrate the pirate's base. We are to go to Tacarigua with Patty and find Steelbeard and the weapon that can kill the Kraken. After the talking is done. Walk up the stairs to the left of this room and speak to the person here - Angus. He's the records keeper so just ask him for your salary and persuade him to give it to you by other means and he gives you 200 G.
Go back to your room and speak to Patty. She goes ahead and heads onto the ship. When you are ready, move onto the main gates and go left down to where the warehouse is and then right from there and get on the ship. Talk to the Captain who is on the structure to the left atop the stairs and then set sail for Tacarigua.


NOTE: You should do the Sturdy Clothes and A Map of Tacarigua quests first before doing anything else...

Skills Needed:-
Silver Tongue - 10
Already in a strange land... Walk straight ahead and you come to a trooper guards the entry to Tacarigua, move past him and the first person you need to speak to is Pedro who is to the left as you enter Tacarigua. As him about everything and he points to in all directions. For now, go to the right from here and look into the rightmost house (if the time in the game is day); if it's night then the person we need to meet - Osorio is sitting beside the barracks which is the room to the right of where Pedro is standing straight ahead. Speak to Osorio and he wants Patty to work for him. You can convince Patty to do the work only if you have your silver tongue stat increased to 10 points. You have 5 but you can get them to 10 if you can improve your CUNNING attribute - you can do so when you have 1000 Glory Points. So just talk to Patty after you have increased you cunning skill.
She agrees to work for Osorio and then he gives you another task.

You get this only after you convince Patty to work for Osorio. He needs us to deliver some Gorg to a guard near the sugar plantation. You can reach the plantation by going past Di Fuego - the governors manor... go straight past it and you can see a prison tower to the right, keep going and you can see a path downhill to the left and also the sugar cane plantation ahead. Go down all the way and talk to Gilles who is guarding the warehouse (you should sneak into the warehouse). He asks you to meet Thompkins who is just to the right of the warehouse. Thompkins then asks us to kill a Jaguar and a Prize Boar.

Di Fuego (you can meet him only after you do the Sturdy Clothes Quest) asks you to kill three Savages who are in the forest and get their heads back so that he can give you the prize of 300 G. You can find the Savages as you go past Vasco's Tower to the right into the Jungle. Alternately, you come across the Savages if you ask Largo to take you back to the Pirate's Den after you release him. Vasco's Tower comes to the right of the Prison Cell where Largo is being held. Just keep going straight and you come to the Tower.

Go straight past Thompkins for a while and when the main path turns right you should see a Prized Warthog. Kill it and before you go back to Thompkins - go right from here to meet the Jaguar. After you meet Thompkins - he asks you to take the meat to Osorio.

The Jaguar is roaming about in the area to the right of the Prized Warthog...
Kill a Jaguar - it may be difficult but you can just keep running around till you can use your gun again and keep shooting it till it falls...go back to Thompkins and give him the news.

You get this quest from Roquefort who is seen arguing with the captain of the ship which we just came on. He asks you to find the pirates and deliver the letter. You are to deliver the letter to Booze in the tavern of the Pirate's Den. After you give the letter to Booze, he gives you another letter to take back to Di Fuego and then you should pay some gold to Fuego. When Fuego refuses to pay you the money go to Roquefort - he challenges you to a Duel if you want the 100 G. He is a very tough fighter (he's the Sword Master who can teach you sword moves). To know where the Pirate's Den is just read the quests to come and after you know where Booze is you can talk to him then.

Skills Needed:-
You can meet Largo in the prison cell which come to your right as you go past Di Fuego's Mansion. There's a guard here but you can talk to Largo who has a few things to tell you. The first is that he needs his clothes back which include a Black Pearl Ear Ring, A Bandana and Boots. Also, Largo wants you to find Stone in the Pirate's Den and then show him the black pearl ear ring, then stone gives you a lockpick which you can take back to Largo. Upon giving Largo the Lockpick, he breaks from prison and the guard here attacks us. Just run away and speak to Largo and then follow him back to the Pirate's Den. You need to find the Pirate's Den first and also locate stone before you get the Lockpick so you can find the Den in the coming quests and then get back here to free Largo.
You need to get Largo back three of his things.
1) Boots - Just sneak into the Barracks which is the room where the guards sleep at night near Di Fuego's Mansion (it's the house to the right of the mansion). The boots are just on the ground - remember again that you need to be in sneak mode to get the boots.
2) Bandana - Go to the Sugar Cane Field (you can go there by moving past Di Fuego's house and walking straight past the prison cell and then go down the mountain path to the left). You should go there only during the day when you can find Riley. You can fight him and defeat him for the Bandana.
3) Black Pearl Earring - For this, you need to have the pickpocketing skill. You can learn the Pickpocketing skill from Largo but you need to get you Cunning attribute up enough so you can learn pickpocketing from Largo. Then just give the guard a Gorg and you get the earring automatically.
Before you give the earring to Largo, you need to go to the Pirate's Den (in the coming quests) and show it to Stone so that he can give you a lockpick to free Largo.

