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Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough (Leon) | How to beat Mutated Derek Simmons

Resident Evil 6 features three distinct co-op campaigns, following the paths of Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Jake Muller as they attempt to stop the spread of the deadly c-virus. Thankfully, GameZone is here to provide a full Resident Evil 6 walkthrough, helping you find all the game's secrets, and learn how to beat every boss! 

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough | Leon's Campaign

Boss Guide: Mutated Derek Simmons
This is a fairly annoying fight, simply because it drags on for so long. Your best path to victory is to guide Derek over to the red explosive barrels around the arena, then fire at them. The explosion will cause Derek to revert back to his normal form, but don't waste your bullets! Run up and melee him, then punch his face in with some QTE.
After doing this twice or so, a Humvee will burst into the room with two guns on the rear. While shooting, aim for the giant eyeball in the monster's head. After a few direct hits, you'll be thrown off and allowed to resume the boring explosive barrel hunt.
If you run out of barrels, its time to resort to explosive charges. If you don't have any of these bombs, then try your best to aim for that giant eyeball, though keep your distance so you don't get eaten. A few more hits and you should be done with this form of Derek Simmons, though you can be sure that he'll return!
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