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Resurgence Package: Best DLC In COD History


By Dakota Grabowski GameZone.com

Activision is back with more love – if that’s what you call a $15 price point – for their Call of Duty fans begging for more maps. This time around, they have introduced three new maps and two oldies for diehards. Better than the Stimulus Package, the Resurgence Package is a resounding success.

Providing a laugh, the Resurgence Package brings forth one of the more entertaining maps in Call of Duty’s seven year history titled Carnival. Allowing for a diverse amount of play styles – whether it is long range, mid-range or short range – Carnival is a display of the artistic style that varies from the droning browns that COD is known for. Riddled with a broken down roller-coaster, castle, rocket ship, clown house and much more, Carnival is as inviting as it is exciting.

On the other hand, the Resurgence Package does resort to what Infinity Ward knows best with COD: brown, brown and more brown. Fuel is the map that falls prey to the common trap that COD has been associated with – not enough color and a barren amount of building aesthetics. Set at a deserted oil complex that is sporadic with cover, Fuel is divine for snipers. For the fans of close quarters, shotguns are useless with the amount of objects spread throughout the buildings blocking damage from being dished out. Fuel isn’t the most inspiring map out of the five, so expect a lot of vetoes going forward when it pops up in the rotation.

Some naysayers may think that last new map is an ode to the stereotypical COD player’s home setting as it is titled Trailer Park. Regardless if it is or isn’t, Trailer Park is a fantastic map for fans of close quarters battles. It does provide portions of the map for snipers to lie down and camp long alleys, but the weapon that shines more often than not is the shotgun. Slow-paced strategists will excel on Trailer Park as they move from trailer to trailer in tandem with their team exterminating the occupying pests with their handy shotguns. Fans of John Rambo-style combat will want to avoid Trailer Park at all costs as there are too many blind spots to continuously run and gun.

The last two maps, Vacant and Strike, are for the veteran COD fanatics who were on duty through the original Call of Duty. Vacant is a safe haven for players who favor SMGs and shotguns, while Strike is a war-torn city that plays home to all styles of play, especially the mid-range. Both were among the better maps from the original, so seeing their presence in Modern Warfare 2 brings forth a great sense of familiarity for players who felt a little lost with the introduction of new maps.

In comparison to the Stimulus Package, the Resurgence Package has more to offer in terms of: longevity, map creativity and count. If players have yet to opt for either one, it’s best to select with the latter as the inclusion of Carnival makes it a win-win on all accounts.

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