You get this quest after you find the Pirate's Den (you need to find the den from the coming quests and come back to this to do it). Just outside of the tavern near the campfire is a guy called Morris. Speak to him and he tells you about Booze's room guarded by Allistar and also tell you that he has a thing for Lola. Go to the left of the Tavern where you can see the stairs up. Lola is sleeping here in the room to the left, speak to her and give her a 100G to distract Allistar. Go up after she take him away and sneak into the door to the left and take all the thing here, you need a lockpicking skill of 90 to open the chest here and it contains one of the LEgendary Items in the game so you will need to come back for that later. You get a lot of stuff in this room which you can see for a great amount of gold to any merchant.
This is the first quest you need to do the moment you step into Tacarigua. If you go into Di Fuego's Mansion (the large house to the left after you enter Tacarigua) the guards inside won't let you see Di Fuego unless you have a shirt on.
You can get a shirt in two ways, the first is by buying one from the guard of the Prison Cell - Carter. You can get to the Prison cell by walking past Di Fuego's Mansion straight and the tower you see to the right is the cell. Buy one from Carter....
You can also get a shirt for free, go to the left as you pass Di Fuego's Mansion and you come to a small bunk house - this is the place where the farm workers of the Sugar Cane Plantation sleep at night. You can find "The World's Dirtiest Shirt" in this place.
Once you have a shirt on, go to Di Fuego and the guards allow you to pass this time.
One you can meet Di Fuego, you can pay him 100 G to get a map of the Island of Tacarigua - this is going to be very important since you need it to find stuff and places on the Island.

Skills Required (optional) :-
Silver Tongue - 15
Intimidation - 15
To make a progress in the game in any way we first need to find the Pirate's Den. Firstly, head to Vasko's Tower. You can go there by taking a right near the Prison Cell and keep going till you reach a tower - this place is shown on the map if you already acquired it from the Governor. Talk to Vasko and he tells you of two paths to the Pirate's Den.
The hard path is thru the Jungle - you can go thru the Jungle which is to the right of Vasko's house - simple go right and into the Jungle and go all the way till you get to the shoreline.
The other way is thru the Cave - go thru the Cave from now and you can go by the Jungle path later. The cave is to the left of Vasko's Tower. Go thru and you come to a Wooden Bridge, Walk left from the bridge and keep going and you will see someone to the left named Fence infront of a gate - this is marked on your map as the Large Gate. Fence will only allow you inside if you have enough Intimidation or Silver Tongue skills. If Fence does not allow you to go inside then just walk to the right of the gate till you reach the shoreline (beach). Walk on the endge of the shoreline to the left side and eventually you meet a guy called Blake. Walk past Blake inside and the first house to the left is of Stone - the guy you need to take the lockpick from for Largo. The large house in the middle is actually the local Tavern, you can go to the upper floors by using the stairs to the left of the Tavern. If you move past the Tavern looking to the right, you see a ship and it's none other than Steelbeard's ship. Get on it and speak to him.

Now we need to impress Steelbeard to be able to join his crew, you need to do 3 of the following 4 things to impress Steelbeard.
Steelbeard mentions that Booze would not load his ship with Rum because apparently, there is a shortage of stuff to make the Rum from.
You should go talk to Booze in the Tavern which is opposite to the Dock. Booze mentions that he cannot get water and sugar to make Rum so he asks us to take care of the two problems.
First thing is to get Sugar. Booze asks you to meet Jack who is in Jack's Lighthouse in the forest. Jack's Lighthouse is in the south east region of the island. You can go there by going right from Vasko's Tower and keep looking into your map to see if you are traveling south-east and you will come to his Lighthouse. Go inside and speak to jack about everything, he mentions something about Termites taking the Sugar.
To get back the seven Sacks of Sugar, just go to the right from Jack's Light house and down left onto the shoreline. You fight a lot of termites which is part of the quest below. To the left is a cave. Go inside the cave and kill the Termite Warrior, all seven bags are here itself. You should then take back the bags to Booze.
If you mark this quest from the logbook, then your map shows the location of each and every Termite on the beach. Just kill all the termites outside and then head into the cave to the left and kill the two Termite warriors inside the cave. Go back to Jack and tell him the good news.
Another obstacle is that Booze cannot get any water because the carriers are not getting him any. Go past the Tavern from the right and look to the right - you should come to a waterfall. All three water bearers are here. You can resolve the situation in three ways and I'll leave them to you. The carriers start carrying after that and you can go back to Booze who tells you that he is going fill up Steelbeard's ship.
If you speak to Booze, he wants you to follow Meeks because he is suspicious about who Meeks meets at night everyday.
If you speak to Booze at night, he asks you to follow Meeks and Meeks walks past you. Just walk from behind him till he gets to the beach.
Meeks turns out ot be a traitor. The Beast spots us so you need to kill both the Beast and also Meeks. Kill them and head back and tell Booze what happened.
Skill Required :-
Lockpicking - 10
On Steelbeard's ship, if you speak to the person on top to the left of where Steelbeard is standing, he tells you that you can open the chest which beard stole which is in the lower part of the ship. You can go there by walking into the rooms to the left or right of where beard is and walk down the stairs. The Chest is in the middle left of the ship - the side facing the sea. You need to learn the lockpicking skill(10) from Largo to be able to open the Chest.
You meet a guy called O'Brian inside the tavern to the right of where Booze is. First, buy one Painkiller from Booze and talk to O'Brian. You can ask him to play a drinking bet with you for his treasure map. You can either bet gold or the black pearl earring. When the match starts, just click on the bottles as fast as you can and you will win it. He then gives you the map. Look at your Logbook and mark this quest, then look into your map and you see cross where the treasure is.
To get the treasure, you need a shovel first. Go to the right of the tavern and up the stairs. Go to the right on the bridge from there and you meet a guy who is selling stuff including Shovel - also buy a Pickaxe from him. Go to the waterfalls where you spoke to the water carriers earlier and walk past it into the cave ahead and pass the cave. You will see an X mark on the ground to the left as you come out of the cave and walk a bit forward. Use your shovel here and you find 800G among other things in the chest.

