Resogun cheats: How to completely upgrade your ship guide

Resogun Screenshot - Dodging enemy fire

So you got a PS4, loaded up Resogun, and have NO idea what you’re doing. That sounds like my first experience; but my god do those particles sure look amazing! Besides casually destroying everything in sight and ignoring those pesky humans calling for aid, there is a lot actually going on that you’re going to… you know… want to pay attention too. For example, your ship isn’t going to upgrade itself.

There are two types of upgrades you can grant your ship: guns and overdrive. Those floating green pluses need to be shot to release delicious power ups. So instead of ignoring them or having no idea what they do, shoot them and then get them. You’ll have happy with the results of and weapon upgrades you just received.

To upgrade your overdrive you have to do that ‘thing’ you absolutely loathe doing, save humans. Through saving the helpless savages, you’ll be rewarded with different tiers of overdrive. So as much as you don’t want to kill your streak or clear an entire wave of troops, go save the little people. Give humanity a chance.

Hell, if you’re a Trophy hunter, there is one called “To The Max!” that you’ll receive for upgrading both your weapons and overdrive all the way. So wait, these upgrades both help your gameplay AND get you a trophy? Madness. Best of luck to you!

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