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Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough (Jake's Campaign) | How to beat the Edonia B.O.W.

Resident Evil 6 features three distinct co-op campaigns, following the paths of Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Jake Muller as they attempt to stop the spread of the deadly c-virus. Thankfully, GameZone is here to provide a full Resident Evil 6 walkthrough, helping you find all the game's secrets, and learn how to beat every boss! 

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough | Jake's Campaign

Boss Guide: Edonia B.O.W.
This mission is pretty lengthy, and as Jake you'll be relying on Chris's team to get most of the work done. First it's time to take out the three anti-air guns. Help on the first by vaulting across atop the nearby building and taking out the gunner, then collecting items until the charges blow.
For the next two, you can go through the Church basement (center of the map) and help Chris's team, or just provide cover fire and take out the snipers everywhere. If playing with human co-op players, its probably best to have one team focus on the anti-aircraft guns and one on distracting the B.O.W. / taking out snipers.
A great position for Jake (as anti-sniper support) is the machine gun turret in the south of the area. This can also be used to take out the first B.O.W.. Unfortunately, the second one is better protected, and should be lured into power lines so someone can jump across and yank out the arm. With all three guns gone and both B.O.W.s destroyed, you'll be ready to get the hell out of Edonia!
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