Go back to Steel beard and tell him about all the things you did and you should be able to join him the moment you swear the blood oath.. You can then wear the pirate uniform you have and speak to Steelbeard to get off this Island and head to the next place.

Legendary Items

You need to read the book which is in the room to the left as you enter the Governor Di Fuego's mansion. You need to go to Antigua before you can do this.

You need to read the book which is in the first floor of the Tavern in the room where you meet Lola. You need to go to Antigua before you can do this.

Skill Required :-
Lockpicking - 90
You need to read the book which is in Jack's Light house. This item is in the Booze's Tavern in the room which is guarded by Allistar to the left in the third floor. The mirror is in a chest but you need a locking picking skill of 90 so you will need to come back here later in the game.

The Sword Coast

NOTE: Wherever you are, speak to all the people, if you choose to go to the Natives later in the game then just speak to everyone and the map of Sword Coast will be displayed automatically. If you go to the Inquisition, you can find a map in the Commandant's mansion.
You come into The Sword Coast in Steelbeard's ship and land. Steelbeard get to work immediately and talks about his plans. He mentions Crow and that we need to go to the pirate's tower in this area.

The Titan Weapon

You can go to the tower by taking the path up to the right of where you are currently standing. As you near the tower - save, because you get into a fight. Kill the four enemies and Steelbeard starts talking again. He gives us the choice of going to meet the inquisition or going into the jungle to meet the natives. Choose to go into the Jungle and follow him in.
NOTE: You can choose to go to the Inquisition or the Natives but I found that it's much better if you go to the natives as you will get a chanc to learn proper Voodoo and also you have more and better quests not to mention the treasures and secrets you find.
Follow him into the jungle and as you might have already guessed, you need to keep killing things on your way, it's mostly Monkeys. After a few fights, Steelbeard stops near a cave and asks us to check it out. The entrance to the cave is just to the right of where you are standing.
Enter the cave and go in, it's just a small cave, few meters in length, but as you go inside, you see a pirate and three savages. You may not have got the hang of fighting with the savages yet so just lure them back outside where Patty and Steelbeard are waiting for you. Kill them all and go into the cave to see if there's anything to pick up. There's a ore vein in the cave and a book which gives us the location of the a Legendary Item.
Talk to Steelbeard after you are done looking around and he leads you further into the Jungle, it's just the same enemies all over again but he stops to mention Blue Claws - a new kind of enemy. They are just like the regular claws but are bigger and nastier. He wants you to be the fool and lure the Blue Claws into an ambush. There are three of them straight ahead, just go to them and get them to follow you back to where Steelbeard and Patty are standing. Talk to Steelbeard again and he takes you to the final part before you reach the natives.
You come to a part of the river that is flowing in this region and cross it. After you cross the river, Steelbeard asks you to continue and says that he will wait with Patty near the Pirate Tower.
Go ahead and you will come to the Guard outside the village - Masaru. He speaks to you, just walk past him after you talk to him into the village. The village is only a small area with a large fire in the center and the Tribals around it. Each of the people and Tribals here have something to say so make sure you speak to all of them. They will sell stuff to you if you do the quests they give you and all of them here sell stuff needed to do Voodoo.

The Sword Coast

Skill Needed :-
Lockpicking - 25
Jim's the drinkard on top of the steps to the left of the central fire. Behind Jim is a Chest which needs you to have the Lockpicking ability at 25. Open the Chest and you find a map in it - showing the location of Jim's Treasure. Go into your logbook and track the quest, the location of the treasure is shown on the map. To get to the treasre, you need to go back to the Pirate's Tower and make you way from there thru the Jungle. You cannot go directly from here as a high waterfall blocks your way. You can see the X right on spot but beware of the Alleygator that is roaming around here.

--A Dangerous Beast

--The Evil Spirit of the River
You get his quest from Ranapiri - one of the fighters of the village. He just wants you to kill a dangerous beast to show your spirit. This Dangerous beast is just up river. You can go there while doing the shipment for crow main quest later. But if you do want to go now then just go out of the village from the place where Masaru is standing guard and turn right and go till the end till you come to the river. Go to the right in the river - upstream and stay close to the left side bank and you will encounter a Crocodile eventually - they are very tough to kill with your present level of character so be very very careful while dealing with them. Go back to Ranapiri after that and he respects you and starts to act as a trader.

--Four Offerings for Kanadiktu

This quest is given by the Voodoo teacher here - Badriya. After you talk to her, she wants you to collect offerings for a ritual called Kanadiktu. You need to collect offerings from Samir, Nakutu, Ranapiri and Chani. Chani is just to the left of where Badria is standing - near the voodoo altar. Ranapiri is around the fire here somewhere. Nakutu can be found in the village around the central fire at night times. Samir is standing guard in the ancestor's temple which you can reach by taking the bridge behind Chani.
After you have all four offerings, go back to Badriya and even she starts to sell stuff.

--Firebirds Blocking the Bridge

You get this if you go with Steelbeard to the Inquisition instead of coming to the tribals. Or you can fo it yourself later - just keep killing all the fire birds you come across and you will hit the right three eventually going from the Pirate's Tower to Puerto Isabella. All you need to do is to kill three firebirds which are blocking a bridge.
You can meet Miguel in Porto Isabella in the later part of the game if you chose to go to the Tribals or the earlier part if you chose to go to the Inquisition. He wants you to find 10 crates - Miguel is the guy guarding the storehouse in Puerto Isabella. You can find ten crates on this island if you search in the sand. Look into you main map and look for sand in the right side coastline of the Island. There are several patches of sand and you find Crates in each path.
You can meet Sophia who is the shopkeeper standing opposite to the port in Puerto Isabella. She says that shw will give us a good amount of money for five wine bottles. You can find one bottle just behind you here below the stairs which are to the right of the exit of Puerto Isabella here. The other four can be found in the houses which you come to by walking up the stairs to the left of where Spphia has set up shop. She does pay you well adn also tells you that more Red Wine bottles are just laying about.
When you get to the Earth Temple eventually in the game, you will face eight warriors. They are very difficult to beat - especially because all of them attack you at once so you will need help - do not go to the earth temple now because you will go there with a supporting charater in your group later in the game.
Eventually in the game, you will come to know the location of a treasure of the tribals. It is in the graveyard area - more specifically, to the left of the entrance to the graves. You should be able to see an X mark pretty clearly.

The Titan Weapon

After you get to the village, a pirate going by the name of "Slick" is standing to the left of the fire. Speak to him and tell him that you want to meet with Crow and the like. He doesn't like you but asks us to do a few jobs for him if he is to start believing us. Slick also tells you that he is responsible for the acquirement of goods needed by the pirates inside the Earth Temple and also mentions Jim who is the pirate delivering all the stuff. You can also speak to Jim nearby and try to talk him into making you go instead of him to deliver the shipment.
Go back to Slick and he asks us to bring him a Jade Figurine which is supposed to be made by the tribals here and also, he needs another shipment from some Women upstream.
Go to Kapua who is responsible for making the Jade Figurine. She tells us that in order to make the idol we need to get her four special Jade stones and asks us to talk to Hikoko. Hikoko is just to the right of Kapua and she can take us to the place where the Jade stones are.
Follow Hikoko thru the jungle killing all the animals on your way. She leads you to a cave where the Jade is. Go inside the cave - there are a lot of termites to deal with here, the first Jade stone is to the right after encountering the first termite. Ahead, you face more termites and come to the end of the path with the continuation to the left but there are two stones near the end of the path near the wall. The last stone is in the path the the left. Get them all and go back out to Hikoko, lead her back to the village. Give the pieces of Jade to Kapua and she makes us a statue. Give the statue to Slick and he asks us to get on with the other things needed too.
Slick needs some herbs to deliver. To get to the person with the hebrs, first exit the village from the place being guarded by the lone guard and turn right and go all the way down till you reach the water. Go right in the water and stay close to the left river bank. After a while you see an Alleygator, try to avoid it and speak to Natsumi ahead. She asks us to get rid of the Alleygator and tells us that she dropped the herbs somewhere near here. There's another tribal - Yazuki who gives us a fruit basket. Kill the croc and the bag of herbs are near where you saw it first - it's just a few steps right from Natsumi. Talk to Natsumi about the Alleygator - this completes The Evil Spirit of the River and A Dangerous Beast side quests. Before you get back to Slick we need to grab another shipment.
Go straight from Natsumi - again on the left bank itself and after a long walk you see Lin near the water. Talk to Lin and she gives you seven Gold Nuggets for Crow.
After you gather all the above things, go back and speak to Slick and he tells you that you can go to the Temple after Jim sobers up but we can go to the temple in another way which is more interesting.

--Help against Crow

You can also reach crow with the help of the Natives. Go to the Voodoo Altar to the right of the central fire and speak to Chani. She is a Voodoo master but she does not like talking to strangers. So we need some leverage on her. Speak to all the other tribals around here and get back to Chani and ask her about what you heard. Then metion that you are not going to hurt her and that you want to help them against Crow. Ofcourse she still does not believe you but atleast she gives you a task to prove your loyalty to the Shaganumbi. She asks us to free Tahana who was caught by the Inquisition.
Chani wants us to free Tahana who was caught by the Inquisition and is currently being held in the Inquisition Tower. She asks us to speak to Ranapiri who was the last person to have seen Tahana.
Talk to Ranapiri and ask him to lead you to where he last saw Tahana. Follow him and after a long time you get to a place where he stops and tell you that you came to the Inquisition Tower. Go up the path behind you to the Inquisition Tower and a guard talks to you. Go past the guard and you will come to the prisoner Tahana. To the left of the prison up the stairs is a book giving a hint about a Legendary Item. Talk to Tahana and he tells you that the guard dropped the key nearby. The key is to the right of the steps which are opposite to Tahana's Cell. Take the keys and go back to him and free him.
Release Tahana and take out the guard and follow him back. If he takes you to the village again then speak to Chani who wants us to follow him to find an Idol. Tahana may also directly take you to search for the Idol.
Whatever you do, the next course of business is to follow Tahana and search for the Jade Idol. Follow him and when he stops and tells you that that's the place he last saw the Idol, move to his left and look behind the bushes to find the Idol. Talk to him and ask him to lead you back to the Village.

--Chani's Plan

When you speak to Chani again, she wants you to abandon the Crow pirates - she wants you to join the Tribe instead in taking Crow down so agree to her and she lays out her whole plan. You are to receive Voodoo training but no one can give you the powers but an Ancestor of the Shaganumbi. So we need to get the blessings of an Ancestor.
There are two parts to this quest. The first is to obtain an Idol which will be needed in summoning the spirit of the Ancestor. The second thing to do is defeat the guardian of the temple.
We would have got the Hidden Idol when we were following Tahana thru the Jungle, if you still do not have the Idol then go back to Tahana and follow him to the palce with the Idol. The Idol is just to the left of where he stops.
To be deemed worth to enter the inner Temple, we need to fight and best the gate keeper - Samir. The bridge leading to the temple is right behind where Chani always stands. Cross the bridge and go into the temple to meet Samir. Talk to him and defeat him in battle and he allows us to pass through. If you do not have the parry and riposte skills and if you are finding the battle too difficult then first speak to Samir about entering the temple and start the fight but run back outside the temple. He does not follow you, go back in and he will not fight till you talk to him about entering the temple again so just start off with a shot fro, your gun and assault him before he starts fighting - this should give you a head start.
After you take him down wait for Chani to enter the inner temple and go speak to her. Place the Idol on the altar and speak to the Ancestor when he shows up. No matter what you ask him he will give you the blessings of Voodoo. Talk to Chani who asks you meet her back in the village to discuss the next step.
Chani tells us that she wants us to control the Chieftan who is with Crow and make him abandon Crow and his mission. To be able to do that we need to first get some of the Chieftan's hair and to get the hair itself we need to control someone else and that is going to be Jim.
We first need to put Jim under a spell. Talk him him and ask him a bit of his hair. He is very hesitant and is aware of Voodoo rituals but you can persuade him to give them to you by telling him the hair is to make a protective amulet which shields against Voodoo magic. He will give you his hair, now go back to Chani.
Chani gives us the list of ingredients needed to make a foll for Jim in order to put him under a spell. We need Jade, Eyes, and Teeth along with a Voodoo Doll to make Jim's Doll. You can buy all the stuff you need from Kapua and the other tribals here. Take the stuff to the Voodoo altar and use it make a doll of Jim. Go into your inventory and equip the doll as a weapon. Now, go near Jim and use the doll (unsheath it and left click to use it) - you need to be close to Jim and don't worry about him seeing anything. After you take control of Jim you will see yourself in the Earth Temple.
------Dedistributing the Loot
To get the Chieftan's hair we first need to get into the temple but the entrance (far ahead) is being guarded by Floyd. Talk to him and he says he won't allow us inside. Ask him nicely and he wants us to pickpocket three things from the other pirates here and give them to him and only then he would allow us to go inside.
First, talk to Joe here and pickpocket him. Then go right and talk to Skinner - you cannot pickpocket Skinner yet. Talk to all the three Shaganumbi Warriors around the campfire and pick pocket them since we need the gold. Talk to Digger and pickpocket him. Now, go back to Floyd and pickpocket him. Talk to Digger and give him his 100 Gold and also buy a bottle of rum from him. Take the rum to Skinner and give it to him and pickpocket him. We finally have all the things we need.
Go to FLoyd and give him all the stuff and go inside the temple. Speak to the tribal Chieftan - Bakir and steal his hair too. After you have Bakir's hair, go outside the temple and walk all the way across to the exit.
When you are back to normal, speak to Chani, buy the stuff needed to make another doll and make the Doll. Speak to Chani again who leads you into the Earth Temple.

--Assault on the Temple

The Earth Temple is heavily guarded. Infact there are eight guards in total guarding the temple and it is not going to be easy to kill all of them. But you can do it and after you kill them, head into the temple.
Crow swummons a Giant Monster and his followers are up for a fight too. Disregard everyone else and go straight at Crow and kill him - it should be easy. After Crow dies the Earth Titan comes right at us.
You now have the Magical Weapon - it's a Spear. The Earth Titan is invulnerable to any kind damage. The only weakness it has is inside itself and occasionally, it shouts and when it doesm the chest opens up revealing the heart. When the Titan opens it's chest you need to throw the Spear inside. Aim properly and you should get the hand of it. All this while the Titan also throw large boulders at you so keep running to dodge them. The Titan opens it's chest after each boulder it throws. After you make six proper hits the Titan runs after you.
Sprint ahead to avoid being smashed by it. After each time the Titan sprints it opens it's chest again. You need to hit four times to make it fall. After you kill the Titan, pick up all the things from the dead pirates and go inside the temple. Go all the way in and take the stuff from the three Sarchophagi and place the two idols on the door opposite the the middle Sarchopagus and the door opens. There are idols and other things here you can see for a good bit of gold.
Head out of the temple and you meet Steelbeard and a cutscene starts during which a few developments happen.

Talk to the Commandant

Go to Puerto Isabella and into the Commandant's Mansion. If you are near the dock of Puerto Isabella then go up the steps to the left of the merchant here and go straight past the houses, there's a path up to the right, past the last house which leads you to the Mansion. Go inside and speak to him, he obviously disagrees with us and wants the Harpoon for himself. After the talk, take the hair brush on the table behind which the Commandant is sitting. If you can't see it or if you spoke to the Commandant somewhere else then just go into the room to the right of the bottom floor and the brush is on the table ( if you cannot find the brush then it may appear in another quest shortly so just leave this place). Go back to Patty after that.
Well, Patty wants to kill off the Inquisition solders and steal the ship - but perhaps there is another way to do things. She also tells us that we need two more members in the crew to be able to sail.

A New Ship

The third crew member is Chani. From the Dock in Puerto Isabella, go thru the exit to the left and you will see Chani standing ahead - nearby. Speak to her and it seems that she was kicked out of the Tribe, ask her to join you and she agrees. Take her back to where Patty is standing.
--The Puppet
Skill Needed:-
Pickpocketing - 35
Patty speaks of a pirate behing held in the prison here. The Pirson is to the right from the Commandant's Mansion. It on the end, speak to the prisoner inside. He mentions a key with the Commandant. Go to the Commandant and you can pickpocket him if you have the skill to 35 but it will not solve all out problems. Take the Hairbrush on the table - we can use the hair to make a Voodoo Doll of the Commandant. Go back to where Chani is standing and ask her about the doll. Shw mentions a cave to the left of where you met her. But since you also need the Ingredients, just quick travel to the village and buy the ingredients and make the doll. Go back to the commandant and use the Voodoo Doll.
--Liberate the Ship
We need to use the Commandant to give out all the orders now. Speak to Alcazar outside the office and ask him to give you a reward and also tell him that the prisoner is to be set free.
Now, go down to the store house - it's the first place to the right when you climb the steps from the docks where your crew is standing. talk to Miguel and ask him to load the ship again. This takes care of the water problem. Now, head down to the docks and get into the ship. Talk to person guarding the ship and send them away any way you want to. Then head back to the office and exchange the bodies so that we can get to work again.
Patty tells us that there are four cannons which aim at the sea. The first Cannon is on a tower which you can get to by climbing the stairs to the right of the Commandant's Mansion all the way. Destroy the cannon and the remaining three are in the same place just opposite to the store house. Destroy all the cannons and defeat the guards here if you need to. Now that that's taken care of, speak to Patty again and head into the ship.
Talk to Patty who has a few things to say to us about Steelbeard's Artifact and Treasure. Head to Tacarigua now so we can begin the hunt for the Treasures of both Captain Steelbeard and also Captain Garcia.

Legendary Items

You come to know about the Voodoo needle if you choose to go to the Tribals in the beginning of the game when Steelbeard gives you a choice between the Inquisition and the Tribals. He leads you to a cave in which you find a book mentioning the location of the Voodoo needle.
You get this when you read "The Art of Fencing" book in the chambers of the Commandant's daughter in his mansion in Puerto Isabella.
You will get the location of the Cannonball if you read the book "Early Battles" which is in the Inquisition Tower area. You can get to the book by climbing up the steps to the left of the prison cell where Tahana is held.
Intimidate +10

You can obtain the Shrunken head which is on a small stone pillar to the left of the Tribal's treasure which is in the Graveyard area. The head is on a the stone to the left of the entrance to the graves.

Tacarigua Part 2

We can start the search for Treasure in Tacarigua. Talk to Patty to set sail to Tacarigua and when you are there, go straight to the Tavern.
--Steelbeard's Treasure
----The Lost Diary Pages
------Steelbeard's Notes
Ask Patty to go with you and when you are near the Tavern, ask he about her father's Treasure and also about everything else including the Druid. The Chest for which Patty has the key is in the upper floor of the Tavern. Go up the stairs which are to the left of the tavern and head into the room to the left and go all the way to the right and you see Steelbeard's Chest -
Open the chest and take everthing. You get another page from the treasure chest. Talk to Patty after this and if you look at the page, it gives us the locations of the remaining two pages also. One is in The Sword Coast and the other in Antigua. The treasure chest which has the next page on the Sword Coast is also marked on the map.

Steelbeard's Artifact

--The World's Best Hiding Place
Go into the Tavern and talk to Booze and ask him about the Artifact. Booze gives us dome nice info including the name of Captain Garcia who was last spotted on Caldera. Go back to the ship and head to The Sword Coast.

The Sword Coast Part 2

--Steelbeard's Treasure
----The Lost Diary Pages
------The Temple Ruins
Go to Sword Coast and open your logbook, mark the quest and the treasure chest is shown on the main map. You can go there by landing on the beach and waking right till the temple - just see the map to know the exact location. When you reach the temple, the X mark is to the left. Dig up the treasure and look in to get the next Page.

Legendary Items

--The Bottle of Memories

Black Magic +10
Head into the temple and go to the left. Take the Idol and the door behind shuts and the door ahead opens. Go in and read the book to know about The Bottle of Memories. Go back to the Altar and place the Idol, wait for the door to fully open. Now, pick up the Idon again and run out before the door closes. Walk into the room to the right and follow the same procedure to get a few valuables. 
You can buy the Bottle of Memories from Kapua.

Caldera Part 2

NOTE: Before coming to Calderan make sure you have ingredients to make a Voodoo Doll.
The Greedy Captain
You ought to go to Caldera next. Go in and speak to Carlos. He tells us about what Garcia did in Cladera and also allows us to go into the city. TO go to the City, just go right from this room and talk to the gate keeper. You come onto a bridge with a helpful guard who gives us more info. You ought ot visit Mauregato first now.
------The Signet Ring
Cross the bridge and go left and into the first house on the right - that's Mauregato's place. In here, before you even speak to him steal everything. In the room to the right you find an important piece of paper and also some valubles. Search all the rooms in his house and you should also be able to find a Signet Ring. After you have both these items, talk to Mauregato and natually, he is of no help at all. Go back out and head to the bridge again and onto the steps opposite to the bridge. Go into the first house to the right and talk to Lucia. She has a room for rent - 250 Gold.
Now, if you have your lockpicking skill up to 60, only then give Lucia the money and take the room. Now, head outside and talk to the merchant Possidino. Give him the room keys and go back to Lucia and tell her that you gave away the room to Possodino and ask he to give you Garcia's Room. Take the room again for 250 Gold and head up stairs to his room. Garcia left back two chests - one needs a skill of 60 and the other need lockpicking at 90. There's also a Jade earring in here.
To the right of Garcia's room is Da Silva who has a Voodoo Altar and he can also teach you to master Potions. Head back downstairs and into the first room to the left and talk to Pantaleo. He gives you a Wig in excahnge for the receipt you took from Mauregato's House. Now, go back outside the hotel and go towards the High Concil chambers and a Servant invites you to Azuro's House. Go to Azuro's house (right from the bridge coming into the city from the fort). Talk to Azuro, he wants us to take Mauregato down. Just agree to what he says and he gives you a fake letter (if you have the Signet Ring from Mauregato's hosue) and asks you to get some messenger's clothes.
------Messenger's Attire
You can buy Messenger's Clothes from Pantaleo back in the hotel. You need this to pose as a messenger of either Mauregato or Azuro later.
Now, go to the Voodoo altar and make a Voodoo Doll of Mauregato. Go near him in his house and use the doll. After you gain control of Mauregato, head straight to the High Council.
Talk to Puco to the right and tell him that you are against Mara and he will do the same. Talk to Custodio ahead and call a meeting. He asks you to Inform Puco and Godin. Tell Puco about the meeting. Godin is in the area to the right - you can go there by taking the steps down to the right of Puco and go right down the stairs. After informing them, head into the meeting chamber and vote against Mara - you can also Vote for Mara if you asked Puco to vote for Mara earlier too but let's do the good thing for now. After the meeting, tell Custodio that you want to resign. You can also get a letter proving that Mauregato is guilty in his office here.
Now, go back to the house and change bodies and after you gain control over yourself, go to Azuro and talk to him about the resignation. He gives you an official letter and makes you his messenger. Head to the High Council Building and into the Archives - take the steo down to the right from the hall beside Puco and go to the left, a guard is blocking the path, tell him that Azuro is going to be the next member and all that and he allows you to go inside the Archives. First, head left and to the end ahead and read High Council Ruilings to know the location of Garcia. Before you go back out, read everything here and take everything.

Legendary Items

--The Skull

You get the location of the Skull if you read the book which is in the room to the left as you enter Mauregato's House.
We sould now call Steelbeard in his spirit...head to the Island of the Dead.

The Island of the Dead

--Journey to the Underworld
You cannot Dock near the Island since it has no Dock... Take the boat out to the Island. There is nothing to look around on the beach so head straight up to the entrance of the Graves. You meet Tao outside, tell him about your endeavour and he tel you what you need to do - Fake your death, go to the Underworld and all that.
----The Potion of False Death
The first part of the Quest focuses on collecting ingredients for the Potion of False Death.
You face a warrior first then a Ghoul and a Grave Guardian after that. Kill all of them and go down the stairs onto the sand. 
Black Lotus 1/5
The first black lotus is directly ahead from the foot of the steps near the rocks in front of us.
Black Lotus 2/5
The second Lotus is just to the right of this one near the wall. Now, you have three ways to go, first head into the path to the left.
Grave Dust 1/6
Kill the Ghoul and Guardian in the beginning and move ahead and you fight a Warrior and a Ghoul and also you see the first of the Grave Dust to the left here on the wall.
Black Lotus 3/5, 4/5
Move ahead and you come to another warrior and ghoul. There are two Black Lotus here, one near the dead tree in the center and the other to the right near the Statuette.
Grave Dust 2/6
Past the dried tree in the center you will see a Warrior near a Grave, kill him and take the Grave Dust, go back and go left. You find a chest and an Ore Vein to the right of the grave.
Grave Dust 3/6, 4/6
Go back now and up on the path in the middle and turn right where you see another warrior. Kill him and go into the room to the right which has another Grave dust and a Jade. Go ahead and to the left where you fight another Ghoul and Warrior. Kill them and pick up the things here and head back all the way to where you jump up to the left to get here and go straight now and read the book to get a tip on a legendary item - The Parrot's Wing. Go down the path to the right now.
Grave Dust 5/6
As you exit the cave a Guardian is waiting for you. Enter the room to the left to find another Grave Dust. Now, there are stairs to the left, remember these beacause the Altar you need to go to after you collect everything is here.
Grave Dust 6/6, Black Lotus 5/5
Go to the right and kill the Warriors. Keep going and you will come to the first area again thru the central path. Now only the right side path remains. Go there and kill the Warriors and the Ghoul. In the end are more ghouls and a Guardian. After you kill them you will find the last Grave Dust in the room ahead and the last lotus to the right of the room. The room to the right has a treasure map and the treasure is on this island itself. The treasure contains a Hook Hand - one of the legendary items.
Now, go the the Altar of Transition and speak to Tao, use the Altar to head into the world of the dead and pick up the Old Coin to the right which is another legendary item.

--The Skull Scepter

Tao tells us to free the four souls which have been cursed to stay here forever.
NOTE: I will give you the places where you can do the main quest but you ought to look around everywhere again to get some useful stuff.
----The Artist's Curse
The Artist Nahele is to the right as you enter this area - this is just the same area so you do not need to explore everything again. To free Nahele, she needs to make the Skull Scepter and give it away. We need the Scepter so she asks us to bring the three pieces of the Scepter.
----The Hunter's Curse
The Hunter Motega is to the left from Nahele, talk to him and agree to help him kill the Silverback. Follow him into the cave to the right of Nahele and kill the Silverback and take it's skin - this releases Motega from his curse and he gives you his item.
----The Thief's Curse
You can open your map and quick travel to The Thief's Temple where you meet Akando the Thief. To free Akando, you must steal something from him. He says that he has a diamond in the chest in the room to the left of where he is sitiing but you need to get a key from a Voodoo priestess to be able to open the chest. Go back to Nahele and ask her for a key, she needs gold to make the key though. Go back to Akando and go into the room to his left and take the contents of the chest. He is free now. You also have his item.
----The Warrior's Curse
The last one is in the Arena. Go there and fight and defeat the Warrior to end his Curse and recive his item.
Go back to Nahele and she makes you the Scepter and the curse is lifted from her too. Now, go back to Tao.

Steelbeard's Artifact

--Talk to Steelbeard's Ghost
Talk to Tao and give him the Scepter. He summons Steelbeard. Talk to him and he marks the location of the Artifact on your map but you cannot ask him anything about his Treasure. Tao also tells us that we can call Steel Beard back from the Underworld whenever we want with the Scepter.
After taking care of things, go back to the Transition Altar and return to living form and head back to your ship and plot a course for Maracai Bay.

Legendary Items

--The Old Coin
--The Hook Hand
--The Parrot's Wing

You find The Old Coin and The Hook Hand during the Potion of False Death Quest above and also the info on the Parrot's Wing.


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